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Well if any one wants a summary I can give it to in the next episode I have all ready provided Maria with it coz she asked me to …

posting a summary will make the episode look a bit longer and I don’t give short updates well I really do not hence I want a silent readers to also comment or else next episode would be really very small just 800 words including all my talks

Clearing some misunderstandings Nisha is Kunj’s sister not lover Kunj has no bad love past he is a womaniser I don’t have a reason for that and now he is married to Twinkle and does he love her is a question ???
UV and Mahi have not got intimate so her child well read the episode to know more

Lets start :
Mahi’s POV
Finally UV will now start coming close to me My plan worked and the doctor also acted well I will pay her double the amount now UV will come close to me and then my master stroke will make him mine forever and ever …Well I did not know Love could make me do this much but everything is fair in love and war right …..

But these old women are sitting right beside me why can’t UV come here instead of them Dadi ,Nani and Ma have also come “Ha ma and Nani take care bye ” I said as Ma and Nani left the room to meet UV to congratulate him and Dadi was still in the room staying back to talk to me “Princess are you happy ….. I mean your forced marriage I don’t know why I feel UV does not like you and this child ….. ” she asked out of concern I really love her since childhood she is the only one who has loved me and will always do “Dadi he does not love me now but will soon do …. This child will bring us close ” I said assuring Dadi evrything is fine “Dadi you know I loved him and I still do and now he is just mine ” I said while Dadi moved the hands around my back calming me down and then hugged me ….. She then bid me bye and left…
Mahi’s POV ends

Twinkle’s POV
“Nisha …. I have seen her some where … no I have heard about her …. babaji why is my memory so week I should have eaten Badam when Leela Ma used to give us me and Mahi used to give our badams to Bhai … and he used to eat it ” I thought while boiling the milk as a drop of tear escaped my eyes …. remembering about Bhai and Leela Ma … I miss them a lot “Twinkle” I heard someone and then turned around to see who it was …

it was Nisha “Twinkle are you out of your mind she said and it was then that I realised that the milk had over flown”sorry I was just thinking about something “I said Adding Ginger to the milk “Twinkle do you love Kunj ?” Nisha questioned …. I remained silent I guess my silence answered her question … “I have seen you some where ” I stated looking at her she was a bit shocked because a minute back there was an awkward silence between us and now…. ” Twinkle that’s not possible because we are meeting for the first time ” she said and may be that was right ” But it seems as if I have known you since ages ” I said “Vaise Twinkle who are all there in your family ” she asked …. a lone tear escaped from my eye ….

I told her everything right from Leela Ma being my Masi to Kunj and Mahi’s plan I thought she would support her brother but I was shocked when she said “Twinkle Kunj does a bit too much for those whom he loves without caring if it’s right or wrong ” she said and took out a bottle of water from the fridge pored it out in 2 glasses one for me and the other for her …. no one was home all had gone to family friends function I stayed back because I did not feel like going and Nisha she was a bit too tired Kunj had gone for a deal … ” Kabir … My love … Kunj bhai took him away from me. …. ” She said taking a sip of water ” Kabir ” I gasped the name so familiar…” Kabir and Nisha Kabir Katie and Nisha ” was what my mind repeated again and again …”Kabir Taneja ” I said aloud and Nisha looked at me shocked and surprised ” You know him?” she asked me “He is my Bhai I replied ” Nodding my head like a child “You must be His gf right” I asked ” He used to talk a lot about you ” I continued with our even letting her speak ” Twinkle ” she said and hugged me ” Its It’s all my fault I should have never loved Kabir …its because if me that he is …” she said breaking down in tears ” He is dead ” I completed her while both of us hugged each other to lessen each other pain ” No Twinkle he is not dead he is kept captive by Kunj ” she said making me shocked ….. Bhai is alive … this very thought brought in my all hopes to live ” Where is he ?”I asked “Kunj has kept him Captive because he thinks Kabir is not a perfect partner for me “she said tears rolling down her eyes ….

Twinkle’s POV ends
Kunj’s POV
“I returned back home late Good was already kept on the dinning table I took a glass a water and that what I felt like eating the deal was finalised but … I have to work with Leela Taneja …. would she work with me …. she hates Twinkle now and more than that she hates me ….

