revenge n love story of true lovers (part 4)

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Precap- zoya real intensen revealed n razia entry

Zoya-10 year ago i got to know they r live in bhopal n i took help of a spy he gave me all information about them n i told every thing to jiju n he gave me permission to take my revenge n yesterday my plan axcute from that accident
Dilshaad-it became dangerous for u
Zoya-don’t worry phuppi it was planned
Fb shown
Zoya gave money to truck driver n gave money to doctor
Fb ends

Dilshaad-i should tell asad about ur revenge he will defanitly help u
Zoya-no phuppi don’t tell mr. Khan i know when he knew about me he will defanitly help me but i don’t want help from anybody n this is my revenge n i don’t want that anybody knows that y i m came here
Asad -but i know that y r u came here
To hear this dilshaad n zoya shocked n asad come near zoya un anger n said-i knew about u n i hear every thing
Zoya sees dilshaad
Dilshaad-asad u don’t anything let me explain
Asad- ammi i don’t need any explanations u know what ammi u always took her side but today u don’t because of that stupid girl i was about to loose 100 core deal
Zoya n dilshaad toughter said – deal
Asad-ya deal

Fb shown
Asad office
Asad talking on phone to anawar-mr. Faroqui u said that u send deal paper with ur relative but he didn’t come
Anawar-ya i send deal paper with my sister in law zoya but she meet with an accident two days before
Asad is remembered that ammi said zoya is live in newyork with her appi n jiju Anwar farooqui n Zeenat farooqui who has a construction business name of zeenat construction like u asad said that ur sister in law name is zoya farooqui n she live with her dilshaad phuppi
Anwar- ya but how do u know (confused)
Asad- bcoz dilshaad is my ammi n zoya lives with us
Anawar-oh u dilshaad appi son ok than go n took the papers n we will sign the deal
Asad-ok good bye
Fb ends

How careless u r do have any idea this papers important for us
Zoya- allah miya what’s wrong with me how can forget about this wait i bring the deal papers
Zoya was about to go than she faint asad n dilshaad r shocked to see her n asad shout get up zoya but zoya didn’t show anymovement n than asad left in her arms n goes(mitwa play) to her room
At college
Nazma nikkhat nuzzat n humaira r coming from college n some goons r come teasing them n ayaan come there n says a shayri
Salman khan ke six pack dikhate hai bina kamizo ke
Aur larkiyon ko chherna kam hote hai baddtamizo ke
N ayaan beat them badly with girls n just then a car come there n kidnapped humaira
Humaira – ayaan baji
Ayaan sees n shout-humaira n runs behind the car

At house
Doc- don’t worry its bcoz of havey dose of medicine zoya plz don’t take this i write other medicine u take this u will be fine soon
Zoya-ok doc
Doc says i should leave n asad goes with him after few minutes asad come back n see zoya is sleeping n goes sit a side of her bed n cares her hair n said to himself what’s happen to me y i m so concern about her y she is so effect me y i m not see het in pain n goes from there
Zoya- sees him n smile n slept
At the road
Ayaan runs behind the car n suddenly his phone ring n he pick up the phone
Unknown person – ayaan ahmed khan if u want to save ur friend life than do what m i saying
Ayaan in anger-who r u what r u want from humaira if anything happen to humaira i will kill u
Up-mr. Ayaan i said if u want to save humaira than do what i m say otherwise i will
Humaira shouted in pain plz leave me ayaan plz save me
Up – so mr. What’s ur decision
Ayaan-ok i will say what do u want
Up-ok than don’t say anyone that humaira got kidnap accept razia
Ayaan – ok n goes back

Nikkhat nazma n nuzzat askwhere is humaira
Ayaan-ya she is safe n i m here with her u guys go home me n humaira will come after some time n ya don’t say anyone what happen here ok
All girl go n after ayaan calls razia n said- hello mumani
Razia- ya ayaan tell me what happen u prpose humaira or not (in my ff ayaan already loves humaira)
Ayaan(in havey voice)-mumani someone kidnapped humaira if i say anyone accept u than he will kill humaira
Razia (shocked n tears in her eyes )-don’t worry ayaan we r save r humaira ok i m coming n she goes

At the road
Ayaan n razia searching humaira but they didn’t got any proof
Ayaan prays to god plz save my humaira just than ayaan phone ring ayaan receive n say hello
Up-hello mr. Ayaan ur friend is save n now give the phone razia
Ayaan-he said he wants talk to u
Razia-hello who r u n what do u want
Up-i m ur past n now i came to destroy ur present u think u destroy all thing which related to ur past no u razia u r wrong some of peacies ur past is save n i m going to destroy ur daughter life u want to sale my sister n now i m going to sale ur daughter if u can save her than save n he cut the call n the face is shown is haidar
Haidar-17 year ago u destroy me n my sis zoya life now its our turn n he calls work has been done zoya now from today razia
is going to destroy now she will feel the same she give us 17 years ago
Zoya- thanks bro if u dilshaad phuppi n jiju r not here that i couldn’t do anything
Haidar- no zoya its not ur revenge its our revenge ok bye i have to welcome razia
Zoya-ok bye bhai

At the road
Razia breaks down to hear haidar word
Ayaan – what happen what he is said
Razia-he said that he sale humaira
Ayaan is hell shock n said we have to save humaira n again haidar calls but this time on razia mobile n she received
Haidar-u didn’t gave me any chance to save my sis but i gave u a chance to save ur daughter humaira is here where u start all ur crime
Razia- doll factory
Haidar-ya u so smart ur daughter in doll factory but u have only an hours than come fast n ya come alone otherwise i will kill ur daughter so come fast
Razia tells ayaan that humaira is in doll factory but i have to go alone otherwise he will kill humaira
Ayaan – ok than anything happen than call me
Razia- ok now i have to go i have only n hours

At doll factory
So u came here a voice come from a voice recorder n see what do i do n all of sudden evrerywhere catch fire n razia runs every where but she aneble to save herself n than again voice said but this time a woman said 17 years ago me n my mom also runs every where to save ourself she save me so that i will save u where u stand a water tank is near about u n save ur self n than razia fall all water on fire n she safe n that voice again said now go its not relax for u its time ur daughter go n save her razia goes there but she didn’t find her n than her phone ring n she received n its ayaan
Ayaan-mumani come back humaira runaway from there
Razia-ok ayaan i m coming just tc of her n than her phone ring once again
Haidar-what r u thiking humaira runaway no i want that my enemy not ur daughter next time u will dead n he cut phone
Razia to her self i will have to find out who is he
Screen freezes on razia face

Recep-zoya misunderstood that tanveer is asad girlfriend n she behavior is toword asad strange n zoya comes to know that ayaan loves humaira n she help him

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