The Revenge For Love (Sequel….chapter 3)


Meher’s POV:
I hugged him fearfully, don’t know why I felt fearful of his dad again even after knowing he’s not alive. He kept running his fingers in my hair. I parted away.

Me: nothing happened, leave it, it doesn’t matter now.
He: yes it shouldn’t matter, he won’t come back, he must be rotting in hell, I m always there with u, don’t worry.

He said with concerned eyes, OMG, how cute he is. I asked him to sit in front of me, he did and I held his collar slightly pulled him to me and looked directly in his eyes tilting my head towards his cheek and kissed him. Then I slowly pulled back and looked down. I heard him giggle.

He: my queen wanted to kiss me and she did it, now she’s blushing.
Me: haha, why u call me queen?
He: king’s wife is queen only, right?
Me: hmmmm
He: eat something, don’t keep our prince hungry.
Me: no m not hungry.

He went near my tummy.
He: look baby, your mom is showing tantrums, that she won’t eat.
Me: ok I will eat.

I said making a pout and he went from there. As soon as he went, I was about to stand up but I felt someone gag a cloth on my mouth and tied my hands and picked me up on shoulder. I hit the person hard on his back but he/she didn’t got affected. I heard footsteps and struggled to get down his grip but he put me under the bed with him. I saw he was a masked man. I heard Abeer come, he called out for me but I couldn’t speak, he went out and then the person pulled me out and put me in a sack and I felt falling down. I think he threw me from the balcony first to get down easily. I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. My baby will die, don’t harm me plz, I wanted to yell this. Then I felt being picked up and being thrown, don’t know where. Then I heard engine sound, that’s when I realized I m in a car. After a long drive, I felt being picked up again and heard the door close. I moved a lot, then he was taking me somewhere. He threw me, my stomach ached again. Then the sack was opened by him, he pulled me out and put me on ground removing the cloth from my mouth.

Me: who r u? Look I will kill u if u touch me, I know self defense.

He showed me a gun, I screamed on the top of my voice, he kept coming near me and pointed the gun on my head.
Him: what u said? U know self defense? U will kill me? Look what I do with u.

He plugged in the iron plug and set its number on 4. I got shocked and scared at the same time. Oh my God, no plz, no. He came near me and burnt my hand with the iron, I felt unbearable pain and screamed.

Him: do u want more?
Me: no plz don’t do this, I m pregnant.
I started crying.
Him: I will kill both you and your child.
He again burnt my hand with iron, I was screaming badly. Then he bought a belt and hit me hard. He made me sit holding my arms, I kept struggling. He again pushed me on floor, I got hurt on the back of my head. I tried to free my hands and finally they got freed. I sat up and pulled off the mask from his face. Damn it! Its Abeer’s dad, monster. How the hell is he alive? I don’t care huh.
Me: ohhh so its u.

I dug my nails on his face. He was in pain, blood oozed out of his face. I don’t care, did he care while raping me? No, why should I care then? I slapped him hard on his face and held his collars.

Me: u mentally retarded man, u ruined a girl’s life, then u tried to kill Abeer, then u raped me. I won’t leave u today.

I looked around and saw a whip. I got up and took it and hit him taking out my frustration on him. I won’t let him win again. I beated him a lot. Then I too burnt his hand with iron and hit him with belt too. Then I felt a person hug me tight.
End of POV.

Abeer’s POV:
I followed the car in which she was taken, I missed her in between but somehow reached her. God, she had a burnt hand and blood on her arms and stomach. I hugged her.
Me: baby look I came, don’t worry.
I saw the masked man come and pull Meher, I tried holding her but he was too strong. He pushed her on a wall.

She: aahhhhh!
She screamed as she got hit on her head.
Me: who r u? Leave me wife!

He removed his mask, holy crap, it was dad. I don’t care about the mystery, I want to save my Meher and my baby.
Dad: support me, look she burnt my hands and beated me, she did it to herself too to blame me.

Me: dad leave her
He: nh isko bolo that u r supporting me
Me: dad plz
He: nh (he keeps a knife on her neck) bol isko (he slits her neck deeply, she screams.)
Me: dad I support u
He: isko bol

I secretly assured her with my eyes that nothing will happen to her while he eyed her.
He: dad I m here with u, come here, give your son a hug

I called him to me with fake sweetness and he came falling in my words, I hugged him but deserted him on floor the other second and went to Meher who was on the floor and took her. Poor baby ?
End of POV.

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