But she needs the deal she is in great debt now she will have to work with me ” these were the thoughts running in mind as soon as I entered the room Twinkle was standing there looking out of the window … that’s her favourite place in the house I guess “Twinkle let’s go to bed I said removing my night dress from the cupboard ” Kunj …” she said and turned towards me she had tears in her eyes … I don’t know how to react Seeing her cry my heart ached “Hey Twinkle why are you crying … I did not ask for S*x This time I did not even talk about it ” I said coz I know the minute I go close to her she starts crying … and I wanted her to smile a bit because now a days I have started giving her some space ” Kunj why have you kept Kabir Bhai captive . ..” she asked I stood there still not knowing how to reply to the question …. how do I reply to her question I was hell angry the glass in my hand broke causing blood to ooze out from my hand she moved closer to me carefully seeing the glass pieces “ Kunj he is my brother please give him back to me “ she said pleading “Shut up Twinkle don’t even talk about him in my house” I said and jerked Twinkle away … I really don’t know how to react to this situation so I left the room taking my car keys
Kunj’s POV ends

“Mahi is my responsibility Leela ma and I will take care of her she wont face any problems I wont let her ever cry “I told Leela ma assuring her that me and Mahi will be together from now on to the end Leela Ma left the room she had to make arrangements for some deal … Nani was there with me …. “UV … beta you think Twinkle can do this to you ?” she questioned the same question my heart asks me and my brain never wants it to be answered “I …. I don’t know Nani .. I mean by what all I have seen she has done this to me …. but …” I left my words incomplete …”But you still think she can never do this ….” Nani said completing it “UV … Let me tell you something sometimes things are not the way we see them “ she said and left the room
I am really confused what to do what not to do

UV’s Pov ends
Guys this is one of my favourite sad songs it has great depth in it … Do plug in your ear plugs to get the feel it really a sweet song … and will depict UV’s Kunj’s Twinkle’s and Nisha’s emotions …

Saanson ke kisi ek mod par
Mili thi tu zindagi

Meri dost bann ke
Chal diya teri baat maan kar
Tera haath thaam kar
Tujhe saathi chhunke
(Kunj: Why Twinkle why did you ask that question I never wanted to hurt you but I have to …
Twinkle: Kunj you are very confusing the minute I feel I understand you you do something unexpected and I feel I know nothing about you

Nisha: Kabir …………………….. I am sorry ……. its all because of me that you are away from your family
UV:Twinkle …. Why did you do this to me …. I truly loved you when everything was in place why did you do this )
Main kis manzil ka rahi hoon
Tu kin raahon pe layi hai
Samajh paun na main tujhko
Naa tu mujhko
(Kunj: Twinkle ……I don’t know I just need you …..
Twinkle: Kunj why have you kept Bhai captive …

Nisha: Kabir I promise I will save Twinkle from Kunj … I will free her from this marriage
UV:I promise Mahi I will try moving ahead with you … you need me at this point of time I will try staying strong for you )
Jo na-manzoor hai mujhko
Wohi manzoor hai tujhko
Samajh paun na main tujhko
Naa tu mujhko
(Kunj: God Why have you made my life so complicated

Twinkle: Babaji you have snatched everyone from me … Please don’t take away this hope of living from me
Nisha: Kabir … I hope you are safe
UV:I will give this child good education and family name I will make sure he never hurts anyone’s emotions )
Jo le liya tha tune faisla
Zameen pe aasmaan mein rakh diya
Main chhaon mein lapete dhoop ko

(Kunj: Twinkle ……………….. I cant tell you why I have kept Kabir captive
Twinkle:Kunj ………………… I hope you are safe
Nisha: Kabir…………………..I miss you
UV:Twinkle……………………..what was my mistake )
Kaha jo tune kehna kar diya
Chala main apni manzil ko
Ja tu bhi laut ja ghar ko
Samajh paun na main tujhko
Naa tu mujhko
(Kunj: Twinkle … I am sorry I should have not behaved that rude
Twinkle:Kunj …. I should have waited for the right time
Nisha: Kabir … I promise to unite Twinkle with your family
UV: Twinkle …. You mean nothing to me now )
Jo na-manzoor hai mujhko
Wohi manzoor hai tujhko

Samajh paun na main tujhko
Naa tu mujhko

Rohan’s POV

“I heard a loud sound coming from Kunj bhai’s room … I hope Twinkle is alright “I thought moving towards the room “But How can … I … I mean it so late may be I am overthinking “ I thought and turned to leave when I saw Nisha dies door open I walked up to her room I saw sitting in the balcony looking at the sky …”Missing Kabir Jiju ?” I questioned She was surprised for a minute but then nodded her head in a no “ We miss those whom we forget and I can never forget him “

Di said and continued looking at the sky “Rohan ….. Why does Love always suffer …?” she questioned “Di Love does not suffer with out giving us the strength to do so ….” I said “You like Twinkle na ?” she questioned …”Di ….. it Twinkle Bhabhi” I said correcting her “Rohan I never knew Love can give you the strength to lie from me …” Di said looking at me I hugged her tight I missed her she is the one whom I can share all my feelings with she understands me “Di I loved her from the very beginning but I guess My Love is not pure I must have done something wrong that is why My Love is incomplete “Hey Rohan … shhh mere bhai its nothing like that Twinkle and Kunj ……(she arrives the whole story to Rohan ) “Di we need to save Twinkle “ I said and whipped my tears “And I have found the best better half for her “ Di said looking at me …
I smiled at her” maybe My Love can be complete …. “

Twinkle’s POV
“Ouch” I said to myself the glass piece perched my foot but don’t know why I feel a pain in my heart I got so worried seeing him like that …. He left the room o angrily hope he does not do something wrong … with bhai or him
I did not realise when I feel asleep on the floor ….

