Hi guys I am back … you know what I should have posted this ff first …  because this ff is the only one you guys want me to write so aaj se we only this ff raise now i have to write only 1 ff now … so I can post 1 episode every week ….
So let’s start … cause I want to thank you all … for commenting on this ff in the last episode I could not reply to all the comments so sorry …
Let’s start :

Kunj’s POV 
Stunning she is looking amazing … the water is making her look even more hot … no girl has ever made me go crazy ….
My hands automatically moved to her waist they perfectly for fit into my arms … her big big eyes her soft soft skin I can’t control my self I moved closer to her inch by inch the distance reduced between the two of us I slowly kissed her nape her cheeks I was about to kiss her lips when we heard the thundering sound she hugged me tight might be frightened I hugged her back how could I miss this chance … suddenly the urge to kiss her became even more intense I slowly loosened my hands and moved my lips towards hers the lightening flashed making her face glow even more I could hear her breath feel her hot breath our lips touched “What the … ” she pushed me and ran inside the house “Damit” what have I done … she isn’t that type of girl … and I .. spoilt it all “Twinkle Twinkle ” I ran shouting behind her “Twinkle” I said looking at her entering the room “Twinkle ” I said trying to open the door but all in vain she had locked the door 

“Twinkle ” I said banging the door ” Leave me alone ” I heard Twinkle say in anger … she has the right to be angry …. but it a kiss didn’t she over react … she did … 
Kunj’s POV ends 


Twinkle’s POV 
I ran inside the run and locked it … “what was I doing … No he was doing it .. he held my hand .. he came lose to me he touched my body …. I did not do anything … I really did not do anything .. I did not evan oppose him … I should have stopped him …. but how dare he touch me ….” My brain and heart had its usual argument “ I should have stopped him but I did not so am I falling for him ?” “ No I can not he is the one because of whom i have lost my friends and family and even bhai I cannot fall in love with this devil “ My brain retorted back to my hearts silly question …. Yeah I cannot fall in love with that devil ….
I slept on the floor leaning my back on the door shivering … because of cold … but most of al confused of what happened between US a few minutes back …
Twinkle’s POV ends


Mahi’s POV
“Uv Lets go home “ I said getting up from the table … UV was angry on Twinkle and I could sense it after all I am his soul mate … “Yeah okay come lets go “ UV said moving out of the restaurant …

It was raining heavily but still UV wanted to reach home … I saw Kunj’s car parked outside his guesthouse .. I think …”Is it Kunj’s car ?” I asked UV purposely to bring his attention to it He looked at it and was a bit shocked .. cum surprised cum angry after all he had attraction towards Twinkle … but it means that Kunj and Twinkle are spending a night together … OMG here me and UV don’t even talk well with each other and this Twinkle and Kunj are spending romantic nights together ….. Baba ji visa this is good … Now UV can completely forget Twinkle and become mine only mine now I have to execute the reaming part of this plan … but I hope I don’t get much hurt ….

but… but I can take some risk for my UV … Why can I not ?
Mahi’s POV ends

Twinkle I never thought she and Kunj could have S*x in their relation I mean how could she she herself told me that she would only take a relation forward when she is comfortable when she reaches that level of comfort with me she told it would almost take a year but no I was wrong If she can lie on such a small thing that she does not love me whats the big deal in lying about this .. well I should have known that a girl like Twinkle could do anything for S*x and Money how disgusting she is and how opposite of her Mahi is … well I really don’t know why I am doing this to Mahi poor girl is suffering because of me …

because of me she will never be able to marry someone else if I divorce her because she has my child and Dad would never want me to leave Mahi he needs an heir and money which Mahi has brought with her and an heir .. well she would give life to it in a few months Now I have to concentrate on Mahi and our baby I can atlas give her a status of the daughter in law of this house and the mother of my Child but my wife ??? I don’t think I can ever do that … well I have only loved Twinkle and will continue to love her for my entire life …
UV’s POV ends ….


Twinkle’s POV
The sun’s rays disturbed my sleep I woke up and saw the time it was 7 o’clock the rain had stopped I slowly stood up and unlocked the door and “Sorry” Kunj fell back on feet he was sleeping leaning at the door “Its okay “ He said “ I wanted to say sorry for yesterday night … oh Twinkle to be frank I have fallen in love with you and I seriously don’t know how to say this but yesterday night I almost lost my senses seeing you … you were looking amazing …. “ He said bowing his head down with a cute smile rubbing the back of his head with his hair …
“Its okay Kunj i think I over reacted ,,, Lets go back home … bebe must be waiting for us “ I said moving out of the guest house towards the car …

Kunj is not that bad as I thought
We reached home by 10 and everyone were ready by then …. all of them had already eaten there breakfast .. We quickly freshened up and Kunj left for his office … we all the ladies were at home …. “Ahh..ahh” I heard Jasmin bhabhi shut I think she has got her labour pains
“Bebe … Nisha di .. Tai ji …“ I screamed my lungs out They rushed in I told them about bhabhi I called the ambulance but “Bebe they are saying they cant come “ I told bebe “ Haye yeh Sihant ko bhi aaj he office jaana tha khya “ Tai ji said worriedly “ Chup everyone quite we will take her t the hospital “ Bebe said “Nisha call Kunj, Sid, and Rohan “ Bebe said “ and your tauji also “ Tai ji said “Twinkle do you know how to ride a car “

Bebe asked “Yes some what “ I said “ Beta its a yes or no not yes some what “ Taiji said “Chup (to taiji) Twinkle take the car out and send Ramila and Sarita up we will bring Jasmin down you keep the car ready “ Bebe said “ Ji bebe” I said taking the car keeps running down the stairs
“Good Twinkle we have called the doctor she said she will keep the OT ready “ Bebe said making Jasmin bhabhi sit in the car “Ji Bebe “ I said starting the car Babaji please help aata tho nahe hai but still for Jasmine bhabhi …
Twinkle’s POV ends


Mahi’s POV
This is the perfect time I can execute the plan all are sitting in the living room chllo lets do it … Mahi for UV ..
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh”I screamed rolling down the stairs …. all of them rushed towards me … especially UV he kept my head on his lap and was patting my cheeks and then I fainted …”
Mahi’s POV ends

Jamin bhabhi : Now my baby needs a same baby to play with Twinkle …
Bebe : Here is your honeymoon ticket enjoy

Doctor: I am sorry Uv your child is no more
Mahi: UV my baby …(starts crying )
Sorry guys for this boring episode I know it was damm boring i mean like very boring …
Love you guys will post the next episode next week 🙂

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  1. Simiyy

    Hey Milli
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  2. nice awsm epi
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    Hey Milli di….!!!
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    Plss just sort out the misunderstandings soon….
    Nd di I m so desperate for all ur ffs… i can’t wait… plss try to post all of them…. just don’t know why i m in love with ur ffs uncondiotonally..
    Post soon… ur all ffs…
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  4. Ohh yass??you posted..????marvellous…..? Uv still loves twinkle ???????post next soon ???

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  6. SidMin23

    Finally you post this and it was nice do post asap

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    marvellous, beautiful, amazing, awesome just loved it! I love this ff! it was beautifully written! kunj confessing part was so cute! I imagined him rubbing his hair… how cute??
    post soon?
    see you!?

    With Love,
    Urs Tamanna

  8. Sameera

    Wow yaar mili just loved it soooo much ye mahiiii hah hate her soooo much loved twinj scene bechara yuvi plz post next one soon ??????….

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    Amazing epi yrr… Emotional too ..
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  10. Hopeless fan ;)

    Hey, nice update, but I forgot what happened in previous episodes so could you please please give a summary. 🙂
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