revenge n love story of true lovers (part 6)


Hello friends miss me i don’t think so sorry for late update bcoz i was at my grandmother home so thats y i was Anabel to update n sarah i love ur ff so plz don’t stop so here we go
Zoya see asad n tanveer n think they kissing n hide beside the wall n tears roll her eyes she hear asveer (asad tanveer)talking to each other
Tanveer – asad its done now plz leave me
Asad- just 1 sec its done ok
Zoya can’t bear their talks n goes from there n handover the file a employe n said – plz give this file to mr. Asad n goes from there

At the park
Ayaan is agreelly waiting for humaira n hall is decorated red n white balloons n table decorated red rose pattals n just than humaira come n ayaan sees her switch off the light n humaira come she sees no one is here shout – ayaan n just than some Rose pattels fall on her n lights gone on she is become so happy to see all this n shout ayaan where r u plz come n ayaan
come down to stairs comes near to humaira hugs
“So humaira how is it u like this”, ayaan said ?
” i like this i love this “, humaira said ?
” but ayaan y u done this “, humaira ask
” i tell u frist come”, ayaan said
Ayaan hold her hand n take her to lawn
“I want tell u some thing “, ayaan says with hasition
” than say”, humaira says with questioniod face
Ayaan takes a long breath start to say”humaira when we r school in some boys r teasing u that n i beat tham bcoz i
don’t like some is teasing u except me n
when we r fight n u start crying i was hurt so i except my defeat without fighting with u but i don’t know the reason y i m always care for u but now i realize that what i m feel about u n he take ring which is out from the pocket n says I LOVE U HUMAIRA WILL U MARRY ME”,
N suddenly ayaan got a tight slap from humaira
“how dare u ayaan what do u think that i love u no i don’t how u think that i always love as a friend n u think that my friendship is love no ayaan its not possible “, humaira said
” but y humaira y its not possible we r friends know each other very well than i always seen love for me not friendship love but true love for me”, ayaan said with teary eyes
“True love with u no ayaan i said i don’t love u n don’t show me ur face”, humaira said with angry face n goes from there
Ayaan was numbed n breaks down
At the same place where ayaan were
” y allah miya whats wrong with u y u snatched all thing which love more than my life frist my ammi were killed by my abbu n that razia n mr. Khan”, zoya said teary eyes

At asad office
“now go tanveer n cheak miss. Farooqui come or not”, asad said
” ok asad”, tanu said
Just than a employe come n said- sir miss. Zoya farooqui r come n give me this n tell me i give this file n she went
“What the hell y r u not stop her”, asad said with angry mood
“I stoped her but didn’t listen me n she gone”, employe said with scary face
” asad don’t worry may be she has some work”, tanveer said with consolve her
“But tanveer how can she go without meet me “, asad says (mitwa sad play)
“Asad some thing is wrong with u i mean she affected u alot i mean she didn’t meet u n become so restless like she is not ur guest as u love her”, tanu
” love me n with her i think u watch films more in these days”, asad says
“Ok fine asad u won now i have to go school to pick my son rehaan”, tanveer says
” ok fine u go n give him this to rehaan last month he told for a watch”, asad says
“Asad u spoiled him so much he never listen to me coz of u “, tanveer said with fake anger
” now u go otherwise he is never listen bye”, asad said
N tanveet goes n asad thinks tanveer ‘s word “u love her”, n he also goes to home

At the park
Zoya crying n thinking about what happen today n suddenly she hears someone is also crying n comes near to him n shocked to see ayaan n wipes her tears ask him what happen y r u crying
” nothing zoya”, ayaan said with hiding her tears
“If u don’t tell me its ok but being ur friend it’s my right to know what’s wrong with my friend”, zoya said
Ayaan see her n tell her everything n start crying
” plz stop ur crying n i u sure she loves u “, zoya ask
” ya zoya its confirmed “, ayaan said
” than i will hell u to get back ur love but i will have to confirmed that she love u or not”, zoya said
Ayaan hugs her n thanks her

At home
Humaira reach home n start crying
“Sorry ayaan i love u to ayaan but i can’t tell u coz u come to know truth u can’t bear this”, humaira goes take shirin photo n says ” sorry phuppi i can’t save u from my ammi n abbu they kill u but i will save ayaan from at any cost”,
The episode end hope u guys alot n don’t forget to comment

Recap- zoya confirmed that humaira loves ayaan haider tanveer meeting siddqui n rashid entry

Credit to: Priya tripathi

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