The Revenge For Love (promos)


Meher takes Ishaan and goes back to her house feeling bad of Abeer’s act. Abeer comes there.
Abeer: I love u Meher, come back
Meher: I hate u I will never come back
Abeer: fine

He takes Ishaan, Meher cries.

.       .        .        .        .         .        .         .

Abeer was going through some albums in Kuber’s cupboard and he sees his photographs with people they never met in life, he is shocked.

.      .       .      .       .         .         .           .

Abeer: mom its the right moment for revenge, tell that woman about this and she will beat papa to death.

They join hands and Meher too comes and joins hands, he get happy seeing her

.           .            .            .            .             .

A woman beats Kuber.
Woman: tell me your which family is the real family, what’s your real identity and who’s your real wife your real kids.

Kuber lays on floor in pain.

.         .          .           .              .               .

Kuber is framed in one more blame of fraud. Police take him.

What’s happening? Stay tuned.

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