Recap:Twinkle is no where to be seen Yuhi try searching for her but all in vain So where is Twinkle? (Read further to get answers for this question)
**************************************************************************************************************** Yuhi reach Taneja Mansion when…
Leela:Maaji How could you do this to Twinkle ?
Dadi:What I did was right she is spoiling my grand daughters life
Leela:Maaji even Twinkle is your grand daughter
Dadi:No (shouts) Never she can never bey grand daughter
Leela:Maaji please don’t say like this
Dadi:Why cant I She is destroying my Mahi’s life
Leela:Maaji she loves and respects Mahi so much
Dadi:Its all fake to get praises from others

Leela:But why would she do it?
Dadi:To get the property from you she wants to be the CEO of Taneja group of Industries
Leela:No maaji you are mistaken Twinkle does not want to do this and I will only make the one who is capable enough of being the CEO I don’t discriminate between my daughter I love both of them equally
Dadi:Apna khoon apna hota hai aur paraya paraya (I dont know how to translate this line but I guess it means that blood relations is very important )
Leela:Maaji kuch rishtey Khoone ke rishto se bade hote hai (Some relations are more strongr than blood relations )Aur era or Twinkle ka Rishta bhi Kuch aesa he hai (And Mine and Twinkle’s relation is an example of it )
Dadi:Leela I have told Twinkle the truth and she should know it that you rent her mother
Leela:(cries)Par Maaji I am her Maasi Ma (I am her maternal Aunt)
Dadi:Masi matlab Ma jaise Ma nahe (Masi (Maternal aunt) means Like your mother and not your mother )
Leela:Par Kishan ji ke bhi tho 2 Ma the Ekh jinohne unhe janam diya aur dusre jinhone unhe pala Meh Twinkle ke Yashoda Ma hu (I hope you guys Know that Lord Krishna had 2 mothers one who gave him birth and the other one how brought him up So Leela says she has Brought Twinkle up just Like Lord Krishna’s Yashoda ma (The one who brought him up )
Dadi:Voh bhagvan the aur yeh Rakshas Mere Mahi ke jeevan ka ghrahan (Lord Krishna was a god but Twinkle is a devil and The eclipse in My Mahi’s life )
Leela:Bass Maaji Twinkle ke khilaf ekh aur shabd nahe Voh mere bete hai aur mere he rahege (Enough maaji Not a word against Twinkle she is my daughter and she will always be )
Dadi:(before Dadi could speak)

UV:ma what happened what did Dadi tell Twinkle ?
Leela:(shocked) UV Voh Maaji told Twinkle that she is not my real daughter (she bursts into tears ) UV don’t know where is Twinkle How would she be Oh Babaji please save my child It all my fault (she continues crying )
UV: Ma stop crying this is all Dadi’s fault you all know how emotional Twinkle is How could she say this to her
Dadi:Uv beta she needs to know the truth
UV:You could have told this to her after we would have got married
Dadi:What difference would it make ?

UV: She would not be lonely she would have been with me I would have been there to support her Dadi she always Told me that she just carves for your love She just wants you to Love her like you Love Mahi
Dadi:I cant love someones illegitimate child
UV:(shouts)Dadi ..
Dadi:What Dadi the truth is truth though it is bitter it cant be changed she is the outcome of her Mothers illegitimate relation her Mother was gonna marry my Son but then she made Leela marry him she just left a letter behind stating that she loves someone else and will marry him only Out of fear of loosing our reputation we made Leela marry my son soon My son started liking Leela and they gave me Mahi my Granddaughter (She creases Mahi’s hair with affection) but then her mother returned She came back with her Daughter My son out of humanity accepted Twinkle and gave her his name but I did not like her after a month her mother committed suicide Then My son and Leela Looked after Twinkle like their own daughter sometimes even more than Mahi

UV:(Teary eyes) Ma You know where Twinkle could possibly be we checked each and every place she goes when she wants to spend sometime alone
Leela:UV I don’t know where Twinkle is (she cries)
UV:Mahi you take care of Ma and I will try finding Twinkle
Mahi:UV I will also come with you
UV:No Mahi you say here with Ma She needs you
UV Leaves and Mahi sends Leela to her room she calls Kunj
Kunj:Mahi why did you call have you given that packet to Twinkle

