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HI guys, thanks for liking my ff and sry i wasn’t able to comment yesterday plz, don’t mind. Now lets start wid the epi 7 :???

Kavs is shocked to see the girl. Girl is coughing in sleep and as she coughed blood is coming out of her mouth.

Kavs POV

when i saw her and specially in such pain, i felt mad, i was happy and sad at same time, i just screamed ‘ KAVYAAA’. She woke up and saw me her eyes full of tears, i went near her sat on the bench and placed my hand on her head and caressed her hair. She sat straight and i helped her as she was looking really weak, she shrugged my hand off and asked ‘ who r u?’, i felt pain but knew that she’s asking this because she don’t want me to see her in pain. I didn’t answered her, i came out of the room and went to swaragz room took them back to the room where my other half was staying, my twin kavya. They were shocked and i could see the pain in their eyes for kavya’s condition. Now kavs cant refuse anymore, she hugged us tyt, we all cried and teased eachother & had a long chat.

POV ends

Third person’s POV

Kavya told her story how dp kidnaped her and also about uttu and laksh.
Swaragkavs told her about pari’s marriage.
They all were upset.

Suddenly uttu entered the room with some files in her hand, they all introduced eachother.

POV ends.

Uttu : no tym is left dp’s men r on there way, kavya u should run, i’ll handle everything here, u go.

Kavita : but..

Uttu : u all have to stay here for a while as dp’s men get out of the hospital u can also go wid kavya. Orelse everyone will be in great danger.

All agree

Even though that kavya was becoming weak, she ran for her friends sake because atleast now she wanted to spend tym wid them. On other hand, lucky tried every possibility to stop goons but all went vain. At hospital, uttu knew if goons doesn’t see kavya wid her they’ll kill her but still she took the chance.

Kavya ran out of the hospital, unfortunately, goons saw her and ran behind her, laksh who was wid them tried once again but no use, Swaragkavsuttu saw it from the window that goons r following kavya so they ran after them too.

Swaragkavsuttu after laksh, laksh after goons, goons after kavya, kavya after nothing but to save her lyf.

Finally they reached a high cliff , kavya was on the edge, Swaragkavsuttu and laksh were crying and begged goons to leave kavya, but till now kavya understood that goons will also take ger dignity away, she cried horribly,

Kavya : bye, i’m sry, i wanted to spend tym wid all of u but it’s not possible. sry laksh i don’t have tym Orelse i would have told u all the sins of ur father, and yeah i curse dp that he’ll die wid fear of women, he doesn’t respect them na, but he’ll die because of their fear only. And yeah don’t wry in heaven raj is their for me he’ll take gud care of me,and laksh u’ll get a girl who will love u very much, u just wait for her. BYE.( cries)


She jumps off the cliff

Laksh shouts ‘KAVYAAAAAAAAAAAA(cries )’

Because of darkness laksh isn’t able to see swaragkavs and uttu, but they r able to see him, kavs is crying madly and tries to jump of the cliff but swara holds her, they all go back to hospital.

After a while they inform everything to pari and ranya ( ranveer & priya ).


ranveer : kavs u lost ur sister, swaragini lost their family, only because of that bl**dy dp, now hear my plan carefully.
Let this marriage happen, then pari will play a lead role, as she’ll be in that house, OK , till then u guys do something and make dp get fear of something, ok , as v r coming tomorrow we’ll start our plan, and don’t let dp get doubt on u, thanks uttu for helping us.

Uttu : it’s ok

They end the call.

Screen freezes on their revenge taking faces

Precap : mr & Mrs vagela, pari and ranya meet maheshwari’s

Hope u guys liked it. ??

I know its too short but manage plz ??

And yeah important notice
NOTICE : Guys I’m gonna be uploading this ff on weekends and i started a new ff named fairytale, so read it and this ff too, i know many of u maybe disappointed but sry, i can’t do anything other than this. ?

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Stay fit, stay fine.

Credit to: Zayra

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  1. Soujanya

    Awesome…. Sad for kavya…dp such cruel

    1. Thanks

      1. Hope u read the notice

  2. Cool, and i will surely read ur new ff. Btw this epi was awesome ?

    1. Thanks & yeah u’ll love my new ff, i’m sure?, only pairs problem because it’s swalak and ragsan in it

  3. Abirsha


    1. Thanks

    1. Thanks

  4. Akshata

    awesome….emotional too….. who r the pairs?

    1. Thanks, swasan and raglak r pairs which is already given in intro

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