Hi guys I am back with the next episode hope you guys I like it a big thank you to all those who had commented on the last episode ? see you no. Of comments make me post soon … Love you all …?
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Chiku from your chili ?
I remember 2 days 1 the day we meet and 2 the day you were born
I am so happy we meet eachother our joint os’s and our talks everything was so much fun Love you ?????????????
Episode starts:
Twinkle’s POV
Leela Ma :(shouting) Wow Twinkle wow I don’t believe this I tried so hard to give you whatever you wished for I had never said no to any of your demands why did you ? Why did you do this ? You have spoilt 2 lives Mahi’s and Uv’s you should at least have thought about your sister oh how can I forget that you are not her real sister that is why you did this tell me Twinkle why did you do this why are you quite is your mouth locked ha tell me why did you do this was there some mistake in my upbringing that you did this …
Nani: Leela leave it
Leela Ma : Ma no I can’t leave it she has spoilt her life also by marrying this mad man
Kunj: I am sorry to inturrpt Mrs.Taeja who said I am a mad man and regarding wealth I am the youth icon KS = KUNJ SARNA so now do you have a problem
Leela: She is mad to have married you married this idiot who has nothing the poorest of all who does not have his family with him who does not respect elders … how will he keep you happy Twinkle
Kynj: Again Mrs.Taneja I am sorry to inturrpt who said I dont have a family I have a very big family with a brother, mother, bhabhi, younger brother sister everything so don’t shout before knowing anything ( remember Leela is shouting while speaking all these dialogues )
Leela Ma : I am not speaking to you I am speaking to the girl who was my daughter (Leela holds her chest) now I break all relations with her I am nothing to you and you are nothing to me you are dead for me ( Leela falls down unconscious)
I stepped forward while Dadi Ma showed me her hand and asked me to leave and because of that knot I was pulled out with Kunj he is such a … Leela Ma broke all ties with me because of him (sobs) I can’t believe this 24 hours ago I was going to be Uv’ s wife with my wish and Now I am this devil’s wife
Flashback ( It’s the flashback which Twinj had at that Lovers point remember I directly showed the marriage)
Me:Kunj you it means you are the caller
Kunj: Oh my smart baby you guessed it right it’s me Kunj ( touched her hand lustfully sliding it down to her elbow and then pulls her closer to him )
Me: Kunj please leave me it’s paining please leave me Kunj please
Kunj: I want to hurt you coz by hurting you UV gets hurt and when he gets hurt I enjoy but now I want you I will make you mine I could have forced you but then I would have not enjoyed now I see you yourself would give yourself to me now I love you so you too have to love me
Me: No I can never love you ,Kunj but why do you want to take revenge from UV ?he is your brother ..
Kunj: He was my brother now he means nothing to me Nothing the day Mr.Manohar disrespected Bebe and me I had broken all relations with them
Me: But what will you get by taking revenge ?
Kunj: Sukun tasli that I destroyed Them that I made UV go to the same pain that I faced when I was away from my loved ones
And you don’t worry even Mahi is in my plan
I was shocked I could not react after this statement even Mahi my sister was also in this plan and it was then when we got married in the temple
Flashback ends
In the hospital :
Mahi’ s POV
Did ma had to faint just now she could have ask for UV’s hand for me and Then faint Oh god Twinkle is Married to Kunj pls make me and you UV get married
The operation lasted for 3 hours Ma had got a heart attack but I enjoyed those 3 hours because UV kept on consoling me I just loved it
After around 5 hours Ma was conscious she wanted to meet me and Uv when we went inside she kept our hands together and asked us to get married today I was on cloud infinity but UV was sad he still agreed seeing Ma’s condition I am so happy the next minute we reached home all started preparing for my marriage I did a few touch ups and left for the mandap UV was waiting for me he did not for once even looked at me I felt a little bad but who cares now I will be his wife
The marriage takes place ( I won’t describe this part )
The bedai all were crying Ma dadi and nani I had to fake tears coz I did not feel like crying we finished that Rasam too and then my greh pravesh was so awesome I pushed the rice pot in and then the ring finding Rasam UV was interested in it not the family members also I found the ring and won I would rule over UV and his heart soon I then went to UV’ s room it was decorated beautifully but that board with UV and Twinkle’s name I removed it and throwed it out of the window now only I am in UV’s life and Twinkle is nowhere here
Mahi’ s POV ends
Twinkle’s POV
We reached a big mansion a very big one on reaching there The guards saluted us the servant opened the door for us and then went to park the car I was then pulled towards the door by Kunj this ghatbandhan I wish like opening it when the door opened I could see Bebe the same one I saw in the old age home she was here and there was a another old women with her and an old man also Sid was also here and Rohan was here too he was my sr. in college but how does he know Kunj ?
New entry :
Old women : Aasha Kapoor Bebe’s sister in law (younger) -Pinni of TEI and wife of the oldman
Old Man: Shashi Kapoor Bebe’s brother in law (younger ) Asha’ s husband father of Rohan and Sid -Played by Raman of TEI
Sidhant Kapoor: An obedient son husband of Jasmin- Played by Karan Takker (I never wanted Sid to leave TEI but after the news I wanted Karna to play the role he could have been the bestest choice )
Jasmin: Wife of Sid 8 months pregnent -Played by Crystal d’cruse goes so well with Karna Takker
Rohan: Twinkle’s college mate(senior) knows Twinkle very well and UV too a fun loving guy but not a womeniser -Played by Arjun Brijlani or any character of your choice
Bebe did our Aarti we bent down to touch her feet she blessed us I then kicked the rice pot and stepped on the red liquid which made my foot prints then me and Kunj went to the old Couple and they blessed us too A pregnent women entered and stood there with Rohan we also bent to touch his feet but he hugged Kunj and the lady hugged me Rohan looked at me with some what pain in his eyes Kunj then hugged him and He was about to touch my feet when I backed off
Kunj: Twinkle he is younger to me so in relationship he is younger to you
Rohan: Yes Twinkle
Kunj: Twinkle bhabhi Rohan
Rohan : Oh ha sorry Twinkle bhabhi
Bebe: Okay no problem Twinkle Rohan just fold your hands and greet her (he did as he was instrutted to do )
I was then given a formal introduction then …
Bebe : Kunj what was the hurry to marry you just informed us 3 hours ago but I have still have done arrangements for a few rasams come sit
We sat fading eachother a pot filled with milk and water with rose petals was kept there and a ring was thrown in it we were suppose to find it
Bebe: aur ha jho jeetaga voh dusre par raj karega (the one who wins will control tje other )
We both dipped our hands in it and started searching for the ring after sometime I found the ring I was about to remove it when Kunj touched my hand with his fingers sensually and then slowly opened my fingers and took the ring out
Bhabi I guess : Twinkle you have to win like I won Kunj look she is looking so beautiful so you have to loose
Sid: No Kunj don’t listen to your bhabhi you have to win
Kunj: I won (he said taking the ring out of the bowl)
Bhabhi: Oh no Twinkle you lost but don’t worry I know you will Rule over devar ji
I faked a smile
Kunj: Bebe we are very tired so can we go to our room
Bhabhi: Devar ji some one is being so desperate
And then Kunj and the family members continued their talks while was sent up to his room now mine too
Twinkle’s POV ends
To be continued …..
Precap: 2 suhagrats on the way
Kunj coming close to Twinkle ….she is a bit worried
Drunk UV
Love you all ❤
Take care ?

