The Revenge For Love (Sequel….chapter 6)

Abeer: Meher, will u be here at home with mom? I will just come.
Meher: ok

He kisses her forehead and he kisses Ishaan too. He goes. Meher plays with Ishaan.
Meher: i was really scared when uncle kidnapped u, sorry baby

She kisses him. After about an hour later, Abeer comes and hugs Meher from back, she was admiring Ishaan.

Abeer: baby m back.
Meher: where did u go?
Abeer: u will know that,u get ready…wear this

It was a golden and hot pink long princess dress.
Meher: why all this?
Abeer: pehno na.
Meher: ok

Meher goes.
Abeer: Meher, this will be the best day of your life.

Meher comes wearing the dress with her hair down curled.
Abeer: beautiful, now wear this also plz

It was a royal crown and earrings and bow flat pumps.

She wears it.
Meher: khush,now tell me where are we going?
Abeer: wait krlo, I m ready, u should be blindfolded.

He blindfolds her.
Meher: God …Abeer kahan jarahay hain hum?

Abeer: mom will take care of Ishaan…let’s go

He says ignoring her and picks her up taking her outside towards the car, he makes her stand and opens the door making her sit inside. He too sits inside and drives away from there. She continues asking him where they are going but his reply was the same that its a surprise.

After a drive of about 1 hour, they stop, Abeer again picks her and he stops and puts her down removing her blindfold.
Abeer: welcome to your palace queen Meher…let’s go in.

He takes out the keys and unlocks the door and takes her in holding her hand like a princess

It was a royal house.

It was like the one showed in films, big staircase, big corridors, two floors, big halls, many bedrooms.
Meher: Abeer its beautiful
Abeer: we are staying here forever.
Meher: really?!
Abeer: yes, i want to show more, come

He takes her to a bedroom.

There was a bed with many pillows covered in orange bedsheets. There was a cradle too.

It was white with designed grills designed royally for prince.
Abeer: this room is ours, this cradle is for Ishaan.
Meher: Abeer u do so much for me
Abeer: u r the queen of my heart…how’s everything?
Meher: its beautiful

He shows many rooms.
Meher: Abeer r we shifting here today?
Abeer: no we will shift in few days, u like such houses so all is for u

She hugs him.
Meher: I m so lucky
Abeer: me too.

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  1. Krkavita

    loved abeer’s way of surprising meher. Very romantic scenes.

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