The Revenge For Love (Sequel….chapter 5)

Meher and Abeer with Madhvi shifts to Singapore.
After nine months:
Meher gets labour pain and Abeer takes her to hospital and she gives birth to a cute baby boy who they name as Ishaan.
Abeer: finally our baby came, its a prince.
He plays with Ishaan.
Meher: hmmmm…he looks like u.
Abeer: u r my first baby…I will always take care of u like a baby.

Meher: haha
Abeer: m serious.

Ishaan cries, Abeer blows on his stomach, he laughs, Meher too laughs.
Abeer: I tickled him so why r u laughing?
Meher: aise kese chup kra rahay ho? U r so funny.
She laughs more.

Next day Meher is discharged and she rests in her room, Abeer has hired bodyguards for her as his dad is revealed to be alive and he can again do anything to her, he goes to office and calls her every one hour and talks to her on message. She replied till afternoon but after that she doesn’t replies.
Abeer: why isn’t she replying? I should go and check on her.

He goes outside the office and sits in his car, he starts it and drives fast towards his house, he quickly unlocks the door and goes to his room calling out her name again and again. As he went through the house, he saw everything messed up, every bodyguard and workers were on the floor unconscious. He runs to his room and sees Meher and Ishaan missing. He worries. Just then his phone rings.

Kuber: if u want your wife and your baby alive, come near Ganjesh Ji temple near the house.

Call disconnects. Abeer rushes out of the house and the temple was nearby so he reached informing police.. He calls out for Kuber. He comes and shoots on his back, Abeer shouts and hears evil laughs of Kuber echoing in the temple.
Kuber: agaye tum, Meher ko lene aye ho?
Abeer: han
Kuber: lo le jao

He goes saying this behind the temple and there Meher was tied laying in sunlight struggling to keep her eyes open. He opens her and picks her by her hair taking her in the temple and throws her beside Abeer.
Abeer: Meher…u ok?
Meher: yes m ok but I don’t know where’s Ishaan.
Abeer: where is Ishaan???

He asks Kuber. He laughs evilly.

Kuber: uska kabhi nh btaunga.

Meher stands up and holds his collars.
Meher: give me my son back, else I will call police.
Kuber makes her leave him and she loses her balance but Abeer holds her standing up by difficulty.
Kuber: police ko bulaogi? Bulao
Abeer: main pehle hi bula chuka hoon…humko humara beta wapis do.
Kuber: ok

He brings a bag, he opens the zip of it, Kuber pulls out Ishaan from it who was crying.
Kuber: here he is…lekin afsos yeh tumlog k saamne roega or tumlog kuch nh krpaogay.

Meher cries and hugs Abeer. Her hand touches his wound.
Meher: Abeer what has happened to u?
Abeer: nothing.

Police comes there and catches Kuber, he throws Ishaan in the air, Meher screams and catches him and kisses him. Abeer falls on the floor. Kuber is arrested and taken from there.
Abeer: Meher Ishaan theek hai na?
Meher: han theek hai, but u r shot, get up.
Abeer: I can’t.
Meher: wait.

She goes out and stops a taxi.
Meher: will u go to city hospital?
Driver: yes
Meher: my husband is injured, can u help?
Driver: ok

She goes in the temple and the driver helps Abeer in getting up and they sit in taxi and drives to hospital and Abeer is asked to be in hospital for some days. Meher cares for him.

After some days he’s allowed to go and the happiness again took place in their house as Kuber went.

Abeer and Meher sit in front of each other on bed with Ishaan in between. They hold hands with Ishaan’s hand in between.

Abeer: I was really worried that dad came to Singapore too.
Meher: but now he went.
Abeer: if he comes again I will kill him.
Meher: leave it.

She plays with Ishaan and Abeer too plays with him.

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  1. Krkavita

    Read all the chapters. Madhavi & mehbeer were under impression that KM is dead but he came back to torture Meher when she was carrying. He didn’t relent even after delivering the child. He is so cruel. Good that he got arrested.btw, what had happened to KM that everyone thought he is no more?

    1. Salley145

      Actually in season 1, Mehbeer got separate and Meher got a new face and Mehbeer united and decided to take revenge on kuber as he caused them to sseparate, n later she got to know he keeps affairs with young girls n one day she heard him say he will keep affair with her too n she confronted him n he admitted the factn tried to ttouch her, he ttried burning her, blamed her for cheap modeling…she ddidn’t do that, n later he raped her n he got arrested sentenced to death but he ran away n came back to take revenge from Meher thatshe sseparate Abeer from him, keep reading, there is are many more truths to unfold. I hope u r liking this story

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