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  1. Hey mili,
    Luved it to the core.Fab epi.Twinj n Yuhi r married n next epi twinj suhagraat.Luv it.Waiting for the next one.

  2. Chiku

    Hey ?? meri chilli ?
    Woaaah what should i say episode is epic man. Just loved it. Woaaaaaaah????????????i am loving it.
    Its just lovely. I really loved it. Woaah kya hoga next episode mien. I am soo excited. Everyone broke ties with twinkle but mevert mind bcz u r der to set everything.
    Its just mindblowing. U know i suck at writing long comments ????
    All i wana say is i am glad to have a friend like u. Thank uuuu soooooo muchhhhhhhhh?????????
    Love u?????

  3. Beautiful episode…And the precap seems interesting…;-)

  4. Sohi

    The episode was soo good mahi is just cheapo do continue and post please post soon

  5. Sohi

    One more thing does kunj really loved twinkle do tell me

    1. SidMin

      He does maybe 😉 I am not sure you may get a answer in the next episode maybe or the next to next one 🙂

  6. Ramya

    Awesome episode sidmin precap is so interesting plsss asap dear

  7. Kritika14

    Hey Mili,
    This was great! What a twist in the story! The precap makes me excited! Do post soon!

    Lovess! xx

  8. Venissa .D menon

    I just luv ur ff…….thats another matter that i do not hav tym to comment but believe me i hav read all the epi of this ff…….i just luv tibis epi……very desperate to read the next epi…..try to update soon

  9. Adya

    Wow di..mind blowing…
    I’m loving this twist….really excited what will happen next… Suhaagraat …woah…
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    Love u

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    Awesome eposode yrr jst soo good✌

  12. Kruti

    Nice twist mili….continue asap

    Loads of love???

  13. Simiyy

    Mili its the first time i am commenting on this
    I must say its really good

  14. Hi Mili, sorry yaar for late comment…. well epi was full entertaining n paisa vasool…. n kunj haayeee yaar wo toh bad character mein bhi accha lagta hai.. I hope he’ll change after marriage n his lust for twinkle will turn into love……pls post next asap…

    Love you♥♥


  15. Baby

    ohhhhhh god mili superb srsly osm yr…….
    d episode pity for twinkle bt hope kunjs lust soon changes to love d precap is interesting. ….. 😀
    post nxt asap cant w8…….
    loved it wow finally yuhi r also married…….♥♥
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  16. Hey Mili
    Sorry for late comment
    As usual the epi is amazing and twistful… I wish Kunj really loves twinkle and is not having lust on her… Precap seems interesting… Try to post next as soon as possibplzzzzzzzz????

    Love you

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