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Hi guys, Thanks for answering my question yesterday, and yeah i thought many of u may haven’t read the preview so i’ll just show it as a recap, so let’s begin : ????

Recap : swaragini & kavs enter MM & meets sanky, he informs them that sujata has arranged puja and as they r mod so they musn’t be interested in it they deny & asks him to take them inside… ( in store room ) laksh says to a girl that he loves her and can’t bare to see her in such pain( the girl in epi 1 hope u remember ) she says that she knows he loves her but she can’t love her back as she had some one else in her lyf, they quarrel a bit annd lucky says he’ll say dp about his love she deny’s giving her sake to him. On other hand pandit says sujata that bad days of these house has came, it’s not any magic but no one can stop them now as nature and god both r with them and be leaves scared.

Epi 5 :

Swaragkavs enter the MM and sees sujata, but she’s standing there worried about pandit’s words.
Swaragkavs : hi, aunty
Sujata comes out of her,thoughts and smiles
Sujata : hi beta, arre ( looks at them up to down & happily ) u guys look very modern, by the way is our pari Also like this?? And does she gets frightened very easily??
Swaragkavs find these questions weird but still answered them

Swara : (childishly) yeah, our pari is some what modern like us and yeah she’s very strong it’s Impossible to frighten her. ( says swara jumping up and down weaving her hands into actions u know lyk strong=? and all)

Ragz hold her and makes her stand Straight

Kavs : hi aunty, i’m kavs she is ragz and she is shona

Sujata : i’m sujata, arre, u both have cool names but for her y such cute name??

Kavs : aunty didn’t u c how childish she is & after all she loves cute name only

Sujata : ok ok, u guys go and get fresh i’ll get snacks for u guys.

Shona : ( excitedly ) yeah I’m very tired, plz bring pineapple pastry it’s my favourite ( says shona spinning round and round )

Sanky leads them to room while kavs drags swara wid her ragz apologise to Sujata for shona’s childishness, but she says that it’s ok and she is too much happy wid shona as she thinks them as her own.

In room : after sometime

‘ yaar where is hair dryer??’ asks kavs sitting on side of the bed…… ‘ i dunno, ask to aunty.’ says ragz getting out of the bathroom wrapping her hair into towel…. While shona is busy digging inside the pineapple cake ( sujata loved her childishness so she gave her whole cake, u know motherliness)…… Kavs gets out of the room and bumps into sanky….. ‘sry’ both say together but ragz is shock that how come kavs say sry to someone, while shona is busy cleaning the leftover cake in the plate……. ‘ actually i was looking for hear dryer’ says kavs, ‘ oh come i’ll give u’….. She goes wid sanky and gets hair dryer ( now no more wait, kavs have developed crush on sanky)….. ‘ kavs u seem to have changed’ says ragz….. Kavs exactly understands what she is saying…. ‘ arre yaar if i make any HUNGAMA then after marriage they’ll torture pari that’s y’ said kavs easily….. Ragz agreed on her excuse…. Trio was having a chat.
After sometime sanky takes them to the hall, they meet adarsh. Trio plans to tease pari they take adarsh’s pic and send it to pari ( remember guys pari hasn’t seen adarsh till now )

Pari : who is this?? ( confused )

Kavs : this man was really irritating me so soncha k iske chehre ka naksha bigaad du par yaad aya that what will our mercy queen say so sent the pic before i do anything to him

Pari : don’t say lyk that he seems to b innocent

Kavs : ohho, taking side of ur future hubby from now only?? ( teases )

Now pari understood that they were teasing her & trio laughs as she suddenly goes offline


Adarsh accidently trips and falls, when sanky laughs and says that this will not happen when his bhabi comes as wives r very strict,
Kavs : arre no no, her future wife is really a mercy queen she’ll not do anything to him.
They all have a laugh

It’s nyt they all r having dinner
Kavs : r there Only these many members in ur family??
Ram : no beta, my bhaisa and lucky my bhatija and my daughter uttara.
Shona : how old is ur daughter and where r all of them??
Sujata : my daughter is one year younger than u beta, uttu has some important presentation so she’s in collage wid lucky and bhaisa have some important meeting. Ragz : oh, i’m sure uttu will be happy to meet shona.
All nod in yes
After dinner, all r in garden having tea, coffee and juice. Shona has forcefully taken kavz and sanky to a little distance and they r having pineapple cake compitition, who’ll finish the cake first, sanky really is liking her childishness…. While ragz is busy talking to ram and Sujata about pari & others.

Suddenly car stops in front of the door, dp gets out of the car but swaragkavs r not able to see him, ram goes and informs dp that swaragkavs has arrived, ragz is busy talking wid sujata and swakav busy in having cake, when sanky says them that papa has arrived let’s meet him, they agree, swaragkavs r standing side by side when dp comes

They all r shocked to see him…. Swaragkavs jaws r touching ground..
Screen freezes

Precap : @ hospital

Hope u guys liked it
Wanna see what happens?!
R u guys confused who’s at hospital??
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