The Revenge For Love (Sequel….promos)


Meher: Abeer I m pregnant.
Abeer: yayyy

He pulls her and keeps his arms around her stomach.

Someone watches them. He/she says, “bohat hogaye aish, ab bhugto meri zindagi barbaad krne ka nateeja.”

He/she grins evilly and goes.

.           .          .         .        .         .           .

Meher and Abeer with Madhvi celebrates Mehbeer’s 2 year marriage anniversary. Abeer and Meher makes each other eat cake and hug each other.
Abeer: when will our baby come? M so desperate.
Meher: it will come soon.

He kisses her and takes her to room.
Meher: what’s this Abeer?

She asks pointing to the envelope.
Abeer: I don’t know, I saw it just now…wait let me see.

As he opens it, he’s shocked to see his and his dad’s photos.
.     .      .         .          .            .               .

Meher gets kidnapped. She wakes up and finds herself in a dark room.
Meher: how did I come here?

A masked man comes and points a gun at her. She screams.
.        .          .          .           .             .        .

Abeer recieves a call.
Abeer: hallo
Person: if u want your wife alive then come near Ganesh Ji temple near your house.
Call disconnects.

.            .             .                .                .

Abeer: who r u?

The masked man removes the mask, Abeer is shell shocked.

Hey, I brought a sequel, I hope u like the sequel too…

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