The next day don’t know how I saw my self sleeping on the bed and My wound was bandaged “Kunj” I muttered to my self and tried searching for him …. but I could not find him suddenly I heard the door of the bathroom open I could see him coming out don’t know what tricked my brain that I quickly got back to my sleeping position …. He came closer to me slowly …. He was so closed I forced my eyes to stay shut … His face was just above mine his warm breath could be felt by my Nose I did not know what to do … He kissed my forehead … My lips formed a beautiful smile “Twinkle I Know you are awake “ He said while I opened my eyes in shock “I never knew you wish to have romance with me in the morning “ He said sliding his hands down my hand … I pushed him a little “Why do you say anything ….” I said making it sound like a question but I guess it sounded like I was shy ….

“Get ready jaan we are going for a honeymoon “ he said and walked out of the room
“HONEYMOON” was all I could think of
Twinkle’s POV ends …
Hey guys sorry …once again … are you happy now … I mean a ling update will try posting frequently … Hope you guys are not confused with my way of writing … I mean many POV’s and all …
Do suggest any improvements ..

Silent reader please do comment …. Otherwise a small update

Love you all 🙂 Keep smiling

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  1. Awesome episode and emotional too I loved it post the next asap

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  3. Aamna_2690

    It was too emotional?? n confusing… Don’t know what kunj is upto??… but this whole Nisha-Rohan thing… It’s quite confusing but they both planning to save twinkle for kunj n then Nisha thinking to make twinkle marry with Rohan…. plz don’t separate twinj n i think due to Nisha n Rohan…. TWINJ may get separated….I am excited?? for the further story but a bit scared?? to with so many people involving in one thing… without knowing proper truth… n I can think… the most who is going to suffer pain will be kunj??
    Hope Nisha n Rohan should not be the reason of their separation n she is kunj’s sister too… So how can she think of separating him from twinkle… I know kunj isn’t doing right things now… but it will only hurt twinj n maybe separate them???
    Post next one soon dear ??u have excited me alot to know what going to happen next??
    Loads of love ??

    1. SidMin

      Hey Thank you for the comment ….
      And I hope you like the story coming up And don’t worry Twinj will remain together 🙂
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    Ek jaise dost sare nahi hote,
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    Yay finally you came back
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  9. Sameera

    Wow yaar sidmin sooooo cute yaar loved it to the core ????each n every POV bechari twinki Kabir Nisha Rohan too loved twinkle hayeee awesome yaar and loved kunj loving each part the way story is proceeding was awesome hate this mahi wanna kill her ?????
    Well do cont soon plshhh ???

    1. SidMin

      Thank you 🙂
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    Everything was good and I hope twinj don’t separate in this ff overall love it

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    awesome amazing

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  12. Baby

    mili missed u yr……..
    luvd it bt confused coz of suspnse nt coz d way u ryt……..
    srsly amazing speechless episode……..
    love u lods……..♥♥
    painful n wat not……….
    post nxt asap☺

    1. SidMin

      Thank you 🙂 Suspense will be cleared soon 🙂
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    hey mili..
    after long time.. very happy..
    Awesome episode and Nisha she is trying to seperate twinj.. I know kunj is not right instead for seperating she should try bringing them together..she is his sister she should try to change him if she thinks kunj is not right..

    Eagerly waiting for the next part please update soon dear..

    1. SidMin

      Thank you 🙂
      Nisha isn’t trying to separate Twinj she just wants to protect Twinkle 🙂
      Will try posting soon 🙂

  15. Shalini15

    Hi my white mailer you’re back with your ff I’m so happy but ye kya phir se dhamki this is not fair very bad ????????????? Well it was awesome amazing mind blowing fabulous superb episode. Loved twinj scene so much nd song part was too good ??????????????????????? hope kunj realise his love nd twinkle too. Nd nisha should try to change kunj nd make twinj close to each other. Well I hope she won’t separate them. Do continue soon I’m eagerly waiting for that.

    Love you lots ???????????????????????????❤❤❤❤❤❤???????

    1. SidMin

      Hi Di 🙂
      Sorry par meh khya karu dekho dhamki de kar bhi not more than 18 comments …. isle karna padega 🙂
      Kunj will realise his Love for Twinkle …… ummm…… dekhte hai he must … but fir mazza haha aayega … okay can not disclose the suspense isliye sorry
      Nisha does not want to operate Twinj she wants to keep Twinkle happy 🙂
      will post the next part soon 🙂
      Love you 🙂

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    Mili I missed this so much….the epi was just amazing… many feelings so many emotions….just loved it
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