revenge n love story of true lovers (part 3)


Hi guys thanks for supporting me now in this episode zoya real intensen revealed
So precap- zoya accident
In hospital
The girl is very tensed n call her home n a lady pick up – who
Girl said- hello dilshaad aunty its me humaira
Dil-ya beta tell u sounds tense
Humaira-ya aunty n she told her all incident dil were shocked – don’t worry i m coming n she call asad told every thing
Asad – u go ammi me n ayaan coming
Just than ayaan come n said – what happen is every thing fine
Asad- no ayaan n told him everything
Ayaan was shocked i think we should go to hospital n they leave
At hospital
All r came n to see humaira dilsaad goes near her n put hand on her shoulder to see dilshaad humaira hugs her n start cry
Dil says don’t worry we r here so don’t cry where is she is she fine
Just than doctor come n said she fine but she has major injury so she has to take rest ateast 1 month u can go n meet her
Dil enter n shocked n said-zoya u what r u doing here ? Is anawr n zeenat knows that u r here ?
Zoya-i m came here for my work n jiju knows that but appi not
Dil-what anawar knows that he don’t need to tell me
Zoya-no phuppi jiju told me that only stay with dilshaad aapa but i didn’t come to u . u know me i don’t want anybody suffer becz of me
Dil – so u think i m suffering becoz of u u know what is meaning of phuppi is like mother but u insult this name u insult me
Zoya (with teary eyes)-sorry phuppi i will never do this again plz forgive me plz n start crying
Dil- u know na zoya how much love i promise ur mother (mahira) after her i will take care of u thats y i send ur appi n jiju
Zoya-i know but ammi death was trap her death was not an accident
Dil-was hell shocked what r u saying
Zoya-ya phuppi i m saying right
Before she can complete her word all bro n sis come n they introduced theirself
Dil-she is zoya my bro anawar’sister in law n she will stay with us
Doc come n said – she is fine now u can take her tomorrow
Asad said ayaan u take sisters n ammi n go home i will stay here
Dil-no asad u go i will stay with zoya
Asad-no ammi u go u look very teird
Dil-but asad
Zoya-yes phuppiZoya-a
Asad-asad ahemad kham
Zoya-ya mr.khan is right u go he is here na
Dil is thinking that asad is here that is u n asad r different with each other u r morden n asad is traditional now what happen next
Zoya-phuppi what r u thinking
Dil- nothing n goes
Zoya think now me n mr khan is alone n now i m going to know everything about mr.khan
After 1 hour asad comes
Asad enter in zoya room n see everything is messing every where n zoya eating food just zoya see asad n said-what r u doing there have hospital food u know what
hospital food is so boring i like to eat pizza n u
Asad looking every where n said – u doing this
Asad- u messing every where can’t u eat properly
Zoya-i always eat like this
Asad fumes in anger n said – where i m stuck this girl has no manners how to eat how to talk its was batter to ammi stay with her

Next day at hospital
Zoya comes n wearing jeans n shirt n asad see this n his anger is increase n said to zoya can’t u wear dress properly
Zoya – mr.khan i always wear jeans n ya this is my clothes not my character n u can’t judge someone clothes
Asad fumes in anger n goes to take car
Zoya-allah miya what’s wronge this man how can he judge me
At asad home
Everyone waiting for zoya asad just than door bell ring every one is happy to asad
Zoya-asalm walekum
Dil – wlekum aslam
Everyone welcomed zoya
Zoya- wait where that girl whom i save her yesterday
Humaira-i m here dilshaad aunty told me that u like pizza so i make it i hope u like this ok
Zoya thanks for making pizza for her n goes to her room
After noon
Nikkhat nzzat n nazma come from college shows her trophies
Zoya see this n a fb shown
Zoya come from school show her trophy n her mom hugs her
Fb end
Three girl come to zoya n shows her trophies n all of sudden her form fall down n zoya take the form n see that nikkhat mother name is shirin ahmed khan n zoya is shocked n ask nikkhat y r u write ur mother name is shirin
Nazma nikkhat nuzzat r shock to hear this
Zoya- tell if u guys r not want to tell me its ok
Nazma hold zoya hand n said- my father is rashid Ahmed Khan had marry two women frist wife is my n asad bhai amma dilshaad n second wife is ayaan nikkhat n nuzzat ammi
Nikkhat-but after my ammi death asad bhai take our responsiblty after abbu business going to major loose n humaira is our mamu gaffur ahmed siddqui n dilshaad ammi treat like us as nazma n ayaan like asad bhai
Just than a womam enter n shouts humaira n humaira comes n said ammi i m fine zoya appi save me
Razia said who is zoya i want to meet her who save my daughter life
Zoya come from stairs n humaira said she is zoya razia thanks her n said allah fulfill ur all wishes n goes with humaira
Dilshaad goes near zoya n said did u hear what give her blessing
Zoya ya heard n said my happiness when i will destroy u razia
A fb shown zoya tells what happen 17 year ago
Mr. Gaffur ahemed married with my mom when he is already married with razia when my mom knows that she left abbu n when razia knows that she kill my ammi n she was going to sale me just u came n save n i remembered their face n conversation
Screen freezes on zoya n dilshaad face
Recap-assd zoya cute fight. Humaira gets kidnapped tanveer entry
Sorry friends but i can’t post my ff for 4 days bcoz my exam

Credit to: Priya tripathi

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