Mahi:Hold on Kunj Twinkle is not at home
Kunj:What where is she (sounding a bit concerned)
Mahi:Don’t know but why does it matter to you ?
Kunj:Voh…..Voh …Ha If Twinkle is not there then how will our plan be executed
Mahi:Oh that fine UV is gone in search of her I wish She never returns back
Kunj:(rudely) Mahi she is your sister
Mahi:Cousin sister and an illegitimate child

Kunj:Mahi you know what Sometimes I feel you don’t deserve to be Twinkle’s sister
Mahi:(Rudely)Why do you care about her you want to destroy her right ?
Kunj:No I want to destroy…..(thinks Kunj you cant tell Mahi that you want to destroy UV or els she would blackout )
Mahi:What then whom do you want to destroy
Kunj:Nothing you just mind your own business and pray that Twinkle comes back home soon
Mahi:Okay fine bye
Kunj cuts the call without saying bye
I don’t what happens to me when I here that Twinkle is in danger I have never thought of a girl like this before why does her absence affect me No no Kunj you cant Love someone Love is just a Lie it destroys you It kills you (Thinks of some past incidents which had made I’m love his trust on Love)

(Guys do tell me what you think Kunj’s past is )
**************************************************************************************************************** UV is searching for Twinkle every where
UV:Babaji where is Twinkle Please keep her safe I hope she is fine
**************************************************************************************************************** In a crowded space seems like a railway station a girl is seen crying
Station master :Beta this is the last train for the day where do you want to go
Girl:(Her eyes are seen its blood red Seems she is crying for a long time) Uncle Where does the train go
Station Master:Mumbai
Girl:I want to go their Can I get a ticket
Station master:Whats your name beta

Station Master:Twinkle beta I think you are running away from your problems If you wish you can share it with I had a daughter who would be as old as you are if she would have been alive
Twinkle:(Tells him what all happened)So this is what happened
Station Master:Bas itni se baat You should be happy to know that Your masi Loved you like a mother though she wasn’t yours
Twinkle:But ..
Station Master:Beta go back home she must be waiting for you she might be crying now Don’t make her cry it is the only way you can try repaying for all what she has done for you
Twinkle:Thank you Uncle
Station Master: No need beta I am happy that I helped you
PRECAP: An old lady enters Sarna mansion 🙂 (Guess who she is)
And Mahi and Kunj’s plan to separate Twiraj

Guys I really upset with the way the comments are decreasing I know many of you are writing your exams and that is why you are not commenting but how much time does it take to comment and write the word “NICE’ Not more than a half a minute friends So It’s my sincere request to you guys that please do comment.

I write 2 ff’s(Tashan e is to Sadda Love And My Revenge made me meet my true Love ) and 1 ss(Love me Like I do )
My ss will get posted on important days Like your birthdays I had mentioned this in my Post but only a few of you have written when your birthday is so do I assume you guys Don’t want me to post my ss I have got a date on 6th Oct and then 19th Nov and yes Sayu di I know you birthday so would post on that special day 🙂
My two ff’s the numbers of comments have dropped down considerably Just wanna ask are my ff’s boring and that is making many of you loose your interest or is it that I do not write well or is that my ff lacks something you wish to see If possible do tell me What should I change My way of writing or the plot
One more thing I want you all to choose a ff from the two I write so that I can end the other one or maybe end both if them soon.

