Hi Guys I am back sorry for the delay
Well have you all heard that Sidhant Gupta is the 37th s*xiest men in Asia and Jasmin Basin is the 35th s*xiest women in Asia according to some list well If I would have decided the order Sid would have definitely been first
Let’s start :

Twinkle’s Pov :
He came close to me but did not do anything with me maybe he is waiting for the night or does he really feel of me .. No he does not have a heart so how can he feel for me I think he is just using me Like he uses others Mr.Kunj Sarna If you can back stab my sister who helped you with your revenge then why cant you back stab me I mean nothing to you
Flash back :
Kunj: Twinkle If you are planning to give me Divorce then I am sorry you can’t
Me:I looked at him shocked how does he know what I want to say ???
Kunj:Oh baby don’t be shocked our hearts our connected
Me: I rolled my eyes away and a tear escaped my eye
Kunj: Oh jannu You know what would happen to your sister after everyone gets to know her truth When they came to know about our marriage they threw you out of the house but you our lucky you can stay with me baby (moved his fingers on Twinkle’s face ) but Mahi her husband would abandon her then where will she go (Pulled Twinkle closer to him ) so don’t even dare to go away from me because the day you do so your sisters life would be spoilt

Me: Who would believe you ?
Kunj: Oh my smart darling I have many proofs staying that Mahi helped me with the planning
Flashback ends
But bebe its just because of her that i am here she is just like Leela Ma she treats me like her daughter in the morning she blessed me to stay happy and she is the only one is this family whom i can trust a bit and Rohan too after all he was my friend in college I am sure he can help me with this but the problem is that I can’t tell anyone about it because if Leela Ma comes to know that Mahi planned all this Mahi she will throw her out of her life and Uv will also do this Even though she did this with me I cant do this with her after all she is my sister “Twinkle “

I heard Jasmin bahabhi call out I waled to her well she is also so sweet and her cute mood swings like in the morning she wanted to eat ice cream hiding from everyone and I caught her she requested me not to tell this to Sid or else he would not let her eat it “Yes Bhabhi “I said “Twinkle I want to eat Pani puri “ she said sitting on the sofa with a cute pout “So what is the problem bhabhi I will make it for you “ I said “ The problem is that Twinkle this madam want to eat Pani Puri from the stall on the road “ Sid said complaining “ You know na Twinkle how tasty roadside Pani Puri is ?” She asked me so that I support her “ Bhabhi I promise I would trying making it as tasty as possible “ I said smiling and Sid was also smiling “I know its all Sid’s plan I am not talking to anyone “ she said and walked away angrily “ Arre Jas Arram se “ Sid bhai said “Twinkle I am sorry I was just helping Kunj complete his plan I did not know his plan but what ever he has done for us it was the smallest way in which I could return back his favour “ Sid said “Its Okay Sid if Mahi can betray me who else can not “ I said “ I am really sorry Twinkle “ he said again “ I forgive you Now look at Bhabhi I guess her mood is really off “ I said and moved towards the kitchen to prepare for Jasmin bhabhi’s Pani Puri

Twinkle’s POV ends
Scene 2 ….
Uv’s Pov
I tried talking to Mahi but she does not want to she is just ignoring me Hw could I have done this I really wish we could go back in the past and rectify our mistakes
UV’s POV ends
Mahi’s POV
Everything is going according to my plan I wanted UV to feel bad for what he has not done yesterday night I am loving this I just want him to be mine and for that I can do a bit of acting too (she smirks ) I prepared food for everyone all of them liked it Papaji was happy that he would be getting the Taneja property soon earlier he was a bit disappointed because he thought Twinkle was going to get the property and so the property would got to Kunj but when he came to know Ma has disowned Twinkle he readily accepted me Mummy ji is also good but a bit to over dramatic I mean Like who works in the house even if there are so many servants

Mahi’s POV ends
A week’s leep
I am a bit worried for Mahi’s health it not keeping good these days she has vomited many times and has even fainted twice This time its her 3rd time the doctor is examine her “ Doctor how is Mahi ?” I asked her as soon as she came out of the room “ Who is her husband ? “ She asked “ I am “ I replied “Congratulations Mr. Yuvraj you are going to be a dad soon “ she wished me I was shocked I could not reply all the family members were happy with the good news they thought I have forgotten Twinkle but none of them know this child is the result of my mistake I was drunk when this happened I walked in the room with baby steps trying hard not to face Mahi but then how would I talk to her She was awake with a blank face she was sating the celling I walked closer to her and Sat by her side She looked at me “ UV don’t worry I wont ask you for any thing its just that give my child your name I will manage the rest “ She said making me feel even more guilty “ You don’t need to feel guilty UV “ she said “ It was my mistake if you were drunk I was in my senses I should have stopped you “ she said with a bank face “But I guess Loving someone who does not Love you back only gives us pain nothing else “ she said trying to hide her tears I moved closer to her and whipped her tears but it did not stop she kept on crying and hugged me tight I hugged her too I rubbed her back and asked her to sleep “You need rest and Mahi from now on You have all the rights on me Like a Wife has on her husband “ I said and walked away
What have you done Twinkle your 1 mistake has spoilt 2 lives Mine and Mahi’s you could have atlas told me that you don’t love me but no you did not (he sat down on his knees crying )

