It’s RevengE on my mind – swaragini (intro)


Hi guys ,zayra here , I’m new in this fan fiction world but a very big fan of swaragini serial 🙂 .. I was inspired by many ff’s so I thought to write one though . Here pairs r SWASAN & RAGLAK but before this love there will be a lot of drama of REVENGE. yeah this ff is on revenge , later love and all . So let’s jump on to the intro

Singhania family

Ranveer singhania : Guardian of swaragini, loves them as his own sisters. Top businessmen and richest person in whole Delhi.28 yrs old .Pampers swaragini a lot . Loves his wife.

Priya ( r s ) : wife of ranveer, loves him , supports him in everything. Loves swaragini a lot . Pampers them too much . A wedding planner . 26 yrs old .

Swara(s) : a modern, bubbly , cute , mischievous,naughty and childish girl . Loves everyone a lot . Twin of ragini . 18 yrs old . Business management course 1st year .

Ragini (s) : A beautiful, sweet , mature girl . Pampers swara a lot ( Rest as same as swara )

Kavita khanna : bst frnd of swaragini , with attractive looks . 19 yrs old .

Parineeta vagela : frnd of swaragini as well as of priya , not too close but loves them a lot . 23 yrs old .

Maheshwari family

Durga prasad maheshwari : aggressive,rude,evil minded man . Everyone is afraid of him at home as well as in office .top businessman and richest person in Kolkata ( not richer than ranveer ) . Loves his sons and wants them to join family business.

Annapurna as past

Sanskar maheshwari: cute , sweet looks , mature and intelligent . Loves his family . Afraid of his father.obeys to dp .has a twin brother laksh. 20 yrs old . Business management course 3rd year.

Laksh maheshwari : handsome, dashing looks . Mischievous but in front of dp he does nothing. afraid of dp . Obeys dp . ( Rest same as sanky )

Ram prasad maheshwari: younger brother of dp . Obeys to him . Part of family business. Afraid of dp.

Sujata ( r p m ) : very kind hearted, loves family except dp . Isn’t afraid of dp like others , gives him back answers . As he doesn’t respect female. But he can’t do anything to sujata because of his fame in Kolkata.

Adarsh maheshwari : 25 yrs old guy . Helps in family business. Scared of dp and obeys him a lot . Dp loves him because of his obedience and always thinks gud for him.

Uttara maheshwari:(dhaani of ishq ka rang safed ) cute , obedient , 17yrs old girl . Isn’t scared of dp ( like mother like daughter ; p ) even though the family is traditional she is modern . Apple of sanky and Lucky’s eyes . Dp hates her cause he believes that girl’s shouldn’t get much education but because of sujata’s stubbornness he has to agree .

So I hope u guys liked the intro so do suggest that should I continue or not ?!!

This story is full of adventure, thrill, revenge ,sadness,past etc.
And is also upon social awareness.

Having questions in mind ??!!!!!
What is revenge for??
Who is taking revenge from whom??
All seems to be fine then what’s all this about?!!
What past ??
All it questions will be answered in the upcoming ff 🙂
Till then gud bye

Credit to: Zayra

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  2. Megha123

    Really interesting! ! ???

  3. Hi guys , actually I putted another pic for my ff but it changed to RAGLAK pic I dunno how !! So , what I really wanna say is that it will not start from such love or anything like that

  4. Divyanshri

    great…… if swaragini n sanskar are twins…. are they look alike or different…..

    1. Thanks and yeah they all are as same as in the serial

  5. Interesting dear and plzzzzzz continue

    1. Thanks for the encouragement

  6. Awesome dr.. Its interesting..

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