Revenge Love story (Episode 1)


Remember me guys i m back with series Fri ction..and this time its combo of twinj and swasan
but this time its not written by alone me but with puh too
sanskar: Aditya find out who is this new girl swara in our college’.
Aditya: Why sanskar I mean you never asked about any girl’ Girls themselves come to you then why are you asking about swara’
sanskar: Aditya she is kunj’s sister’.
Aditya: What kunj You mean kunj sarna’s sister’.
sanskar: Yes Aditya and I have got the information that she has joined our college as a first year student so I want you to find out who is she and with her photo’.
Aditya: But SM I am scared’ I mean what kunj has done was bad I know but please SM don’t say that you are going to do same with her sister’ I mean whatever happened to Twinki was not good but’.

sanskar: Please Aditya you know I don’t like people questioning me’. And what kunj done with atwinki was bad but what I am going to do with her sister is going to be worst’. I want him to learn that what it feels when your sister wakes up screaming at night’. And when your sister commits suicide in front of you’ I want that b*****d to feel the pain what I went through after loosing Twinki’
Aditya: Don’t you think SM you will be punishing an innocent soul in this’
sanskar: My Twinki was also innocent Aditya’.
Aditya: But SM”.

sanskar: Aditya do as I say and please I don’t want any further discussions on this’. I thought Twinki was like your sister too but no’
Aditya: SM Twinki was like my sister and for her I can do anything but what you are going to do with swara is just wrong’..
sanskar: Ok if you don’t like than stay away from me I will do that work’ But remember from today you will be not my friend’
Aditya: Ohhh please SM I know I can do anything for you as you are my best friend Ok’ I will bring all the information about swara with her photograph’.
sanskar: Thanks Aditya’ Now I will be able to sleep properly at night only when I will find out who is that girl…
same night..
shanky was driving the car..when suddenly it broke down.. what d hell has happened to this ?wahh swara sarna wahhh..i only got news about you and alredy i m getting my bad luck here..but just once you are infront of me then jahanum se bhi batar treatment milegi tumhe..he just got down and started checking the car..when he heard few noises..
“help…help…no plz…help”he started searching other side everywhere to check wts d matter..

he could just hear the noise but could not see anything..and thats when he decided to let go off the matter..and turned to lev suddenly a girl trashed his back..who was about to trip and fall but our hero saved her..
He turns around and pulls the girl and was about to shout when he looks at her and gets lost seeing her’ She closed her eyes in fear and arnav was just looking at her’ He felt as if he was seeing the most beautiful girl in the world’.. He didn’t know when he pulled her more close and asked her in his husky voice..
shanky: Open your eyes I will not do anything to you’
She opens her eyes and looks at him and she too gets lost in his eyes’. They were looking at each other when suddenly a voice of a man broke their trance’
Man: Dekho wo rahi’

Girl: Please save me they are trying to’ Please save me’.
shanky puts the girl behind him and says don’t worry they will not do anything’. I will not let them to do anything to you’ he didn’t know why but all of sudden he feels like protecting her from the whole world he can do anything to protect her’ This was the first time he felt like this for someone’
Man comes near him and says Hey who are you she is ours you should be in line’
shanky clenched his fist in anger and punches that man hard on his face’ and then he starts beating all the men till they ran away to save their life’ After that he moves towards that girl’.

shanky: You ok’
Girl just come and hugs him and says’.
Girl: Hmmm thank you’. If you would not have been today pata nahi kya hota’.
shanky puts his hands around her waist he didn’t know why but he liked hugging her’ He was confused by his own behavior.. He never allowed any girl close to him but today he didn’t stop himself from going close to her why he didn’t know’ He just know one thing there was something in her which is driving him crazy’.
shanky: Its ok’ Come I will drop you’.
Girl: No thank you I will go’.
shanky: I don’t want to fight again so please’. He smiles looking at her’ She too smiles and nods her head’.
shanky: But let me check my car first’ Kuch problem ho gaya tha let me resolve it that we can move’.

Girl: Ok’.
he tries making it correct but was not able to..
girl-kya huva..?shall i chk once..
shanky raised his eye bro and gave “are-you-kidding-me look”
shanky-its not your cup f tea girl so let me chk..
girl-ggetting angry and flatering her mean i i cant do it?
shanky-nott only you any girl sit quitly and let me do..oky

after sometime… you have water?vo actually i m thirsty so..
shanky-han just a min..y dont u take ur self..
girl-what me?no no i cant u plz lend me
shanky-ajjeb hai..he walked towards the car and bought d water bottle and walked back to herand was shocked to c her repairing the car..
he was like “multi-talanted?huh”but he kept quite and was just involved in watching her anglic face which gave numerous kind of expressions..he pool of taughts brokewhen she shouted “hogaya..hamne karke dikha diya”
he was like “what the?”

girl-llook i said u..i can do..if u had allowed me to do i b4 v could be in home by now..
shanky-true that..i ll take my words back
(to himself)m i kidding myself..the great SM is taking his words back?shit she ll make me go crazy..
She sits in the car and arnav too comes to the driving seat and starts driving the car’
shanky: So tum yaha itni raat mein kya kar rahi thi don’t you know this road is not safe for girls’
Girl: Wo actually I lost my way and got stuck on that road thak god you came on time’
shanky looks at her and realize she is so innocent agar mein nahi aata to pata nahi kya ho jata’

shanky: So Where do you stay’
Girl: I will show you the way’ I don’t know the name I just remember the way when I came here but due to darkness I got confused and enteed in wrong lane but now I know’
shanky: You don’t know where do you stay’
Girl: Wo actually I am new here’ I have come just yesterday as I have joined college here’ So’
shanky: Ohhh which college’

Girl: Pesistt College’ I have heard it is the best college here’
Arnav: Hmmm yes the best’. Welcome to our college Ms’….?
shanky-swarangli hmm nice frnds..he extends his hand to her..
girl-sure frnds mr???
shanky-sanskar..sanskar maheshwari!
Ye mujhe kya ho raha hai ek stranger k liye aisi feeling abhi hi to mile hai humlog and mein kya janti hu iske baare mein then why I am feeling like this why I liked hugging him and why I liked when he cared for me’. I have met many boys before but what’s so special in him’..
shanky snapped his fingers in front of her and says
s-where r u lost swara?
i mean i can call u swara na?
sw-u can my all frnds call me so andAnd you said our college you mean you are also in same college’
sn-hmm yup i m final year student and you?
sw-2nd year..change of clg..!
Ok stop I have reached’
shanky: You stay here..
swara: Yes that house is mine

shanky: Ok bye see you tomorrow at college then’
swara: Bye’. swara drives from their and swara moves towards her house thinking I am so sorry meine tumhe apna real name nahi bataya but kya karti bhai said never disclose your real name to anyone isliye to college mein bhi its swarangli don’t know why bhai asked me this and prepared all my documents on this name. Forget it naam mein kya rakha hai’. Yeh kal kab aayga

so how it?its an short story


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