Scene 3:
Kunj’s POV
Twinkle I have left no way for you to leave me you cant leave me this is the problem with good people you can be controlled so easily even though Mahi has done so bad with you …You cant see her in pain I don’t want you to go Twinkle I cant let you go I need you and I cant let you go I cant I just cant
Kunj’s POV ends
Rohan’s POV
IN this 1 week I came to now that there us something between Kunj and Twinkle that is not right I mean The way Twinkle tries moving away from Kunj and the way he tries coming closer to her I need to find out about it The Twinkle whom I knew you used to always be happy she used never fake a smile but the Twinkle I am seeing right now is always treeing to fake a smile Twinkle only express her happiness with others she always keeps her sadness with her But I have to force her to tell me about it
Rohan’s POV ends

Twinkle POV
somehow I have managed this week staying away from Kunj is becoming difficult Last week due to some business issues Sid had to leave for UK urgently so I am staying with didi (Jasmin Bhabhi know her didi) this is helping me stay away from the devil but how long some day Sid would return someday or the other I would have to face him I just cant even think about that day coz only by the thought of such a day I get goosebumps I don’t know what is happening babaji Babaji If I have never hurt someone knowing please save me from this devil Please
He acts to be good infant of the family the family members think so well of him they think he loves me deeply I feel pity on them they do not know their KUNJ’S real face but once they get to know about they would surely feel ashamed of him
I was walking towards the kitchen to bring water for didi who was busy watching Tom and Jerry I heard some girl calling all the family members out

“Nisha” I heard didi say and the joy on her face showed that she knew this girl after a minute all the family members were there Nisha hugged everyone but she stopped infant of Kunj maybe she knows his true nature I walked towards them “ I am angry join you bhai You got married and did not inform us “ She said and turned her head “ Nisha even we did not know about his “ Taiyeji say “ Nisha I am sorry “ said Kunj holding his ears OMG did I just see Mr.Kunj Sarna saying sorry I can not believe my eyes I rubbed them to see but it was true I could still feel her eyes showed some kind of pain but she hugged Kunj and forgave him I was then introduced to her She was elder to me Younger to Kunj and I felt I had seen her some where with someone but where ?
NEW ENTRY : NISHA (Kunj’s sister Bebe’s adopted daughter )Has some past


Sorry guys I could not show the precap I promised to but it just that this boring episode was necessary for the next one Boring in terms of no Twinj scenes I promise the next one will have some rough handling of Twinkle by Kunj (Ovbio) and Twinj and Yuhi face off
Do tell me your views in the comment section I would love to know them
NEXT UPDATE : Next week (will try can not promise exams are coming near )

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  1. Angel20

    Can you please give me a summary of this ff?

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    Nice update

  3. Chiku

    Hey chilli ?
    It’s awesome ?????lovely!!!!! So cute ???
    What is kunj going to do?????does he love her kya an nishaaa??? Wat past does she have???
    One confusion- does sid knows about kunjs reality….
    Post soon
    Love you ?

  4. SidMinTwiNj

    Hey milu
    Sidhant Gupta is in 27th position in s*xiest men Asian list not 37th

  5. Nicee epiiii….waiting for more

  6. Heya mili di…..sidhant z on 27th position nt on 3 7th. ……?……He deserves 2 b on 1st. …….btw d epi was gd……..All d best for yourexams. …..rock dem…..nd if u get time post soon …ur other ffs too……Love u di…..I hope u remember mee……?take care…love you ???

  7. Zuha Fatima

    Hey Shruti (di),
    Well this was really nice and the best POV of today’s episode was of my cutie pie , “Yuvraaj”

    God, he is so cute in every way and…Gosh the 27th s*xiest men .. not bad 😉

    Lol…Anyway post soon.

    Loads of love and support!

    keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

  8. Sohi

    The episode was good one doubt
    Yuhi did not made love right then how is she pregnant? Who is the father of her child?
    Eagerly waiting for the next update do continue

  9. Kritika14

    Hey Mili,
    The episode wasn’t boring at all, so chill! And yes, I know that Sidhant is 27th s*xiest man according to Easter Eye and I’m so proud of him for that! Anyway, post soon but only if you’ll be able to!

    Lovess! xx

  10. Supriya18d

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  11. SidVee_Yashvee

    Hey Mili, sorry for not commenting on ur previous few episodes of this and other 2 ffs as well.. was busy with exams and needed time to cover up those pages which I couldn’t read cuz of exams.. bit I read all of ur ffs and they’ve been amazing as always.. loved them.. and Sidhant is 27th s*xiest Asian man and not 37th ( he deserved to be 1st ?).. all the best for ur exams 🙂

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    The epi was amazing cant wait to see what is kunj upto
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    Well the episode was superb di… I mean loved it ! Loved the pov of uv ….
    Di plsss post soon !
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