revenge for love Part 1


hy guys I am vignesh kannan you can call me Vicky I am akshaya’s brother and she likes stories but unfortunately she couldn’t write it but she will be back soon this is one of her short story with 5 episodes so I am updating it.

The whole house was dark, curtions were closed so sunlight couldn’t peep inside a baby’s cry sound was heard and a man took the child in his arms and switched on the lift the man was Abhishek prem mehra and he was consoling his 1 week old baby.he slowly went near the photo frame and cried silently

“Why you left me and our child pragya why? why you left us what will I tell my child when he asks about his mother how will I console him when his friends are happily celebrating mother’s day with their mother how will I grow up our son without you ,I am sorry pragya I am sorry I couldn’t save you, I am regretting why I loved you if I wouldn’t see you then you would have been happily lived your life” said Abhi and thought about there love life

Flash back

Abhishek prem Mehra was a head of his CID department he had found the truth behind many criminal cases he was dedicated and sincere to his work he was not even scared for death not even for kishore singh verma his biggest enemy who can do anything for his death everything was there in his life a big house a big car and very good status in society but he didn’t have love in his life all his family members left him when he 10 year old in a accident he grown with his hardwork and his friend purab.

March 10,2012

His life was empty till the second before he saw his life his love pragya.Pragya was a caring and loving girl who taught how to love and how love os important for your life.pragya’s father was his longing enemy’s close friend and pragya’s father too a patner in kishore verma’s illegal bussines pragya who found this truth came forward and trapped her own father who was her only home she too lost all her lovable ones in her young age today she also lossed her only father pratap arora.Abhi got a big proof against his enemy kishore singh and today he won kishore verma the court has give him 3 years punishment in jail.

“thank you Ms.Pragya arora today you did a great job” said abhi forwarding his hand

“kya great job a daughter who trapped her own father” said pragya while abhi understood her feelings.

“haan Ms.pragya a daughter who is against her father May be failed as a daughter but a girl who trapped a man for saving thousands of people should be really appreciated and thank you so much so saved thousands of youngsters life from this drug thank you” said abhi while pragya sat on the ground started crying vigorously abhi too sat near and put his hand on her shoulder immediately she clutched his shirt and kept her head in his chest and cried loudly while abhi was rubbing her back softly with one hand and caressesher hair with another hair.


I will kill that kishore Singh verma and I won’t leave you.


Credit to: akshaya kannan

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  1. Nice but is pragya really dead? And kb my luv story i luv it pls update it regularly

    1. akshaya kannam

      Ya sure

    2. Yes,there will be a twist because akshaya always like happy endings

  2. Nice yaar… Bt I hope tat Vicky s right coz I too want hpy ending coz pragya s dead Na it vl b soooooo sad anyway I’m just wait n njoy Ur twist bt plzzzz give sum happy ending…

    1. Thank you Durga akka

  3. Pls make pragya alive and episode is super

    1. Ya sure

  4. Wow…….Its Superbbbbbbbb………

    1. Thank you all credits to my sister

  5. very nice ..i m waiting for akshi kb story…

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