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Hi guys, how r u all?, well hope u all r doing great & lets start wid epi 6 : ???

Other side
Uttu : omg, today i didn’t gave food to that girl in store room, she must be starving, lets go home.
Laksh gets tensed and both leave for MM
after sometime they reach house and they enter from back door as they know that if dp sees them coming he’ll not leave lucky, when they enter store room they see girl lying down lyk a lifeless body, they try to wake her up but no use she’s fainted, they take her to city Hospital immeditely.

On other hand

Swaragkavs r shocked, they decide to think about it later, so swakavs speak normally but all r confused as to what happend to ragz, she is not uttering a single word.

Ragz POV :
I dunno what was happening to me, suddenly the image of how he killed my family and how he stole my happiness came in front of my eyes, i started feeling dizzy and felt lyk dying, all the voices were clear to me, shona was asking what happened and kavs whispered in my ears to behave normal, but i dunno i was just feeling pain, i couldn’t control myself, i suddenly sat down on my knees trying to understand the situation but ofcourse i couldn’t, i screamed while placing my hands on my head, digging my fingers tyt inside my hair, closed my eyes, just screamed as hard as i could, my pony opened and my hair were messed, i ran here and there to control myself but of no use, my anti-depressant pills were over, yeah i had depression & never told it to anyone not even shona. Well, now i feel lyk killing myself, swasankavs r running behind me, even i want to stop but of no use i ran in the back yard and they were many bushes there i sat when i bend a little behind all the thorns were on my back i screamed again, inside myself i felt mad, litterally till now my clothes r torn i’m covered in pool of blood and i look lyk mad, now i felt very dizzy, everything was going blur and dark.

POV ends

Swara’s POV

seeing ragz lyk that was a horrible scene ever, horror than a horror story, she was looking mad, i was feeling pain, obviously she’s my twin so i felt her pain. I wanted to hold her but she ran, i cried and ran behind her, i didn’t saw how that b***ch killed my parents but she saw it & i’m sure she’s remembering it now cause of which she’s behaving like this. We saw her fainted in back yard, she was looking not less than a zombie, oh my god, her clothes r torn and thorns on her back ( cries )

POV ends

Kavs POV :

Seeing a strong girl breaking down lyk that was lyk a very bad scene for me, i wanted to hug her, console her, but she ran away, i could feel her pain and also the pain of swara, she was running madly behind ragz, i could feel her pain too after all i loosed my twin. As we saw her fainted in backyard we ran to herand took her to the car and off to city hospital. Only me, shona, ragz, sanky and sujata aunty. We were there in half an hour.

POV ends

Sanky’s POV

BLANK, yaar I’m confused, i just wanted to scream ‘ what’s happening can anyone explain me’ , these girls r running after each other as we r playing out n out or there is any marathon arrived, ok well, run sanky run.

@ hospital

Ragz is taken into analysing room, swara is crying like a child while sujata consoles her, kavs try to be strong but breaks down seeing swara cry, she feels someone’s hand on her shoulder she turns around to see ‘sanky’ he consoles her, she hugs him tyt and cries … after sometym doc comes out of the room
Kavs : how’s ragz?? ( concern )
Doc : see ryt now she’s out of danger, but do u guys knew that she is suffering from depression??
Swara : no, she never told us.( crying )
Doc: hmm, she’s suffering from depression, and she must have been taking over dose of anti-depressant pills cause of which she suffered a panic attack.
Swara : she never told us, how could she do this? ( cries bitterly )
Kavs : is she ok now, can we take her home??
Doc : no u can’t take her till reports come but u can meet her.
Both swakavs get happy and enter the room, just to see that ragz is lying on bed lyk a lifeless body all scratches, wounds covering her skin.
Swara sits on one syd while Kavs on other.
Ragz : i’m sry guys
Kavs : v r ur sisters & u didn’t said anything to us, now u have made me like a stranger. ( angrily )
Ragz : sry, i didn’t wanted to make u guys wry…… when she notices that swara didn’t even utter a word…. ‘ shonaa’
Swara : shona?? Call me swara,, if u would have thought me as ur close sis or frnd u would have never hidden this frm us
Ragz : i’m sry… says ragz holding her ears
Swakavs : ok ok but promise us u won’t hid anything from us from now onwards
Ragz : promise

Sanky and sujata who r watching this from a distance r happy

After sometime sujata comes and says ‘ beta never feel alone, ur family is always there for u, btw when r u guys coming home?’

Kavs : aunty tomorrow mr & Mrs vagela, pari and priya r coming so, tomorrow after discharge we’ll directly go to airport and receive them then we’ll drop them to farmhouse and then we’ll come home.

Sujata : ok beta, take care.
Sujata and Sanky leaves


Dp : i don’t understand y ragz got attacks by seeing me.
Sujata : lo j shaitan ko dekh kar kon nahi darta. ( taunts )
Ram : sujata, atleast now don’t say lyk that.
Sujata : ok ok, she was suffering from depression and because of overdosing of anti -depressants she got panic attack, not by seeing bhaisa
Dp feels relieved by hearing it.
Dp : by the way where is laksh?? And uttara??
Sujata : uttara is staying at her friends house today and laksh has some important work of college. ( lies )
Just then lucky comes and informs them that his work is done. He eyes Sujata to come to his room, which Sujata understands and goes after.

In room,lucky explains everything and says uttara is staying at hospital with that girl. Sujata says it’s ok and leaves


Kavs is filling formalities and is coming back to the room, when from another room she hears a coughing sound coming continuesly, she fewls pity on that person so she enters the room and sees the girl coughing, she is shocked to see that girl.
Screen freezes

Precap : dp gets to know that uttara was staying wid that girl in hospital, he sends goon to kill that girl

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And the episode was related to that, if u have any problem share it wid ur family and frnds, don’t keep it to ur self, ur family & frnds r always there for u ?

So be happy
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Credit to: Zayra

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