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Abhi took atmost care of pragya fulfilling all her pregnancy cravings.Abhi had no relations in this world till pragya came in his life and now their a small life made by them is growing inside pragya while there symbol of love,their own child.pragya was very happy and satisfied but she misses her mom very much she felt the history is repeating itself with her mother.Pragya feels to be in abhi’s arms always it felt very weird for craving her own husband whenever she feels restless she takes abhi’s hand and places it in her tummy which have her warm feeling she couldn’t describe the feeling and when abhi touches her stomach heavy with their child it made her feel good with abhi’s presence.Abhi understands pragya’s closeness with him and he too never regrets it but the only difficulty was pragya’s pregnancy cravings which was very unique from other pregnant ladies but for abhi it was the most happiest punishment in this world.there lives were happy going till


Pragya was soundly sleeping peacefully in abhi’s lap and abhi was watching a movie caressing pragya’s hair.Pragya was almost 3 and a half month pregnant and she was slightly faulting her baby bump and abhi got a new case which was regarding kishore verma’s drug bussines and pragya’s father who was involved in the drug bussines was brutally killed the day when he was released now he couldn’t tell pragya about her father’s death having their baby inside her.abhi got a call from his enemy kishore.

“Hello Mr.Abhishek Mehra how are you”

“I am fine today only you got released and you called me”

“haan heard you got married and your wife id pregnant”

“kishore stop this time I won’t leave you”

“with one shot I will kill 2 lives for which you are living”

“you can’t touch my wife or my child till I am there”

“hmmm let me see who is going to win I am coming for you abhishek”

“I am waiting”

Abhi looked at pragya and her baby bump and touched her tummy.

“pragya you don’t worry I will never leave you or our child” said abhi and kissed her forehead.

Jan 1,2016

“abhi” cried pragya holding her baby bump and abhi drived the car and reached the hospital and the doctors took pragya inside the OT.tears were flowing from abhi’s cheeks.

“congrats Mr.Mehra it’s a boy” said doctor and abhi falled in the floor with his knees”

“thank you doctor” said abhi and rushed inside to see pragya and their new-born.Pragya laid it the bed with pale face and she seemed very tired near her bed a plastic craddle was there abhi slowly went near the craddle and was in a unexplainable reaction he saw the baby who was covered with a white cloth his baby,their baby and he resembled exactly him it was like seeing a little abhi.he slowly touched the baby’s small hand and he quickly grabbed his fore-finger and abhi had tears in his eyes and the baby watched abhi’s eyes and the baby was continuously kicking the white towel while he covered it again and again the baby slowing started sucking his fore-finger and abhi removed his hand and smiled looking the baby and felt someone was watching him it was none other than pragya abhi went near her and hugged her tightly and cried pragya understood why he was crying and she slowly broke the hug and pragya kissed abhi’s face inch by inch and abhi kissed her face again he sat near her and pragya laid her head in abhi’s chest with few minutes their baby started crying.

“abhi take him” said pragya

“me no pragya he his very small”

“arre it’s just 2 steps and I think he his hungry please take him” said pragya and abhi took him in his hands that moment was the best moment in his life he quickly gave him in pragya’s hands.

“Allee allee allee what’s happened to my sweetheart? Are you hungry? I think you’re hungry, mumma will feed you” said pragya and shifted the baby in her arms and deftly unhooks the top of her gown with one hand – a startled Abhi turns away just when she’s pulling the fabric down Pragya takes a moment to help the baby latch on…and then another moment just to watch, because she hasn’t gotten used to this yet and then she glances at Abhi, who has his back to her, and so much tension knotting up his body that she almost feels like she can see it wrapped around him

“abhi you don’t have to look away, it’s a natural function there is nothing to feel shy” said pragya caressing baby’s body Abhi slowly turned around…he tries to respectfully look only at Pragya’s face but his eyes have their own idea…and he finds that she’s right, it is different, watching her like this, and his embarrassment fades and his wonder and curiosity return because there is his pragya his love his wife, feeding their baby from her very own body.

and I am back akshaya kannan. thanks to all my reader and a special thanks to my brother who was updating it.this story has only 2 more episodes then I am a new story with new ideas of with some matured ideas hope you will read it and the comments are less compared to first os it boring.

Credit to: akshaya kannan

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