Hi guys I am back with my next episode on the request of Vasiya di This one is for you di
And Yeah one more thing guys Kunj is a womaniser in my ff and there is no reason behind it not a good one at least but at the end you would get a goodie good Kunj I promise
Let’s start

Twinkle’s Pov
Thank God Nani  is back I missed her so much and I can’t believe this that I am getting married in  less than a week’s time with UV I have always thought of him to be my best friend and what’s better than getting married to your best friend a couple need to have friendship that is the base of the relation and about falling in love with him I can definitely fall in Love with him after getting married to him I haven’t told him that I don’t love him because I can’t break his heart see how many preparations he has done for our honeymoon He wants to give me space in our relationship and he would only come close to me when I am ready I am so lucky to have him in my life. Hope Mahi too gets such a living husband .
Twinkle’s pov ends

(she revives a call )
Caller :Hello Miss.Taneja
Twinkle: Yeh speaking can I know who is calling
Caller:  That does not matter the thing which I want to tell you is more important If you want to save your sisters respect you have to do what I ask you to do
Twinkle: ( a bit angered ) What do you mean by saving her respect ?
Caller : Oh baby you don’t believe me ,well it’s right you should not believe someone without any proof I am sending you some  pics see it for yourself
Twinkle receives a few pics of Mahi in a bad state with some men on the bed 
Twinkle : (shocked) No this can’t be Mahi this picture is morphed
Caller: Baby I must say you are smart but what is the use of you knowing it I know you Know and Mahi too knows that the picture is morphed but the world does not
Twinkle:  what do you want ?money how much I am ready to pay but don’t spoil my Mahi’s life
Caller: Baby you are so desperate to know So listen you just have to make your family accept Mr.Kapoor’s son’s proposal owner of Kapoor Industry for Mahi that’s it nothing much for now till then do my job and wait for my next call
Twinkle: Hello hello…..

Twinkle’s Pov
Oh God Mahi’s life can’t get spoilt of that caller can viral her pictures No no I can’t let this happen This is the only way I can payback to Leela Ma what ever she has done for me can never be repaid but By doing this I would feel a bit better Sidhant Kapoor my childhood friend is a very nice boy they are rich have a good status in the society Dadi will also accept the proposal but  the problem is that if I say I have brought the proposal on their behalf she won’t accept it think Twinkle Think what should you do ?
Idea First I will have to make Mahi and Ma accept the proposal Bank will be on my side only But will Mahi agree to get married ?She loved UV she has sacrificed him for me I will have to tell her the truth about the pics and then she would agree and Ma she knows how good Sidhant is so she will definitely agree and then she will take the proposal to Dadi and then I will talk to Sidhant about it and I am sure he would help me
Twinkle’s POV ends

Mahi: Twinkle trust me I don’t know these men these pictures are morphed
Twinkle: Mahi I know They are morphed I trust you but you need to agree to get married to Sidhant
Mahi: Twinkle I am ready to get married to him as early as possible I don’t want to spoil my dadi’s reputation
Twinkle: Don’t worry Mahi everything will be all right
Leela: Twinkle I know Kapoor’s are a good family will Mahi agree to get married to Sidhant ?
Twinkle: Ma don’t worry I have already spoken to Mahi she has no problem with this relation
Leela: If she is ready even I am ready I will talk to Mummyji don’t worry puttar
Sidhant: Oh Twinkle the matter is quite serious I am ready to marry Mahi
Twinkle: Thank you Sid you don’t know what you are doing for me it means a lot and Thank you is a very small word for it
Sid: Twinkle dosti ka ekh usul hai no sorry no Thank you samjhe
Twinkle: Sid love you buddy
Sid: Love you too Twinki

Twinkle’s POV
Thank God Dadi has said yes for the proposal me and Mahi are getting married in the same day today is my Haldi
Tring tring
Caller:   Oh baby so You have done what I told you to do
Twinkle: (irritated) Stop calling me baby and tell me why did you call ?
Caller: calm down baby now you have to do nothing just meet me at lovers point tomorrow and you would come to know What I want
Twinkle : hello ….hello (the caller hangs the call)
I need to be careful he can harm Mahi I have to go tomorrow

