It’s RevengE on my mind – swaragini ( epi-2)

Hi guys , thanks for encouraging, it means a lot to me .and also to whom I didn’t replied don’t get furious plz I didn’t had much time but ur comments means a lot to me. Now let’s start with the epi- 2

In Delhi
@ SM

A girl is sleeping peacefully she gets disturbed by the sun rays falling on her face through the window, she opens her eyes and looks at the clock ‘ aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa’ she screams. Another girl in modern saree comes in and asks ‘ what happened shona why r screaming??! ‘ . ‘ what happened u ask ?? What didn’t happen , I had to submit the project today at 8am and now it’s 10am , bhabi , I even settled alarm to wake me up ‘ says shona angrily and continues ‘ where is ragz I’ll not leave her today, this project was really important. I even prepared for it but … ‘ soon her sentence was cutted by her bhabi ‘ shona doc said that u should have enough sleep and shouldn’t take any stress , so ragz went to college without waking u up and she took ur project too’ , ‘ oh , then it’s OK ‘ she said in relief but she noticed something ‘ wait , 8am was the time of submission it’s 10am now and till now ragz didn’t came why ?? ‘ asked shona concerned. Just then ‘ shonaa’ said a girl in pink knee lengthen sleeveless frock wid a silver belt and her hair straight open , ‘ ragz ‘ said shona in excitement. ‘ where were u this long ??! ‘ asked shona curiously. ‘ actually I gotta surprise for my shona so get up and be ready and yeah come in hall ‘ saying this ragz and priya left from the room. Now shona was really curious so she got ready as fast as she could she is wearing three fourth blue jeans wid pink full sleeved wavy pattern t shirt wid a high pony and ran down to the hall but bumped into a handsome guy ‘ ouch ‘ she said . Man asked ‘ what happened shona r u OK ?? R u hurt ?? I’m sorry!! ‘ in one breath. Shona straighten herself and laughed like a child ‘ arre , ranveer Bhai I’m alryt see , look at me, I’m fine ‘ said shona confirmed. Both chatted and laughed as they went to the hall way , as they entered swara saw a girl in shorts and a sleeveless white crop top in high heels with a high pony. She couldn’t believe her eyes she screamed in excitement ‘ kavitaaaaaaaaaaaaa’ ( kavita swaragini’s bff , went to Canada 2 yrs ago and returned now ) . Shona jumped up and down the hall ,spinned kavita round and round, everyone was happy to see her so much happy , ‘ shona stop I’m feeling dizzy ‘ said kavs placing her hand on head her eye balls wear moving round and round. She sat on sofa, ‘ shona kavs informed me that she’s coming Delhi so I went to pick her up from airport that’s why it took so long’ said ragz. after sometime she was normal they all had a frndly talk

In Kolkata

a woman in traditional saree is doing pooja she finishes it off and goes to see whether breakfast is ready or not , she’s roaming around the table checking everything. After a while everyone arrives they were having breakfast. Dp says ‘ sujata can’t u do ur pooja in less voice it disturbs me a lot ‘ . ‘ aha , it disturbs me a lot ‘ copies dp and continues’ truth is that bhaisa my pooja is like ur morning alarm or else even if we beat drums on ur ears Na u won’t wake up ‘ says sujata tauntingly. ‘ sujataaa’ says dp in a high angry voice , everyone gets scared but a girl in white collared sleeveless shirt with pink skirt reaching her knees with a lose pony comes there pulling the chair to make way to sit says ‘ bade papa , don’t raise ur voice , myt be u can do it to other women but not us , don’t even try it ‘ she says very angrily. ‘ uttara calm down beta , it’s OK u don’t take stress ‘ says sujata politely and she continues on dp ‘ u don’t even think we’ll get in ur grip , if u ever raise ur voice or ever misbehave I’ll open the unopened book of past 11 yrs for which media is curious till now even after 11 yrs ‘ . Hearing this dp calms down but sanlak r left confused.

In Delhi
A girl in black palazzo and red sleeveless kurti with a plat and bangs to make her face look cute , she enters the mansion and sneaks inside the hall she see the trio chatting she goes from behind and bhaaau she shouts trio gets scared they turn and see her their face get big smile and they scream ‘ parineeta’ all r happy to see her , they all r planning to go shimla, including priya.

In Kolkata

uttara goes into kitchen and fills a plate with food and takes a water bottle and starts going up the stairs, dp asks ‘ asks where it going wid that plate , u already had food ryt ?? ‘
‘ yeah , I already had food, I’m taking this food for the girl which u locked in store room yesterday ‘ says uttu plainly. ‘ no , u’ll not take food to her she has to die cause of hunger , she disobeyed me , DURGA PRASAD MAHESHWARI ‘ says dp angrily. ‘ correction it’s AGARWAL ‘ said uttu plainly again , dp calms down goes out from there and uttu to store room while again sanlak r left confused, ‘ yaar , lucky , there’s something that we dunno but rest of all know ‘ said sanky doubtfully, ‘ yeah Bhai but ryt now we don’t have tym to think about it let’s go ‘ said lucky confusingly

@ office
A man knocks at the door ‘ come In ‘ said dp , as he saw the face of the man his mood lytten up ‘ adarsh ‘ said dp ,
‘ actually bade papa , I’ve completed Karma’s file and also the file which u gave me yesterday ‘ said adarsh politely.’ gud ‘ said dp happily and makes a decision in his mind for adarsh

Precap: marriage proposal

U guys myt be thinking ,
Whose marriage ryt ??
Well it’s answer will be given in upcoming epi
I know u guys myt have found this one seriously boring but this ff was totally on all characters introduction
And I swear In upcoming episodes u’ll see many twist and turns so let’s see

Hope u liked this one

Till the other ff gud bye:-)

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  1. Cutiie

    Plz reveal pair

    1. I’ve already revealed pairs in intro it’s swasan and raglak

  2. Nice..

  3. Abirsha

    its awesome……very very nice….i think its adarsh nd pari marriage proposal

    1. Looks like u r too concentrated on the ff 😉

      1. And thanks for continuous support shan

  4. It’s nice dear loved swara’so childishness really funny . And loved sujata’s and uttu’s part too and don’t say it’s boring it’s nice as the character introduction

    1. Thanks zoha

  5. Roshini Kapoor

    Its actually really good and I am eagerly waiting for the next episode as this Fanfiction is starting to sound more interesting. And I hope the pairs are SwaSan and RagLak. Anyways continue soon….

    1. Tysm . And yeah I already revealed that the pairs the swasan and raglak

  6. Megha123

    Awsm even I think that it would be aadarsh & pari’s marriage

    1. Thank u

  7. Nice dear… Not at all boring

  8. Interesting dear

    1. Thanks ammu and yeah I wanted to say that I won’t be able to update next ff soon cause of my some work but I’ll try to finish the work as soon as possible and try to update

  9. Superb yr.. Swaragini family was awesome n i loved sujata n uttara.. Sanlak’s condition was so funny..

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