The Revenge For Love (Sequel….chapter 4)

Abeer’s POV:
I hugged him but deserted him on floor the next moment and went to Meher who was on the floor wounded badly.

I took her in my arms outside and laid her on the backseat of car.
She: Abeer our baby.

I drove towards the hospital, all the way I thought only about dad and Meher. How is he alive? He again harmed my wife, my life, my other half. We reached and I again took her in my arms inside the hospital.
I called out: Nurse! Doctor! My pregnant wife is injured, she needs help!

Nurse came running with a stretcher and I laid her on it. She was vomiting blood again and again.
She: Abeer our baby…
She cries.
Me: no nothing happened, nurse plz make sure our baby is alright.

I pleaded her while taking Meher to OT.
Nurse: we will try.
She took her in and I sat crying. Why God why? Why only us? Why did dad come back? Why he harmed our baby too? Nurse came out, I rushed to her.

Nurse: baby is ok but if shes tortured again, your baby will be no more. We are bandaging her wounds, everything is fine besides her throat. We will give medicines, she’ll be ok.

She gave me prescription and I ran outside the hospital and immediately went to buy medicines. I came back in 5 minutes and gave the nurse medicines. She went in, I saw Meher losing her senses. I went inside and kept my hand on her forehead.
Nurse: don’t let her sleep

I nodded. Nurse wiped her blood and stitched the wound on her neck, she was crying and crying. I signed her that everything is fine, she sighed in relief. Then finally her wounds were bandaged and I was allowed to take her home. I again picked her and took her to home in car.

We reached and went inside, maa wasn’t there, I took her to the room.
She: don’t go from here, he will come again.
He: no he won’t come again.
She: u always say this but he comes.
I made her sleep and when she was fully asleep, I removed the fabric from her stomach and kissed it.
Me: sorry baby, I couldn’t take care of her.
I caressed her stomach feeling the baby, I knew it was early but I was desperate for our son/daughter. I felt Meher moving and quickly pulled down the fabric on her stomach and covered her too. She was moving in sleep. I laid down beside her and kept my arm around her. She held me in her sleep. No matter what happens, even when our baby comes, I will still take care of her like a baby. She turned to me in sleep and I hugged her, she smiled in sleep. Her beauty was worth watching.

I too slept with her.
End of POV.

Meher’s POV:
I woke up and saw Abeer asleep.

I was getting up from bed but felt a sharp pain in my throat, I screamed a little and Abeer too woke up. He asked me to wait. He got up and helped me sit.
Me: our baby
He: he’s alive
Me: thank God.

I was sad that he had come again. Just then I felt him hug me, first time his hug hurt me and I pushed him away.
She: sorry but my body is aching.
He: its OK.
He cupped my face.
He: u look hungry, will u eat something?
Me: no, u don’t go, he will come again.
He: I will tell workers don’t worry.
He pecked my cheek. He called out for Raamu kaka and told him to make something for both of us while I felt really fearful.
He: listen we are shifting permanently to Singapore

Me: ok
I felt happy he understands me so well. I hugged him tight but I asked him to hug me slowly. ? He did so.
Me: thanks for obeying me, else I would’ve made jokes on u like that on our marriage night. (In the first book of revenge for love)

We both laughed.
End of POV.

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