Sorry If I have hurt someone I am already upset due to personal problems My cousin Sister cum best friend Has hurt me Never have expectations from someone because when they don’t stand up to it you get hurt and not them Me and My cousin have a difference of 2 days She was born on the 11th of September and I was born on the 13th We were always together since childhood the same shoes the same dresses Any toy which was brought for me and exact carbon copy was also brought for her Then me and my parents with m younger sister shifted to KL We stayed there for 4-5 years and then returned back I was so excited to meet her but when I came back I got know My family was divided My father is the youngest of the 3 brothers and her father was the 2nd one He had fought for an unknown reason I tried asking everyone but no one would reply to me I thought I might have imagined a friend (My cousin) But then I saw our photos which made me curious to know what actually happened Then I finally got to know that our family fought Which has separated us I still remember the day she scratched me I tried hiding it from My mom because I did not want her to get punished I Love her and will still do but recently we meet And I got her number I have what sapped her a several times Each time waiting for an reply hiding the fact from my parents But a few days back her father called (My Uncle ) He asked my father to stop me from disturbing his daughter MY father was angry on me for this reason and I found out that My cousin has blocked me Life sometimes plays with your wishes so Its better not to have them I feel like crying but I cant I cant waste my tears for someone who has hurt me If her father had caught her couldn’t she lie that I was her school friend or I was her new college friend She had a choice but she choose to loose me So now I don’t Care That I have lost her or May be I just care about it too much
I had thought of leaving TU My cousin meant a lot to me she was the one who knows all my secretes I Loved her and trusted her too …

Hope you never hurt someone who has expectations from you and yes never keep expectations from someone because when they don’t stand up to it The relation breaks and so do you
Love you all 🙂

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  1. Chiku

    Hey dont be sab sweetie
    Cmon everything will be fine
    Now listen ur ffs r amazing no neet to end any one of them. I love both of them. U cant do dis stupid act okay and u r an amazing writer so dont think to end it or else i wont talk to u actually naraaz ho jaungi. Sochle?
    Now coming to episode ifs amazing
    Waise bhi now i am ending my ff so i can write big comments u see??????
    Loveee uuuu
    Yeh ff thoda jaldi post karna

    1. SidMin

      Thank you Chiku 🙂
      And I won’t leave TU 🙂

  2. Paavu

    Wao sidmin NICE as u told but from tom full commnts bcos papers end and ya my bday is vry late nxt yr u wont remember souts on 10 july but u should post yaar at once in 2 weeks if u r bzee bye

    1. SidMin

      Thank you Paavu And I would try posting once in 2 weeks 🙂

  3. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Hey shruti dear ……. first of all I wanna clear that ur ff is not boring ….. get that …..n the other thing is that… jahaan wishwaas hota hai vahi wishwaasghaat hota hai but it doesn’t mean that we should stop trusting someone….. not trusting I mean expecting …… I didn’t meant to hurt you ……….. main is daur se guzar chukki hun…….. even I used to have best friend since kg n we used to fought several time in a day …… sometimes I became upset n so same with her …… we always pamper eo ……… but after such a long time ………… she separated herself from me for others who always miss guide her n used her for their own purpose ………. I was literally depressed that time but I pampered myself coz it was not my mistake ……… I always stay with her in her hard n good time though she backed off in last ……. but let me tell u be happy coz jo bhi hota hai achhe k liye hota hai n God jo bhi karta hai soch samajh k karta hai ……. so we should except what we r getting n should be happy …….. now I have my friends who really trust me n support me n I’m happy….coz it’s really difficult to believe her again but not others coz i have never seen others with same eyes …………….. I can understand the pain of getting a relation breaking though I have a joint family but still arguments r there …… though it never separated us coz of still my grandparents being alive which they never let this happen till their last breadth ……….
    I know it became too much but now on the epi…… it was so superb duper yaar ………… kunj past is really very difficult to predict as u have gain my curiosity n it really getting very interesting……… I’m just hoping for my twinj scenes soon ??…… but still it was Awsome…. leela’s script was amazing yaar ………. hatts off to u for that ………
    N i don’t want ur sst to be end but actually see ….. we r friends now n we promised that we never leave tu so see my birthday is now far dude …. it’s 18 July….. n have to wait for a long… but still as u only said that we mist not leave tu coz we brought up here as a family coz of this only so I will be waiting on 18 July 2017 waiting for ur sst ?? ……. love u a lotttttttttttttttt baby …….just keep smiling n be happy n post ur next one asap ….. ?????

