The Revenge For Love (Sequel….chapter 2)


Sasha and Nisaar come.
Sasha: doing party without us?
Meher: no ways
Abeer: yes ab andar aajao

They come and they all feed each other cake.
Abeer: Nisaar tu chacha ban ne wala hai
Nisaar: seriously?
Meher: arey han.

He hugs Meher.
Sasha: or main maasi.
Abeer: nh phupo
Sasha: maasi
Abeer: nh phupo
Nisaar: then I m Mamu

He laughs on their fight.
Meher: achha bas, vo humara baby decide krega

Abeer looks at her confused and then laughs.
Abeer: is ghar ka ulta hisaab hai, dusre ghar me bache k chacha wagera fixed hotay hain lekin yahan bacha decide karega.

He laughs holding his stomach, Meher too laughs and Nissar and Sasha too joins them.
Abeer: ok its done Nisaar tu chacha Sasha tu maasi (khala)

They have fun. They all dance on slow music and after sometime their party ends.
Abeer: when will our baby come? M desperate
Meher: soon
Abeer carefully picks her in bridal style and takes her to their room putting her on bed. She sees an envelope on the bedside table.
Meher: Abeer what’s that?
Abeer: I don’t know I saw it just now
He picks it up and opens it pulling out whatever was there inside. He is shocked to see his photos with Kuber.
Meher: kia hua what’s inside?
Abeer: no nothing u sit I will just come.

He goes leaving her confused, he goes to kitchen and picks the lighter and burns the pics.
Abeer: aapka naam o nishaan nh chahye mujhe, jisne bhi ye pics bheji hain I won’t spare u.

He goes back to his room unaware that Meher had heard everything, she just went before he could see her. He sees Meher lost and keeps his hand on her shoulder.
Abeer: baby what happen?
Meher: itni si baat thi, kiun nh btaya mujhe that it was ur pics with ur dad, its true I hate him but u should’ve told me, I don’t care anymore about the past.

Abeer: sorry u r pregnant so I couldn’t tell
Meher doesn’t says anything, she hugs him as the old feeling of fear revives in her.

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