It’s RevengE on my mind – epi 3


Hi guys, hope u remember me, well I’m really excited to start with these ff again.
So lets start the epi : 3 :

In delhi

Pari, priya, swaragini and kavs r chatting when pari informs them that her parents r looking for a guy for her to get married all r happy but she says if she gets married how will she help them in taking revenge from dp, just when her parents enter carrying a big smile on their face,
Priya : arre, uncle aunty, when did u come??
Pari’s dad : just now
Kavs : and y u both r looking so happy??
Pari’s mom : because we got a proposal from maheshwaris for our pari, what do u say pari?? ( teasingly )
Pari: mom i already said u that i’ll marry any guy u like but u know na i’ve some imp work after that plz ( her parents don’t know about revenge )
Kavs : nothing is important than this we’ll see all works after ur marriage
Ranveer : yeah, i’ve heard of maheshwari’s but never saw them
They all sit and have a chat and after sometime Pari agrees

In kolkata

Dp informs everyone that he has decided to get adarsh married and also has sent proposal to vagela family in delhi.

Sujata : common, first tym in whole of ur life u’ve done something good ( tauntingly )

On other side, sanlakuttu r busy teasing adarsh.

In delhi

everything is normal, all girls r walking towards swaragini room as kavs open the door to enter , when she sees wind howling badly and a hanging photo frame is about to fall, she runs and catches the photo, it’s a girl’s photo, tears form in her eyes when she sees the pic, everyone gets emotional, she cries hugging the pic and rest console her

-: FB starts :-

Girl is crying and accusing her parents, ‘ i hate u all, cause of u raj has committed suicide, u all always see money not love, u all r heartless beings and i’m not going to stay here even for a minute ‘
Dad: where will u go?? Ur just 15 and can’t go anywhere, and whatever we did was for ur gud only.(angrily )
Girl : my gud?!! , he loved me and i loved him too but u didn’t bothered about love u just bothered about money that he’s poor ryt?? , and cause of ur rejection and that u insulted him he committed suicide. I’ll not see anything now I’m going from here. ( she says turning to leave, when )
Kavs : will u leave me, ur twin and ur beloved friends too? ( crying )
Girl : i’m sry Kavs i’ve no other option ( crying ) and she leaves
Kavs : plz don’t leave plz, ( sits on knees and screams as she seez her going ), ‘ KAVYAAA’

-:FB ends:-

Kavs : before this they were two kavs ‘ KAVITA & KAVYA ‘but now only one ( crying )

They’ll console her, after sometime they r back to normal and r discussing about marriage

Narrator : everyone’s busy in discussions and priya said that she’ll take responsibility of pari’s marriage as she is famous wedding planner all agree, vagela informs dp that they r ready for marriage and all marriage discussions r going on.

NOTE : remember guys that pari’s dad,said maheshwaris not dp, singhania’s and others don’t know that it’s dp as dp also changed his surname, before it was agarwal. So don’t get confused

Precap : swaragini and kavs to go MM ( kolkata )

Hope u guys like it ?

I know too short but still manage it

Credit to: Zayra

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  1. Nice..reveal pairs

    1. Thanks dear, and yeah i’ve already revealed pairs in intro it’s SWASAN & RAGLAK

  2. Superb dr…

    1. Thank u

  3. Cool, u r back, i was waiting for ur ff, how were ur tests??

    1. Thanks, and yeah all test s were great and easy

  4. Nice but plz more rags

    1. Yeah dear, it will be more of ragz in upcoming episodes

  5. Abirsha


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