    1. SidMin

      Thank you so much Daamini 🙂
      And I am fine now After reading what all you have written for me Thank you for your love,care and support 🙂
      Love you 🙂

  4. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Hey not sst but yaa ss….. this auto correct sucks yaar ??

  5. Hey SidMin, please please don’t end any of your ffs.. I really love them.. I love all 3 stories of yours.. they All have unique concept n I love ur way if writing too.. no need to change it.. you are an amazing writer.. and coming to this epi it was amazing as always.. poor twinkle.. hate that dadi.. loving how kunj is concerned for twinkle.. umm, I can’t really guess what happened in kunj’s past.. maybe he loved one girl n ditched him.. just guessing.. and I’m glad that you will post ur ss on my birthday 🙂 thank you very much.. love you ?? do cont soon ???

    1. SidMin

      Thank you SidVee
      And Kunj’s past keep guessing you are close but not completely right 🙂
      Love you too 🙂

  6. Hey cuti pie don’t be upset for anyone your simile is precious…….keep smiling
    back to episode….it was nice…don’t you dare to end your both ff. ….
    and about my birthday its 29 may it will come next year
    and pls…pls…pls keep smiling
    Take care
    luv u

    1. SidMin

      Thank you Payal 🙂 Love you too 🙂

  7. Supriya18d

    Dear don’t be upset….ups & down r cmn in lyf…by the way awsm epi… pls write twinj secne

    1. SidMin

      Thank you and dear I am sorry there would be no Twinj scene for the next 2-3 episodes coz The story line is so but will Try 🙂 But then the scenes won’t be romantic only some funny scenes 🙂 Will try working on your suggestion 🙂

  8. Fan

    Hey sidmin..u know i used to have a best friend in school who betrayed me..we used to share everything with eo…we wre like sisters..n i was very depressed when she betrayed me..she deliberately involved me in her problem n then got out of it by putting the whole blame on me…i guess she was not my true frnd..but its ok..coz after that i got new friends whom i can trust…anyways i lived this epi…it was very emotional…i can’t wait to read the next part..btw i didn’t tell u when my bday is coz it is on march 22nd n it is after like 5 months n i can’t wait for your ss for such a long time?…

    1. SidMin

      Thank you so much Fan 🙂
      And even I have got so many good TU Friends whom I know Will stand by me all the time 🙂 Love you 🙂

  9. Kritika14

    dude, please don’t end it cuz your ff as well as ss are amazing. Anyway coming back to the episode, it was really good. Felt a little bad for twinkle. Regarding my birthday, i am sure you know mine right? So post the next episode soon x Love you ?

    1. SidMin

      Thank you Monica 🙂
      I won’t end my ff 🙂
      I know your birthday 🙂 Will try posting soon 🙂

  10. Ranabulbul

    Milu this was the reason …
    Hmmm ur cousin ..if can’t understand ur emotions then leave ..thinking abt her becoz they font worth it ..
    And ur epi feel bad for leela …
    Kunj concern was really very nice and keep posting

    1. SidMin

      Thank you Vanu 🙂
      Will post soon 🙂

  11. Sameera

    Yep yaar sidmin first of all ur ff’s r not boring don’t ever say that yaar I know it’s very hurtful to know that someone who u loves the most ditched u but as it says “never cry for the person who doesnt value ur tears …well don’t end ur ff n epi eas amazing yaar hayee kunj started to feel for twinkle loving it so much do cont soon n continue ur all ffs yaar ????

    1. SidMin

      Thank you Sameera 🙂
      Thank you for the advice 🙂 Love you and won’t leave TU 🙂

