revenge for love Part 6


Jan 4, 2016

pragya was discharged from hospital and abhi took pragya and their new born to their house abhi felt complete seeing his wife having their love their life in her arms.Pragya went to their room and laid their son in the small craddle which abhi brought for him and went to fresh up herself and abhi was watching tv and pragya came outside in her night wear.

“abhi switch off the tv and sleep you must be tired and you need some rest” said pragya seting the bed.

“pragya you go and sleep you must be tired so you go and tired” said abhi watching tv and pragya was irritated and she snatched the removed and switched off the tv.

“Why this much angry pragya” said abhi and pulled pragya to his lap and kissed her lips but she didn’t respond to it and abhi again kissed her face inch by inch but she her face was emotionless which was very weird to abhi because he could see her love for him in her eyes but today it had some other emotion pragya immediately got up but abhi held her wrist tightly and she struggled to move but his grip right

“Abhishek leave me” said pragya struggling to move her hands “I said leave me” shouted pragya hearing her sound the baby started crying immediately she freed her hand and abhi left the room.pragya took the baby in her hands and after few minutes he slept so she again placed him in the cot and left the room and saw abhi in the balcony and he was smoking.

“how many times I told you to stop this” said pragya and pulled the cigarette from his mouth and abhi again took one and started puffing and again pragya pulled it but abhi didn’t give up and again took one

“enough abhishek you are crossing your limits” said pragya in a stern voice and pulled it again from his mouth.

“what’s your problem I am doing something why are interfering in my life” shouted abhi

“biwi hoon tumari and I have all rights to interfere in your life” said pragya with tears.

“I dont have time to hear your dramas just leave” said abhi and turned against pragya

“I am doing drama stop abhishek you was one who hided about my father’s death” said pragya and cried and now only abhi’s mind got a idea why she is angry on him.

“pragya actually you was pregnant that time so only I didn’t tell this to you” said abhi and placed his hand in her shoulder

“stop it abhi I couldn’t see my father for even a last time its because of you” said pragya and cried

“Why are you crying for that man who was a fraud and he is criminal” said abhi

“abhi stop it” replied Pragya

“Why should I stop yes he is a blo*dy cheat he his a patner for kishore’s crime” said abhi

“abhi finally I am telling stop it” said pragya with a final warning

“I will continue its good he his dead” before abhi could say anything pragya slapped him.

“stop abhishek don’t forget that you married the same person’s daughter and you loved that same man’s daughter and you gave your child to that same person’s daughter,he is my father and how could you talk like this” said pragya holding his collar and left crying and abhi smashed his hand against the wall.

1:00 pm

Pragya woke up and saw the time and went outside to see abhi but he was missing so she called his mobile some other person took the phone and told her that he is going to kill abhi and asked her to come to a place.Pragya immediately ran to the place leaving the child in the home she came to place and it was mountain cliff and that kishore singh verma was holding the gun pointing to abhi and he fired.

“pragya” shouted abhi and the bullet hit on pragya’s stomach and she fell into abhi’s arms immediately abhi tried to stand up and attack kishore but pragya held his hand tightly.

“ab…hi my…..son….need…hi……s….fa…..father…..leave…..this….place……imm….immediately……..please…..I…..I…beg….you……..think…..about……our……ch……child……he…….needs……you” said pragya and closed her eyes.

“pragya” shouted abhi and got up from his sleep abhi couldn’t forget the incident he want to kill kishore immediately in the most painful way.

precap: “who said your wife died but you are going to die definitely ” laughed kishore.

guys I won’t make pragya die because I always like happy ending I more episode to go.

Credit to: akshaya kannan

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