revenge for love Part 4


Abhi saw his son beautifully seeing in his protective arms he took his little kid and put him in his little craddle then he closed the room and came outside and took his phone and called purab and congratulated him for his marriage and asked to take care of his little baby for one week as he is having a important work purab too accepted that he will take care of his son and he will come and pick the kid tomorrow.

“I am coming kishore verma I will kill you in the most painful way ” said and went near the photo frame and drifted over pragya’s memory.


“abhi when you will come back” asked pragya talking with abhi in phone.

“is my wife missing me” asked abhi tauntingly

“haan come soon abhi please and I have a suprise for you” said pragya

“suprise I am waiting I will be back tonight I think I will reach late night so don’t wait for me eat your dinner and sleep” said abhi

“hmm” replied Pragya

“okay bye pragya takecare” said pragya and kissed over the phone

“bye abhi” said pragya and ended her call she was waiting for abhi eagerly to give him the good news that a new chapter is going to add in there love story that’s their love’s symbol their child growing inside her she slowly caressed her stomach and went back before 2 days when she found out that she was carrying.

2 days before.

pragya took a home pregnancy test which was positive happy tears was falling over her cheeks. A peculiar, not-so-unwelcome feeling crept into her heart. It stayed there for a few seconds then finally slithered down her legs, up her arms, and reached each end of her fingertips. She felt like she was glowing from within. She literally felt warm and fuzzy! Pragya then felt a lone tear fall down her cheek and quickly looked up at the mirror. What she saw made her gasp.

A rosy-cheeked woman looked back at her. Not just a girl but a woman. Shining eyes looked back at her, and then a full-blown smile made itself known. She felt something indescribable welling inside her and she gently caressed her lower abdomen. Pragya felt more happy tears falling down her cheeks and she didn’t try to wipe them off. She was about turn sideways so she can see her reflection in the mirror and get a glimpse of her abdomen.she missed abhi that moment and want to tell him that his own blood his child is growing inside her now and now she have a new life inside her.

2:00 am 28,April,2015

Abhi reached home and it was very late and he went to his room and found pragya peacefully sleeping he went near her and kissed her forehead pragya sensed abhi and she opened her eyes.

“pragya you didn’t sleep yet” said abhi and pragya started crying and hugged him tightly she herself don’t know why she was crying and all she wanted is her husband’s protective arms over her and abhi was shocked seeing pragya’s sudden behaviour.

“pragya kya hau what happened sweetheart” asked abhi breaking his hug to face her pragya was not in the state to answer him and she kept her head in his chest and abhi asked her whether she missed him so much pragya nodded her head negatively.

“then why are you crying ” asked abhi caressing her hair.

“happy tears” said pragya

“happy tears!” exclaimed abhi pragya to abhi’a hand and forwarded it towards her tummy “I hope its a little CID officer inside” said pragya and abhi had tears in his eyes


“I am pregnant abhi you are going to become father” said pragya and abhi hugged her.

“thank you pragya for everything” said abhi and kissed pragya all over her face he got up and took her in arms and twirled her.

“abhi leave me” said pragya and abhi kept her in the bed and kept his face near her tummy and kissed it with love.

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    1. Vaishali didi meri di likes you a lot she always tells that people like you are more important than people who are writing stories and again thank you for commenting

  3. lovely wat abt ur sister ‘s kb my love story

  4. Soo lovely episode…plz continue…waiting for next episode

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  9. It was a awesome epic. Feeling of becoming parent is world best happiness…
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