  12. Tara

    arey..shruti.. tum toh emotional ho gyi yaar.. ok mein apna bhasan start kar ti hu..
    pehli baat.. ur ff is not boring.. hota toh mein nehi padh rhi hoti.. (honest wala confession)
    dusri… have u heard that thing “exam is not a true indication of a person’s talent”.. similarly “comments are not the true indication of a story’s success..” i repeat..its not… keep this in mind… look m here in TU as a writer, commentor or whatever u say.. for a long period… it has been 9-10 months… idk abt how much time have u been here.. but i guess mera experience tumse zyada hain… so from that experience m telling this to u.. and other writers who feel there ff is boring just because there are less comments… plzz stop thinking in such way… there are a lot of silent readers reading ur ff.. nd ur use of such words may hurt them…. okay??
    secondly.. dont be upset dear… i can understand ur problem… u know i once had a best friend… she was with me from kinder garden… we shared everything.. it was all perfect… then when i was in class 8 she started behaving weird and used to gossip behind my back.. she had her own issues… but she exempted them on me… nd now we dont talk to each other… so incidents like this happens.. i lost one friend but got so many here.. u guys.. really love u all…
    bohut bhasan ho gya na??
    ok coming to ur episode.. i loved it.. dont know abt others bt i completely loved it…
    so post soon..
    love ya take care

    1. SidMin

      Thank you Tara 🙂 For commenting as well as your advice 🙂
      And yes the comments I understand people are busy 🙂
      Love you too 🙂

  13. Hey mili don’t be sad and just move on…don’t feel sad and cry for such a person who don’t know the worth of you and your love…mili I’m not very close to you and I haven’t talk much with you but still I say that your a every good person with pure heart full of love and care for others…I’m really feeling very bad for your cousin that she dint value your importance and ditched you…if I were in your cousin’s place I would have never ever thought of living a person like you not even in my dreams…so come on girl just spit and don’t give a shit to persons like her…sorry if my words have hurt you…

    Now coming to your episodes don’t you dare think of ending any of your ffs…I love all your ffs so much n all are my favorite…your ffs are not at all boring…they are very interesting…I love your storyline and the way you write…next time please don’t say that you will end your ff or quit TU coz this gives heart attack seriously…I can’t imagine my life without your ffs and TU…and your one of my favorite writers…I dono about others but I desperately wait for your ffs…so don’t ever think of ending it…

    Now coming to today’s episode it’s awesome…felt bad for twinkle…loved the way how kunj was concerned about twinkle…coming to kunj’s past may be he might have loved a girl and she might have ditched him…damn excited for kunj and mahi’s plan…try to post next soon…try to post tashan e ishq to sadda love ff also soon…I’m so so freaking damn excited for both this ffs…

    N my birthday is very late I don’t think u will remember it…it’s next year May 23…Sid and my birthday date is same…?????

    I’m really sorry for the long comment mili…this is my first long comment…

    Okay now no more bak bak…

    Bye ?
    Take care…
    Love you ??

    1. SidMin

      Thank you di 🙂 And Your words Have helped me so much 🙂
      And I don’t want to give you a heart attack therefore I won’t leave TU never ever ever 🙂
      Love you too 🙂

  14. Mili di!
    Got no tym today!
    This was a fantastic episode…
    Post soon…love u?

    1. SidMin

      Thank you Laddoo 🙂
      Love you too 🙂 Will try posting soon 🙂

  15. Hey dont worry everything will be fine……
    Coming to ur ff its awesome….
    My birthday is on 12 april….

    1. SidMin

      Thank you Sana 🙂

  16. Kruti

    Mili dont u dare call d ff boring……I so love each nd every piece of ur writing

    And today’s epi was also as good as all others…..the argument b/w leela nd dadi was too good
    Loved it

    Post d nxt one soon

    1. SidMin

      Thank you BB 🙂
      Will try posting soon 🙂
      I won’t leave TU 🙂

  17. Ritzi

    Ohooooo shruti….don’t loose faith na girl! But can u pls pls plssss provied me the link of previous one epi if u can….pls….this was awesome!! I really really liked it to the core

    1. SidMin

      Thank you Ritzi 🙂
      links for my written works 🙂

  18. Sonali05

    I wanna say….
    Dont cry and waste ur precious tears for d one who broke ur trust….
    I think she really don’t know what she had lost….
    A good friend.. No actually a bestest friend…..
    Its easy to find friends… But really hard or sometimes impossible to find true friend….
    Soon she will realize what she had lost….
    I had never seen u…neither I know too much about u….
    But I know one thing… That its hard to get such a friend like u in these generation….
    & pls forget his all…
    I’m hundred & one % sure that ull get better friend than her….

