The Revenge For Love (Sequel….chapter 1)


A couple was sleeping cuddling to each other, suddenly the girl wakes up freeing herself from his arms and feels like vomiting. She runs to the washroom. Sometime later, the boy too wakes up and hears vomit sounds from the washroom. He gets up and knocks the door.
Boy: kia hua Meher? R u ok?
Meher: han Abeer main theek hoon.
She comes out wiping her face.
Abeer: I heard u vomit, what happen?
Meher: m feeling nauseous.
Abeer: we’ll go to doctor
Meher: no its ok m fine.
Abeer: it can be serious too.
Meher: ok we will go.

So Madhvi, Meher and Abeer do breakfast together and Mehbeer go to doctor and Madhvi goes to her job. She is now a businesswoman, its been three years since Meher and Abeer are married and Madhvi took over Kuber’s business as now he’s dead and they all will need money. Meher is just a housewife, she doesn’t do any job. Abeer has his own singing institute, he’s a singer too.

   In the doctor’s cabin, only Meher was there, Abeer was outside. Doctor does check up of her.
Doctor: u r pregnant.
Meher smiles.
Doctor: come next week for test.
Meher: sure.

She goes out smilingly. Abeer stands up.
Abeer: what happen? Is everything ok?
Meher: Abeer I m pregnant.
Abeer: yayyyy

He twirls her not caring about the people around, he pulls her keeping his arms around her stomach. She smiles.
Meher: Abeer do all this later, take me home.
Abeer: why? U will upload status on Facebook?
Meher: no, let’s go na plz.

She pulls him with her. They sit in car and drives off. They reach home and Abeer carefully takes her to their room, they sit beside each other. He puts her head on her shoulder. Their happiness had no boundaries. He had his arms around her.
Abeer: tomorrow is our anniversary and u gave me the best gift ever.
Meher: its u who gave me this gift n not me.
Abeer: no no no its u
He kisses her cheek.
Meher: stop acting like a child, u r going to become a father

Abeer: in which book is it written that a husband can’t kiss her wife if she’s pregnant?

Meher: u r impossible.
Abeer: haha, I m calling event planners for decoration and all, u won’t do anything.
Meher: ok hubby jee

All day Abeer was with her only, at night Madhvi comes back from the job and Abeer gives her the good news. She was also very happy and soon they all slept. Next morning, after breakfast, Meher was asked to sit in her room only. She was really annoyed. Abeer comes and blindfolds her.
Meher: Abeer what r u doing?
Abeer: surprise, come on.

He picks her up in a bridal style and takes her downstairs, after a lot of stairs came the end and he finally put her down and removed her blindfold. She was surprised to see whole house decorated beautifully. On one wall it was written, Happy Anniversary Meher And Abeer. On every wall there were decorations and their photos too.

Madhvi: Happy anniversary
Meher: thank u maa
Abeer: Happy anniversary dear wifey
Meher: same to u
Abeer: lets cut the cake.

They cut the cake and feed each other and then Madhvi. Someone watches them.
Person: smile as much as you want, soon u have to pay for ruining my life.

He/she grins.

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