Hi Guys sorry for being very late I mean I am almost a month late no more than a month late 🙂 Sorry maaf kardo na Please 🙂 Hope you would so lets start but before that
Hapy birthday Ishu aka Laddoo
Hope this day brings a lot of happiness to you May you always remain happy
God bless You Have a blast today 🙂
Mahi in Sarna mansion
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Episode Starts:
Kunj:Mahi now its time to execute plan B
Mahi:But Kunj are you sure these things wont harm UV
Kunj:(thinks) She still thinking about UV she should think about Twinkle because this plan may ….Kunj stop why are you thinking about her you have nothing to do with her
Mahi:Kunj Please answer where are you lost
Kunj:Nothing would happen to UV he would just breakdown
Mahi:You need not worry I would support UV
Kunj:(thinks)Mad girl (Says)Mahi now go and sleep Tomorrow is a big day our real pain begins tomorrow
Mahi:Yes Kunj Good night
Kunj:Good night
Mahi Leaves the room Kunj walks up to his rooms balcony He looks up at the stars
Babaji why am I feeling bad when Mahi talks about harming Twinkle does she affect me (He shakes his head) No it cant happen I cant stop my revenge for her I want to destroy Yuvraj and Mr.Sarna(Manohar) I insult them and then my revenge would be complete I,Bebe,Usha ma and Ma and Papa will stay together and Live happily


The next day :
Mahi:UV UV did Twinkle call you yesterday
UV:No but why is everything alright
Mahi:No UV Twinkle is not at home and she isn’t picking her phone I have sent her 55 messages and called over 100 times but she hasn’t replied any of them I am just a bit worried for her
UV:Mahi dont worry she might be in the gurudwara or The old age home
Mahi:I call them there too but she is not there too but I haven’t checked the Gurudwara
UV:Mahi come lets check
Mahi:Yeh UV come lets go
YUHI reach the Gurudwara
UV:Mahi You search in that direction and I will search in this
Mahi:Okay UV
UV:(searching for Twinkle and thinks)How can this be true Twinkle is not at home I myself had dropped her home but where did she go did Dadi tell her something or is she upset Oh babaji please take care of her
Mahi:(Thinks)Where is this Twinkle attention seeker God knows where she is ,UV i am feeling so bad for you You are searching for Twinkle like a mad lover she does not deserve your love I do You are only mine Only Mine

Yuhi serch for Twinkle but they don’t find her
UV:Mahi where can Twinkle be
Mahi:UV i have no idea about it
UV:Mahi did Dadi tell something to Twinkle
Mahi:I don’t know How will I know I was at your place yesterday
UV:Yeah Babaji please keep my Twinkle safe
Mahi:(Boils in anger and Thinks)My Twinkle ,UV you are only mine and You are supposed to say My Mahi (speaks) UV I think we should go home and ask Ma about this
UV:Yes only Leela ma can answer the questions
Mahi:Come lets go


Precap:Leela:(Crying) UV dont know where is Twinkle How would she be Oh Babaji please save my child
UV:Ma stop crying this is all Dadi’s fault you all know how emotional Twinkle is How could she say this to her

Sorry guys for a short update but as you can see this is the third post I am posting today I am sorry that I could not give justice to this ff and yes I am trying to make this ff a bit longer its a limited episode series Hope you understand ad that is why I will give short updates so that the suspense remains 🙂 Now keep thinking why Twinkle is missing and what is it that Leela is talking about 🙂

Next Update: 2nd October 🙂
This week I have my exams so the would post as soon as I complete writing it 🙂 My exams end on 30th so would try posting on 1st but if I am not able to do so would definitely post on 2nd Hope you understand 🙂


  1. Sayeeda


    |Registered Member

    Finally Twinkle started to paved her way in Kunj’s heart….. Kunj thoughts for Twinkle was soooo cute…. he really cares for her…..😍😍😍😍…..

    Amazing yrrr……Mahi is such a cramp… she always have a problem with Twinkle……..

    But I’m quite tensed that where did Twinkle disappeared… is she really missing or it’s Kunj’s plan😓😓😓…I’m confused….
    Let’s see what actually it turns out to be….

    loved the episode to the upshot. …..
    Will be waiting for ur ff …

    Love you😘😘😘

  2. SidVee

    Superb epi.. so kunj started to feel something fr twinkle.. BT where did she disappear😕.. is it part of kunj’s plan? Eagerly waiting for the next 💕

  3. Sameera


    |Registered Member

    Wow yaar sidmin awesome epi kunj thinking about twinkle lovely
    Uff this mahi irritating well looking forward for yr next one …

  4. Kritika14


    |Registered Member

    Loved it! So happy to see kunj feeling something for twinkle! Hope he soon realises his feelings. All the best for your exams! Will be waiting for the next episode. Love you 💕

  5. Sujina


    |Registered Member

    kunj feeling sth sth 4 twinkle was so sweet…
    mahi is so mean…hope coz of twinkle disappearance be kunj plan….
    all d best 4 exam…
    love u…💕💕💕

  6. |Registered Member

    Mili di…
    So interesting chapter..
    I lovedit cmpltly…
    Thanku so much for the birthday wishes..
    Love u😘

  7. |Registered Member

    Hey mili sorry for late comment…awesome episode…kunj feeling for twinkle is wowwwww…mahi is so mean and hell irritating…waiting for next…all the best for your exams…

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