    I also had a friend ….that time She was my best friend… We used to share everything… I’m really good in maths… So I used to teach her & made her as bold as me in maths…. But one day when I need her real help… She back off….
    I’m very hearted that time….
    But now I got d best one than her…
    Ok ill told u one incident…
    One day in college..
    The IT period is going on …it was too boring… So, I was continuously talking with my friends… But mam noticed me…
    She warn me… But i continue this…she caught me second time… She again warn me… This time i really stoped & started drawing that diagram with a smily face… ( she misunderstand me that i was lauging on her teaching ( actually she dont know d fact that im like that only always smiling) but this time she
    order me to stand & answer her question… But i wont had any ans.. So my true freind which was sat beside me was helping me in giving answer but mam catch her & warn her… Then also she continue helping me by hiding her face even though she know that if she again will gonna catch then she had to leave d class with me….

    I’m sorry for d long story but want to say that…
    God must be made a true friend for u just u have to find her…
    But one thing can say…. She will be most lucky girly who get u as a freind …

    & so sorry more giving u long lecture & i should not include d incident part their but i did it,….
    U know y… Because somewhere u had smile on my stupid thing which i had done …
    & that what i wont…
    A SMILE….
    please keep smiling…. I had not seen u but can say that u must be looking beautiful on smiling face not that dull face…

    Now coming to d epi….
    It was not nice..
    But d best….
    Not able to describe more as
    Words are few
    To describe u & ur epi tooo
    But can say
    Every word is less infront of u…

    This is not only for today but also for d day when I miss to comment here,…
    And last request if u really want me to coment on ur next epi
    Pls keep smiling… Every thing will be sort out ..
    Ok now good bye coz my mob battery will dead any time

    1. SidMin

      Thank you Sonali For your words too 🙂 Love you yar 🙂 Thank you for this advice 🙂

  19. Ramya

    Hey sidmin
    Awesome episode dear Loved it
    N ha plsss don’t be sad
    Wt has happened just forget it I know it’s very difficult bt we can try na
    N plsss be happy
    N even I have such a lot of lovely sisters
    In tu right so don’t be sad keep smiling
    Love u
    Plsss do tc

  20. SidMin

    Thank you Ramya 🙂
    Love you too 🙂

  21. AnuZuRa

    Hey Shruti dear, no need to feel bad for comments..of coursr for a writer they are support system but that does not mean that you will stop writing, Writing is all about Love, if u love writing no one can stop u to do so. Just go for it. And coming to the epi you were rocking dear. And the thing which u told just let go those ppl who dont value, just cheer up in life.


    1. SidMin

      Thank you Zuha Rafaya and Anushey 🙂

  22. Romaisha

    Hey sidmin di! ?
    Really very sorry for commenting and reading your ff late … Well u no my reason why nah? But i was always going to comment do please don’t get angry bcz i know im super late…

    Di .. I sometimes know the feeling of being betrayed By someone but its better to let go and move on (though i found tht hard to do) .. Guess if someone doesnt appreciate u then its better to get out of the way. But please yaar.. Dont leave TU … You have all of us nah.. Why leave? Romu will always be here for u ok?

    This explains why your epi was so emotional and why i loved it so much! I just enjoyed it dii! ??
    Kunj’s concern was just … Damn cute di ! ❤
    Loved it to the core!
    Please do post next epi soon ..
    Love you ❤?

    1. SidMin

      Thank you Romaisha :)Love you too 🙂 And I will write for you 🙂

  23. Baby

    Hey luk my darling shruti
    U dont need to shed tears yr y r u getting emotional take care if urself evrythjng ll get f9 infct prfct dont wry we r here
    N who aaid dat we dont lyk ur ffs n ss of course we lyv it luk I always reas n cmnt tara di sayu di shreyoo aami evrybdy cmnts n u toh r my gud frnd ryt soo pls promise me u ll nvr cry I know if sm1 is hurt its really painful bt yr luv u mili dont cry n take care of urslf luv u dear…….

    1. SidMin

      Thank you baby
      I promise I won’t end so soon

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