It’s RevengE on my mind – swaragini promo/ preview


Hi guys, I’m really sry I have tests from 23rd and my mom won’t let me touch phone ? so I’m really sorry after the tests I’ll be back with a bang?. Till then here’s the promo / preview.
Hope you guys like it

Swaragini Kavita enters the MM’s gate happily smiling laughing and chatting when sudden a guy collides with them they see him, he’s really cute ,he’s non other than our sanskar , he introduced himself and took them inside

In store room
‘ I love u and can’t see u in this condition please take the case back and then U’ll be free for me at least ,please ‘ says lucky pleading with eyes full of tears seeing the girl in such a bad condition . ….. ‘ I know lucky that you love me but I can’t love u but I do respect ur feelings and sry I’ll not take case back I’m always with truth ‘ says the girl politely. ‘ OK then do what u want I’m going to dad and I’ll say that I love u then he’ll surely do something and get u out of here , I’m sure he won’t even mind about case’ explains lucky …. ‘don’t become mad lucky when he’ll come to know that u love me either he’ll shoot you down with me or even if he agrees I can’t cause I’ve always loved someone and promised myself that I’ll never be in anyone else life and if i reject then dp will shoot me down too and ‘ says girl furiously Continues ‘ and for my sake u r not going to say anything to him’… lucky goes from there helpless tears continuesly flowing from his eyes and bolts the door and leaves

@ swaragini side

Sanskar informs them that sujata is doing pooja inside the mansion and swaragini and kavs says him that they wanna go inside , they r going towards the mansion door

Inside the MM

The wind is howling very badly , pandit says ‘they came , bad days of this house came , they’ll not leave this house until it’s broken apart I can’t understand magic or what it is !! But it myt be hatred cause hatred and revenge r the only powers which runs greater than any other power, I can’t do anything nor anyone else can , because nature is with them and even God is with them …’ saying this pandit leaves with his belonging scared.

Outside the MM
pandit is leaving , sanky sees him and asks if pooja is over but he leaves without answering hurriedly. Sanky finds it odd


What’s happening? ?
Why did swaragini and kavs came kolkata?
Where’s pari?
How come swaragini and kavs r behaving so normal with sanky?what’s their plan??
Who is the girl in store room? ? Why lucky is saying I love u to her? Is it because he just wants his dad work done ( taking case back )!!!

Well all the questions will be answered in upcoming episodes
So wait till I come back ?

Hey guys hope u liked it and one more thing I’ll start ff from 30 June as it’s my last test day till then gud bye ?
R u guys gonna miss me till then well miss me or not I’ll be back with a bang ? ?
See ya bye?

Credit to: Zayra

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  1. Remember guys when I continue it will be from the episodes only this is just the upcoming part

  2. Nice .

  3. Megha123

    Awsm preview

  4. Cutiie

    Plz reveal pair…make it swaaan

    1. Thanks to everyone who liked this preview thanks for the valuable comments

  5. It’s quite mysterious

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