revenge n love story of true lovers (part 2)


Hi friends sorry for the deley bcoz my exam so here we go. Dilshad tells sansm seher lov story of asya 5 year ago. Me n zoya’s mother were good friend we had decided when our child were grown up we get tham married but after zoya’mother death zoya appi n jiju take her away but when destiny decided some thing than who will change
India bhopal
A girl at airport said to herself i m back to find my destiny n she goes hotel
A big house show a man come from stairs wear a black cout white shirt n black pant sit on his chair a lady came n said asad tomorrow shirin death anniversary so u n ayaan goes to mazaar
At hotel
Zoya in her room tell to her ammi’s pic said i will go tomorrow mazaar n from tomorrow my plan will exicut
Next day at mazaar
Asad ayaan n zoya goes mazaar
Asad n ayaan start prays for his faimly happiness
An other side zoya prays for her goal to full fill her goal to destroy tham who will destroy me n my happiness my ammi
They will go from there like always ayaan start flrting with girls
Just asad n zoya hit with each other zoya sees asad n falls for him but didn’t notice her goes
At the road
Zoya walking at the road thinking about asad just zoya see some truck hitting a girl zoya pushed the girl n the truck hit zoya
Screan freezes zoya face

Recap-zoya in hospital asad take her home dishaad find out zoya is mahira’s doughter

Guys i don’t know zoya mother name so i give her name

Credit to: Priya tripathi

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  1. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz) (SuNusZuRah)

    Awesome, but who’s mahria?~Nusz

    1. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz) (SuNusZuRah)

      Also good luck for your exams~Nusz

    2. You don’t know mahira she is the one character that is played by surbhi jyoti the girl who had a happy ending in qh with armaan and azad died . She was the girl with a symbol 8 and khan begum wanted to kill her so she can get her power back!

    3. Priya tripathi

      Thanks nusz

    4. Priya tripathi

      Thanks nusz ya don’t know zoya ammi name so give her named

      1. Zoyaz ammi’s name wuz Zainab

  2. Awesome i loved it good god i love it and good luck for the exams

  3. Zuha (SuNusZuRah Rocks >3)

    Very interesting Priya!!

    1. Zuha (SuNusZuRah Rocks >3)

      Good luck ???

  4. Awsm…..all the best for ur exams…..

  5. Sanam Sania (Sarah's ff lover)


  6. Sanam Sania (Sarah's ff lover)

    pst nxt epi… plz..

  7. Niccee epi priya?

    1. Gud luck 4 ur eggjamm?

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