The Revenge For Love (Sequel….chapter 7, 8, and 9)

Somedays later, Mehbeer and Madhvi shift to their Royal house. Meher lays Ishaan in the cradle.
Meher: look how much your papa loves you and me, he did all this for us
She kisses him and he holds her finger. She smiles and Abeer comes.
Abeer: Ishaan dont u love papa? U love only mumma?

Meher laughs and he gives him his finger too. He holds his finger too.
Abeer: Look he love me too.

He sticks out his tongue.
Meher: no he loves me, he held my finger first.
Abeer: no mine.

They have a cute fight. Madhvi comes there and laughs.
Madhvi: arey bas, Ishaan ko pyaar baad me krlena, filhal main usey rakhungi

She smiles and takes him.
Meher whispers: did u tell her about uncle?
Abeer whispers back: no
Meher whispers: I feel he will come again
Abeer whispers, ” no he won’t.”

He holds her hand.

Later Abeer is informed about Kuber running away from jail. Meher gets mad by crying, he consoles her and hugs her.

Abeer: let’s go get Ishaan from mom.

Meher nods and they go to their room and to their shock, Ishaan was there on the bed crying and Madhvi wasn’t there. Meher takes Ishaan. He stops crying.

Abeer: mom kahan gai? Wo Ishaan ko akele chhor kar nahi jayengi. Something has happened.

His phone rings and he receives the call.
Abeer: hallo
Person: hello son, your mother is missing right? Do you want to know where is she?
Abeer: dad!
Dad: sahi pehchana, if you want to know where is your mother, then divorce Meher.

Abeer gets shocked and looks at Meher.
Abeer: dad, Meher is my wife and the mother of my son, I can’t divorce her.

Meher too gets shocked hearing this and asks him to keep phone on speaker. He does so.
Dad: you have two options, give me Meher and take your mother, else I will kill your mother.

Call disconnects, Meher cries and Abeer gets tensed.
Abeer: now what to do?

He sits palming his face.
Abeer:.(he tracks the location) let’s go.

They go from there to the location and sees Madhvi tied and Kuber sitting on rocking chair.
Kuber: apka swagat ho, le aye Meher ko, achha hai, you can take Madhvi.

Abeer goes and unties Madhvi and Kuber goes to Meher.

Meher: Abeer

He was busy in freeing Madhvi and Kuber takes Meher, Abeer sees this and saves Meher.
Kuber: you played a trick? Now you see.

He points a gun at Abeer, then at Madhvi, Meher sees a gun and she points it at him.
Meher: keep the gun down else I will shoot you

Kuber aims a gun at her too and pushes Abeer on floor, Meher makes Madhvi stand behind her, Abeer stands up.
Kuber: I m keeping Meher, if you want her to be safe, divorce her.

Kuber takes Meher twisting her hand behind her back. She screams. Abeer goes taking Madhvi and Meher cries seeing this.
Meher: Abeer plz don’t give me, I want to be with you.

She yells crying but Abeer doesn’t looks back not even for once. Kuber laughs and throws her on floor.
Kuber: u know what? Sit, u look tired.
He moves forward towards her and digs his nails in her arms, she hisses. He slits her arms by a knife, she screams, he slits her wrists too and pulls her up strangulating her, she coughs and he pushes her on the wall, she slides down leaving blood fingerprints on the wall.

Kuber: awww sorry, I m supposed to treat u well right

He sits down next to her and holds her face tightly.

Kuber: u r dead.

He pulls her close and takes a selfie with her and sends it to Abeer.
Abeer: I shouldn’t have left her there, m so stupid

He goes to the place driving fast and the view made him super angry. Kuber was sitting close to injured Meher hurting her,Abeer goes near Meher and takes her from there.
Abeer was taking Meher but Kuber hits on his head and his grip on Meher loosens but he tries his best not to leave her. He goes further and he’s pushed on the floor with Meher beside him. He grips her wiping her blood, she was subconscious and could lose her senses anytime. He holds her closer while Kuber keeps coming closer.
Kuber: give her to me, she’s my property
Abeer: dad!

He moved backward holding her close, he pushed him and got up holding Meher and went before he attacked again. He put her on the backseat and hurried to hospital and she was taken to OT ASAP.

Abeer: how could I do a deal of her? I left her to die, she saved me when dad attacked me and I didn’t save her.

He cries, doctor comes out.
Doctor: she won’t gain consciousness too soon, it will take a lot of time.

Abeer nods and cries.

After some hours, Abeer was sitting with Meher. She gained consciousness after 6 hours and looks at Abeer.
Abeer: Meher

He hugs her and she too hugs him for 2 minutes but pushes him after that.

Meher: Abeer, if I say something, will you agree to me?
Abeer: yes of course say
Meher: I want to divorce u

Abeer is shocked, he stands up.
Abeer: what?
Meher: han, sahi suna tumne
Abeer: but why?
Meher: I can’t live with u anymore, I want to thank u for taking care of me like a baby, for treating me like a queen and for accepting me when I was raped, today when uncle asked for me, u gave me to him, if tomorrow he asks for Ishaan, would u have given him too? Yes right? Because its the matter of your mother, I want to divorce u and that’s it.
Abeer: u can’t do this to me.
Meher: nh! Pehle bhi tum mujhe road pe chhor k barish me chaley gaye thay, mujhe jb new face mila tb Maine tumpe bari mushkil se phir bharosa kia, aaj past repeat hogaya, phir se tumne waisa kia, worst than before… (she takes a deep sigh as she was on the verge of crying) tumne mera sauda kia

As she says this, Abeer starts crying.

Meher: ishaan mere saath rahega…and yes u can marry someone else if you want

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