It’s RevengE on my mind – epi 4


Hello guys, zayra here, i know i know epi 3 was boring as well, don’t wry the episodes till swaragini meet sanlak will be boring, lol, ?
Let’s start with epi 4 : ??

Swaragini kavs,pari and all elders r sitting in hall, they have gotten time for marriage ( mahurat ) after 2 weeks.
Priya : ok swaragini and kavs, u guys will go kolkata (MM) today to see all the organisation, mr and mrs vagela and pari and i will come tomorrow and Ranveer will come as he gets free from his meeting, ok??

Everyone agrees, pari whispers to swara that what about shimla trip she says that her marriage is more important than this,revenge, they all r satisfied and r packing to leave for kolkata

In kolkata

dp : frnds of bride r coming today to kolkata, rajesh ( dp’s asisstant ) go and receive them.
Sujata: also make sure that they don’t face any problem ( to rajesh ), and bhaisa what about wedding planner
Dp : bride’s frnd is famous wedding planner ‘priya’ her sisters-in-law and friend r coming ( swaragini ) today so they r going to handle everything .
Sujata : gud, i’ll see if ramu has arranged room for them.

Ram who is seeing this from a little distance is happy that after a very long period of time dp and Sujata r normal but he knew it wasn’t for long

In Delhi

swaragini and kavs r ready they come to hall to bid bue to everyone
Mrs vagela : beta, u all r going, plz take care of ur self
Kavs : yeah don’t wry
Swaragini and kavs : ? bye

They leave for Kolkata
After sometime

In Kolkata
@ airport
Kavs : ok now take out the address
Swara: yeah
Rajesh : no need of that, i’ve come from maheshwaris to receive u
Kavs: oh that’s gud
Rajesh : it’s ok mam plz follow me
Ragz thinks ‘ why it looks like i’ve seen him somewhere’

They reach MM ( rest all as in preview )

Precap : swaragini and kavs meet dp ??

Wanna see what happens follow this ff and u’ll see

Well guys i’ve Question

Can anyone plz say me that what comes first

Mahendi, sangeet or engagement
I dunno plz help if i don’t get to know then i won’t be able to write the upcoming epi’s, plz shan, megha, ammu anyone

And i know this was too short epi, but Tomorrow it’s gonna be gud, if u guys answer the question given above ?

Credit to: Zayra

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  1. Tvisha

    engagement comes first then mehendi and then sangeet..

    BTW this epi was fabulous

    1. Thank u sooooo much tvisha, now i’ll make sure that upcoming episodes rock. ?

  2. Engagement comes first.. Anyways superb epi

    1. Thanks ruhani

    1. Thank u lisa

  3. Soujanya


    1. Thanks

  4. Abirsha


    1. Thanks

  5. Nice dear

  6. First Sagayi….then aftr some days Mehandi thn Haldi thn Sangeet & at last Shadhi…..Omg how much functions!! But unfortunately I cannot enjoy these many functions as I am a malayali & here aftr some days of engagement its direct Mrg….how boring…..

    Anyways coming back to ur ff….it ws gud but I am waiting fr next chap to see the reaction of swaragini aftr meeting dp!!

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