revenge n love story of true lovers (part 5)

Hi friends sorry for being late n thanks for ur support n I change my decision to close my ff so here we go
At house
Razia reaches home n see humaira she slept n just than someone put hand on shoulder n she turn he is ayaan n says- ayaan u I was scared so tell me what humaira said she saw that man
Ayaan- no mumani she never see that man bcoz that man tied her eyes from pecies of cloth but don’t worry I tell everything to bhijaan he defiantly catch that man
Razia(no I can’t let this happened if asad catch that man than he will knows about what we done 17 years ago n he will never left us )she stop ayaan n tells – u won’t say anything to asad
“Y mumani”,ayaan said

“Coz if u tell anything to asad that man harm anyone n this time humaira saved herself but what next time if in place of humaira maybe ur sister than what “,razia told
“But what about humaira she so sacard I think I should tell everything to bhaijaan”.ayaan said
“I said na no that means no I think u should tell everything to humaira about ur feelings n this is a right time for propose her coz she need a life partener more than a friend”,razia said
Ayaan shyly- OK fine I will but what about that man if he once again harm her
“Don’t worry I’ll Handel her u go”,razia said n they goes towards their room
In morning assd n humira room
Asad going to take bath n he is shirt less n zoya enter his room without knocking n she see asad without shirtless n says-I m sorry mr. Khan n putting her hand on eyes
Asad-don’t have u any manner u should knock entering my room
Zoya- I said na sorry n see his six pack n shout six pack n she turn
Asad- y u came here
Zoya- I came here to sign the deal papers n she once again shout his body
(Guys this scean from real qubool hai)
Asad- OK u go n come office n there I’ll sign the deal papers
Zoya- OK bye
Asad- besharm larki ( shamless girl)
N scean shifted to huyaan
Humaira wake up n she goes washroom after some out n just than ayaan came with her breakfast n says – gm humaira begum so arz kiya hair
Is duniya mai log bare fast

So I came to bring ur breakfast shukriya shukriya
Humaira laughs n suddenly she start crying remembered that accident n ayaan goes near her n says – don’t cry n wipes her tears u know na I can’t see u in tears n he hugs humaira n then they take their breakfast n ayaan than gave her a gift n says – this is for u
Humaira- what’s this ayaan
“Open “,ayaan
Humaira open n see a beautiful sindrela dress n she said ” this is so beautiful I love this”,
“Y did give me”,humaira ask
“For scooba diving “, ayan said

“What”,humaira shout
“Idiot this is a dress n drees giving to wear”,
Ayaan said
“For what”,humaira ask
“I’ll tell u at 1 pm ‘o’ clock come xyz place to wear this dress”, ayaan said n goes from there
At 9 ‘o’ clock zoya come to hall n ask dilshad- phuppi where is Mr.khan
Dilshaad- he went to office
Zoya- so early
Dilshaad- ya zoya he has a important meeting that’s y he went with tanveer
Zoya- tanveer who is she
Dil- that girl asad friend n his pa
Just than zoya phone ring n she only hears girlfriend n shock n she goes from there
At asad office
Asad- shout tanveer

Tanveer – ya sir
Asad- how many time I’ll have to tell u don’t call me sir u can call me asad
Tanu- but u r my boss
Asad- first I m ur friend than ur boss
Tanu- OK asad happy n ya y u call me
Asad- ya woh I told u a deal with Mr.faaroqui so he send the deal papers with his sister in law name zoya go n cheak she come or not
Tanu- OK asad n she just about to n sudden something goes in her eye n shout asad
Asad- goes near her what happened
Tanu- asad something in my eyes plz remove this

Asad just a sec n just than zoya come see them n there position n she misunderstood that they were kiss
Screan freeze on zoya teary face
Recap- ayaan propose humaira n she refused n zoya decided to help ayaan see zoya ayaan closeness asad jealous

Credit to: priya tripathi


  1. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz) (SuNusZuRah) You need to rock the world!!

    I am happy you’re back again!!! Loved this episode Hun, keep smiling like always :))~Nusz

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