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Hi guys i’m here wid epi 9 :

It’s morning, all the families r in mall
Adarsh selected a beautiful heart shaped pink ring for pari

Pari wasn’t interested in this so swara selected a good ring for adarsh.

Swaragkavs sanlak headed towards the food court while elders were busy wid there shopping.

Swara : u know i’m really hungry.
All looks at her in disbelief because she was eating whole tym while they were shopping moreover she had a packet in her hand filled wid eatables.

Sanky : if u eat so much u’ll become lyk potato
Lucky : or even tomato
Swara : shut up!! R u marrying me that ur getting so tensed?? , i love food and i’ll eat as much as i want.
Sanlak becomes Silent
Kavs: don’t wry, she’s eating lyk this from childhood only but didn’t got fat.
Swara : see, that’s y i eat more… sayed swara filling her mouth wid Burger.
Sanky : ur unbelievable
Swara : thanks

They see elders coming to the table.
All elders and others sits and r having food, pari adds the powder in the food Without anyone’s noticing and serves it to dp, he eats it.

They all go home.

Soon the engagement day arrives

Everyone’s busy
‘ kaka put thalt Flowels on thalt pillal( kaka put that flowers on that pillar )’ said swara her mouth full of Cadbury.
Ok beta replied kaka
Swara: arre, not lyk that. Wait i’ll show u… saying this she climbs the ladder and places the flower it comes in perfect look so she forgets that she’s on ladder and jumps in excitement and says ‘ lyk this’ but falls…………. Falls………… f…….. A………. Ll…… s……. Falls……. In sanky’s arms.

They have a cute eyelock. Before she could say thanks, sanky drops her.
Swara: ‘ awwwwww’ it hurtz, agar chodna hi tha tho pakda kyu?? (angrily)
Sanky : kisko pata tha ki tum itni wazan hogi, madam tum dikhne me dubli hogi par ho bahot wazan.
Swara: kya kaha abhi batati hu… saying this she runs after sanky
But someone’s upset wid Their nok jhok
Yeah, it’s kavs

At nyt, engagement party starts

Swarag comes down stairs, both sanlak r mesmerised to see them, but non realised that they have fallen for eachother.

Swara is wearing a fishcut of blue and golden color wid bangles covering her hands and hair opened wid curls.
Ragz is wearing a fishcut too wid red and golden color her hands covered wid bangles and her hair straight open wid a puff.

They greet guests and goes to kavs who’s upset seeing sanky continuesly staring at swara.

Swara : i think it’s tym to start the drama
Ragz : not so soon after they exchange rings
Kavs : ok

After sometime they exchange rings wid each other. And the drama begin.
Swaragkavs has told a woman who has personality lyk anapurna to put mask of anapurna face and dress up lyk her and make dp see her in the party

Dp sees anapurna ( that woman ) and gets confused, he turns to ram and says ‘ram do u see that’ pointing at the place where that woman was standing but now no one, ram asks what, dp says nothing, lyk that he keeps seeing anapurna in whole party now he starts getting mad and starts shouting placing his hands on his head ‘ she came she’ll leave me’. Everyone gets tensed seeing dp but singhania’s and pari kavs r enjoying.
Then swara starts her drama
Swara: uncle, what happened?? Wait u must be stressed, u sit here and we’ll entertain u all. Swasan dances on janam janam and raglak dances on nachange saari raat ( junooniyat).

Dp stays quite but his head is spinning.

All the party is finished and guests went away including vagela family plus ranya

Sujata asks angrily to dp as to what happened that he created such a big drama. If swara wasn’t there he would have ruined the engagement

He shouts saying he saw anapurna.

Screen freezes on their shocked faces.

How was it guys?? , hope u all liked it
Bye till Another ff ??

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Credit to: Zayra

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