It’s RevengE on my mind – swaragini ( epi-1)


Hi guys , here is episode 1 hope u like it :

In Delhi

It’s mid nyt a house is shown covered with darkness cause of power cut . inside , a room is shown, a girl is sleeping peacefully on bed and another girl is fanning her with a book and singing a lullaby ( Lori ) . She is ragini , tears form in her eyes when she sees swara sleeping peacefully as a child .

Ragz POV :

It has been 11 yrs to that nyt . But … still I can’t forget it . 11 yrs widout my parents, without my family. (Sob) . But for swara it’s 12 yrs . My dad SHEKHAR GADODIA , the richest man of shimla . My dad’s frnd attacked swara 12 yrs ago , cause of which she was in coma for a year , mom and dad were very upset they cried day and nyt for swara and consulted the best doctors and did the best treatment to get her out of coma , but all went vain , as it’s said all happens by destiny no one can change it. I promised swara I’ll pamper her , I’ll not fyt wide her but no use she didn’t move .my dad didn’t knew it happened because of his beloved frnd DURGA PRASAD AGARWAL , year passed we all missed swara , that nyt all the family was have dinner when dp came in with goons and killed my family mercilessly , I ran from there as fast as I could and went to the hospital where swara was admitted, as i entered I saw my dad’s personal assistant RANVEER talking to doctor, he turned around and saw me he was having a big smile on his face he sat down beside me and said ‘ ragz do u know , Swara’s medical condition is improving, doc said she’ll be out of coma very soon ‘ . I was happy to hear it but what should I do , I saw him waiting for a reaction, I smiled slightly and then burst out crying I revealed everything to him , he was hell shocked, now he knew that dp will come to kill swara too in the hospital, we took swara from the bed and ran outside the hospital into the car and went somewhere and spent whole nyt in the car , morning we came home with inspector and saw dead bodies of everyone in my family no one was left alive , RANVEER said inspector to take action against dp but he refused as he was in favour of dp . At last Ranveer understood that dp had done all this for money so he fought the case after few months we won my dad’s property for which that bl***y dp killed my family. And we left shimla and came Kolkata settled there and changed our name to singhania, dp thought that we both sisters r killed too , Ranveer said that he’ll handle the property until we grow up then when we complete the course he’ll give us our property back I was happy , day’s passed swara came out of coma and I revealed everything to her she cried a lot but was OK after few months. Years passed Ranveer Bhai married a beautiful girl to which we called bhabi , she’s very loving and caring. All though now we all are happy but I know my family’s soul will not get rest till I take revenge from that dp . Swara grew mischievous, naughtiest but I pampered her as I knew at the side of revenge she’s evil than the devil. Now we will take revenge from dp we’ll go shimla back to our past .my mind changed now I wanted Ranveer Bhai to handle the business as long as he wants because he loves us a lot and we love him too , he’s very protective towards us , after all I have what I wanted, a lovely family, now I don’t care about property 🙂

In Kolkata

A mansion is shown inside a man is standing and continuesly looking at the door as if waiting for someone, suddenly he sees two boys coming with a girl who’s crying the girl is around 19 yrs , boys comes in hall and throws the girl on dp’s feet . She gets up and says ‘ no I’ll not bow in front of anyone ‘ , dp asks ‘ this is the last time I’m asking u to take the case back or else u have to suffer a lot ‘ . ‘ I’ll not take care back , u did wrong and u have to pay for it ‘ says the girl angrily , ‘ sanskar laksh throw her in the store room and don’t let her run off ‘ says dp angrily, sanky and lucky nods their head in yes and goes from there with the girl and ties her to the chair in store room , before leaving both mumble sorry and girl hears it and says ‘ it’s OK ,don’t know when will god send someone to stop this dp’ . Sanlak leaves from there bolting the door from out side .
The screen freezes on ragz crying face and Swara’s sleeping face and sanlak’s sorry face

Precap : singhania family bonding and maheshwari family too

I know guys it’s too small but I just wanted to reveal the mystery and also wanted to check whether the pic I want to upload for my ff comes this time or not

Credit to: Zayra

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