revenge for love Part 2


Abhi’s anger towards kishore verma was very high that he would break all his bone in the most painful way ig he see him this moment.

He went to kichen and took the feeding bottle filled with and started feeding his child and soon drifting over pragya’s memory.

Dec 13, 2014

Abhi and pragya had became more than close friends in these years both started feeling for eachother but didn’t express it but today abhi promised himself that he would propose pragya.

The Bell rang and pragya opened the door and saw a delivery boy he gave her a parcel with a Bosque and left pragya closed the door and unwrapped the gift cover fastly like a 5 year old opening her birthday gift as she knew it was abhi who is her only world after her father and there was a small piece of paper with a the following written “get ready today 7:00 pm” she was in cloud nine seeing the beautiful red saree with matching earnings and bangles.

7:00 pm

pragya got ready with her gifts and she looked awesome.she straightened her hair and applied makeup slightly high than her normal look she thought that she would propose abhi today and her thoughts were disturbed by the phone’s beep sound and it was abhi’s message “come outside” without wasting her she locked the door and came outside and shocked to see abhi in a pulsar bike.

“abhi what is this? were is your? and what suprise is this?” started pragya questing him.

“how many questions first come with me and I know you like bike more than car so come on” said abhi and pragya sat on his bike in one side ss she is wearing saree she put her hand in abhi’s shoulder immediately abhi stormed like a wind.

“abhi slow down slow down” shouted pragya and clutched his arms tightly then abhi slowly redused his speed as he far what he want.

“abhi where we are going tell me na” asked pragya.

“pragya stop your horses for 5 min we almost reached I promise you today will be best day in your life.” said abhi while pragya slightly confused over his promise and soon they reached.

The place was isolated and near it there was a small house may be with 3 or 4 rooms beautiful trees was surrounded it seems like a house in between a small forests and near there was a table with 2 chairs covered with satin with cloth.

“abhi this place is looking very beautiful and i loved it” said pragya wondering her eyes over the place.

“this full area is mine sorry ours” said abhi holding pragya’s hand

“ours no your” said pragya with a smile.

“no from this moment it’s our” said abhi

pragya understood what he is going to do with her this moment but pragya feared in falling in love whose ever she is loving will leave her.pragya broked her thoughts and continued to talk.

“abhi it can’t be ours it’s your,your family’s,your parent’s property and it only belongs to you and how I can……….” “pragya I love you” completed abhi while pragya stepped back in shock and abhi moved forward and pulled her towards him.

“pragya I love you so much you are the one whom I love most in this world you thought me how to love and how to live I don’t have any relations in my life I don’t want to leave you I promise you I won’t leave you at anycause I need you pragya I can’t even imagine my life without you…….(pragya hugged him tightly while abhi too was in same state as pragya.)

“I love you too abhi I love you so much but if I am with you then you will leave me one day” cried and broke the hug.

“pragya nothing is like that I promise you I won’t leave you till my last breath pragya believe me” said pragya and kissed pragya’s eyes.

“you won’t leave me na forever” asked pragya.

“pragya I won’t leave you okay tell me you will marry me” asked abhi

“haan I will abhi” said pragya

“when” asked abhi

“whenever you tell me” said pragya

“now will u” asked abhi

“abhi here but how” asked pragya

abhi holding her hand came near the chair and took the chair and burnt it with his lighter and throwed it over the floor and he took pragya in his arms and moved around the bonfire

“pragya I abhisek prem Mehra will marry you I won’t leave you for any situation” and the first round completed
“I won’t let you down before anybody” and the second round completed
“I will share all my sorrows and happiness with u and will share you sorrows and happiness too” third round completed
“you will be the only women in my life” forth round completed
“I won’t allow you to face any problems lonely” fifth round completed
“you will be my another half” sixth round completed
“and I love you so much till my last breath” completed 7 rounds while abhi and pragya had a long eyelock he slowly let pragya down.

“abhi” a lonely tear came from his eyes.abhi took the mangalsutra from his pocket and tied it around her neck while pragya was crying them he took kumkum folded in a paper and appied it in her forehead.pragya hugged abhi with happy tears and abhi kissed all over her face.

“I love you Mrs.pragya abhisek prem Mehra” said abhi and pragya smiled with tears

“love you too” kissed his lips.

Credit to: akshaya kannan


  1. durga

    Nice episode yaar really superb marriage proposal yaar coz I thk it’s nta love proposal… Lol?? BT I really loved it it’s really awesome n amazing…

  2. vaishali

    Awesome awesome awesome couldn’t comment in previous episode sry bhai loved today episode

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