The Revenge For Love (Sequel….chapter 10)

Meher: ishaan mere saath rahega…and yes u can marry someone else if you want.

He hugs her.
Abeer: no I won’t let u or Ishaan go, he’s my son too, I love u both equally

Meher pushes him.
Meher: no, when u can give me, u can give him too, whatever u did 3 years ago can be forgiven but this can’t be.

Abeer: believe me I tried my best

Meher: yeah right u tried your best and that’s y u didn’t even look back at me and left me to die by ur so called father.
Abeer: no I love u
Meher: but I don’t
Abeer: I do
Meher: tum koi pyaar nh krte mujhse, dunia ka koi bhi pyaar krne wala aise nh krta
Abeer: I m sorry
Meher: not accepted
Abeer: my queen plz na
Meher: no
Abeer: whatever u say I will do..what u want? Should I do sit ups OK?

He does sit ups while Meher presses her lips to stop her laugh.

Meher: stop it Abeer!

She says almost laughing.

Abeer: yayyy u laughed.
Meher: I will kill u
Abeer: should I ask mom to bring Ishaan here?
Meher: yes
Abeer: fine.

He does so and after a short time, Madhvi brings Ishaan there. Meher takes him keeping him in his lap. Abeer tries to touch him but Meher stops him.
Meher: u have no right on me or him.
Madhvi: why u didnt tell that Kuber is alive?
Abeer: we didn’t wanted to bother u
Madhvi: and that’s why u left Meher, u should’ve taken her too.

Abeer gets quiet.
Meher: I will stay with my family, I won’t stay there anymore…ask the doctors to discharge me

Abeer goes and asks the doctors for discharge papers, they refuse but he insists and they give and he signs on them and goes back to ward.
Abeer: hogai discharge.

Meher keeps her feet down and Abeer comes to take Ishaan but she gives him to Madhvi, Abeer gets sad, Meher stands up and stumbles, Abeer holds her, they have an eye lock. He straightens her and picks her in his arms and she couldn’t resist and doesn’t says anything. She keeps her arm around his neck and hides her face crying silently. They reach the exit door and he lays her on backseat, she had a tight grip on him. He frees himself, she looks up at him with tears in her eyes and he closes the door.

He sits on front driver seat and drives towards their royal mansion.
Meher: Abeer I want to go to my house.
Abeer: wait till tomorrow, at least let me spend some more time with u both.
Meher: no I m not divorcing u, its just that I need some time.
Abeer: OK

He goes out and takes her out of car picking her and takes her inside the house.
Meher: keep me down, my feet are fine
Abeer: u sure?
Meher: yes, I know u won’t let me fall.

He keeps her down and she holds his hand and they go to their room. Madhvi brings Ishaan, Abeer keeps him in cradle and Meher lays on bed, he sits with her. Meher pulls him asking him to lay with her, he does and she sleeps hugging him.

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