Twinkle’s POV ends
Haldi function: 
Twinkle is wearing a beautiful yellow and white lehenga style Saree and Mahi Magic is wearing  a yellow and red saree UV is wearing a cream colour Kurata with yellow pajama And Sid is wearing a red  Kurta with yellow  pajama and the most awaited our Kunj is wearing a yellow kurta and white pajama looking very hot

Kunj’s POV
A few more days and then I won’t have to act like a mad person I was waiting for Twinkle to come down and I accidentally banged into a pillar “oww “ that hurts but when I saw her descending the stairs I was flat her milky belly could be seen which was driving me crazy her hair was tied up in a loose bum and hence I could see her bear back too God I want her in my arms pretty soon
Her perfect figure and curves I need her
Kunj’s  POV ends

The haldi celebrations started Twiraj and Sid and Mahi had a cotton cloth as a separation between them all the family members applied Haldi to brides and the grooms
Kunj:Bhai even I want  to apply Haldi to Friend and her sister
UV:  (smiled ) sure why not Kunj

Twinkle’s POV
Link was so cute he applied Haldi on Mahi and pinched her nose but when he applied Haldi on me he touched me it was different not the touch of a kid though I know he is mentally ill but his touch he touched my body like …
Twinkle’s POV ends

Sid: Twinkle(he broke her thoughts )
Twinkle: (smiled) Sid how are you because of all this Haldi I could not meet you cause you are looking stunning
Sid: Thanks for the compliment  Even you are looking Beautiful
Twinkle : Thanks
Sid:  Vaise where is UV I haven’t seen him for a while And you haven’t formally introduced me to UV
Twinkle: Sid you already know UV we are all childhood friends
Sid: Ha Twinkle I know but you can at least introduce us as the future son in laws of the TANEJAS
Twinkle: You won’t agree na challo lets go to UV
Twinkle introduces UV to Sid they share a friendly hug

Meanwhile Twinkle gets a call and she excuses herself
Caller:  Oh hi madam so you are introducing your husband with your sisters husband good
Twinkle: What do you want from me now You said make my family ready to make Mahi get married to Sid and I have done that so now what
Caller: Baby I need you (laughs wickedly )

Twinkle: I don’t have time to waste tell me what do you need ?
Caller: Oh my baby is angry calm down baby even I don’t have time to waste listen I want you to write the name K on your hand during the mehendi function get it baby
Twinkle: WTH why will I write K ?
Caller: You will baby for your sister and remember you have to meet me tomorrow after the function at loves point at 8pm sharp I don’t like late comers baby


GUYS I am so sorry for the late update and I guess you won’t get any update soon I would try but I have decided I will end one story at a time so first my ss and then this ff and then the other one hope you all understand and guys I would post my ss soon have written all the episodes in a notebook just need to type it I would try posting it once in a week it takes time to type And I am not allowed to use my phone in my house and My classes as well so can only write in Wednesdays in my college that to only 10-15 minutes so hope you all understand
Love you all
take care
Hope to see you all soon
Please do comment 🙂
Your SIDMIN urf Mili 🙂

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  1. Ramya

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  4. Kritika14

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    This was fab. I really loved it. Moreover, I feel the caller is kunj? Just a wild guess you know. Anyway, try uploading the next one soon although I know you have a busy schedule. Will be waiting for the next!
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    Love you dear ???

  6. Sohi

    Hello I was eagerly waiting for your ff I liked it iam sure kunj is the caller do continue can you tell me the name of your ss as I don’t remember it’s name plz

    1. SidMin

      The name of my ss is “Love me Like the way I do ” Hope you find it if not I would send the links to you 🙂

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    Luved it a loads.Too gud.Thanks for not leaving TU.Seriously when u said that u r leaving TU for a mon or a year,I was too sad but when I saw ur ff today I was like ,’yes mili is back’.I think that the caller is kunj as k for kunj right.Anyways luved it.Post asap.Pls post love me like the way u do very soon.Can’t wait.

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