Scene starts with…
A girl was cryng miserably in a room … she was pleading…
” please leave me what i hv done to u… i dont even kno u.. plz let me go.. my dad mom would be worried for me… plz let me go plz..”

Suddenly the environment becomes silent with the sound of a slap… that man slaps her hard.. n holds her long beautiful black hair tightly which makes the girl screem in pain..
“U hv done nothng dear… bt ur father has done alot to me.. u dont kno me but i kno u n ur father very well”

Please leave me plz…she cried
“I hvnt done anything to u baby” he replied…
“Why r u doing all this.” She again enquired..
“Wait …then let me explain u dear” he replied..

“So listen miss swara gadodia.. u r only daughter of advocate shekher gadodia… he is best lawyer u kno y.. cz he works for money..he doesnt fight for justice.. he fights for money only money….he doesnt care about anyones lyf he cares about himself…(holds her hand tightly which makes her yell in pain) only because of him i sufferred alot.. my family has broken cz of ur father… get that”
His eyes were red in anger …
Swara get frightened seeing him in anger…
She gathered some courage n again asked him “w-what my fa-father did to u n who a-are you”
He holds her neck tightly which makes her strangel.. she struggled to release herself….
“M sanskar… sanskar maheshwari”
Swara got shocked to listen his name… she rembered a rape case….
San: haann
Swra: plz plz leave me… dont do that to me which u hd done to that girl..
He digs his nails in her hand n she screems…” i hv done NOTHNG to that girl… it was ur father who has proved me guilty…. n u r going no where got that”

He left n swara strts cryng again…
He locked her in room n went to his room… he broke everything in anger… he stand infront of mirror n cries” aaj mai vo ban gaya hoon jisse mujhe sbse zada nafrat thi… m punishing an innocent… bt what that shekhar gadodia had done to me i cant forget that.. only cz of him my wife committed sucide with my daughter..she was innocent my 6mnths old mishka was innocent… i was innocent… (fall on knees while cryng)”

He took a bottle n strts drinking… he lost his senses… he again went to see swara who was just cryng in that room… he entered that room… swara starts moving back seeing him near her…
Swra:(scared) s-t-o-p right there… m saying dont come near me… u monster
San: (he pinned her on wall).. m nt a monster ur dad is… n what ever u r facing is just cz of him..
Swra:(slaps him) dont say anything about my father … listen u cheap.. u bl**dy rapist..
Sanskar fumes in anger listening’rapist’
San: m rapist so wait let me show u that…
He pressed himself on her.. which makes her yell in pain…
Swra: ahhhhhhhh!!!!! Leave me…(tries to push him bt all in vain he was strong)
San:(keeps crushing her body) : m rapist na..then this is normal…
Swara was cryng tears were flowing off Her eyes.. she grips his clothes tighgly…. he cared her soft cheeks with his rough bearded cheek… she can feel tears on his face too… he left her.. swara fall on ground crying…
San: don’t u ever dere to call me that… m nt a rapist.. (shouts)”smajhi”
Swara nodded yes while cryng…
He again left.. n cries all night for hurting an innocent soule… for hurting a girl’s dignity…
Whereas swara was confused with his actions…
Swra: how could he..y he left me.. his eyes were full of pain… i can see that he is feeling guilty for doing that to me.. his eyes were full of sorrow…it has emptiness.. but what he said is that true dad ne sach me.. no no no my dad can’t do anythibg wrong..”
Itz been a week since he locked swara in that room… bt for her shock he never touched her this makes swara doubt what he actully is …
One day he mistakenly forgot to lock the door properly… swara avails this opportunity n comes out of that room.. she serches his house… n found some pprs n photos… which clearly proves that sanskar was innocent n it was a conspiracy to make him guilty

Swara was shocked her eyes are filled with tears” how could my dad do this… how could he play with an innocent lyf… n this lady who is she? N this girl who is she ? She is so young she is nt even an year old ? I will never forgive u dad for doing this.. i will never”

Sanskar recieved a call ..
San: hello
Prsn:save ur sister uttra if u can.. u hv kidnapped my daughter… then hv to pay for this
San: dont u dare to touch her shekhar gadodia… or else i will kill ur daughter.
Shek: i will make sure that ur sister’s lyf will become hell
San: (laughs) my sister is in london mr advocate hw can u harm her then u hvnt even seen her
Shek:dont lie sanskar i kno ur sis is at ur home.. (n cuts)
San: ohh god uttra was to come last week bt thank god she didnt come… (suddenly he remembers about swara) “ohh god swara kahi ye log swara ko uttra to nahi samjh rahe.. gosshh shekhar gadodia u hv sent goons to harm ur own daughter… i wish swara ko kuch na ho..(drove to home)
Swara was seeing picx n suddenly she heard some goons entering house he gets afraid n hide herself behind curtain…
Goon 1: find her she must be here..
After serching everywhere ..
Goon 2: we cant find her..
Goon1: we hv to find her otherwise that shekhar gadodia will nt pay us a single penny..
Goon3:he himself hvnt seen that girl uttra n ask us to harm her
Goon4: exactly we only know that she is sanskar maheshwar’s sister thats it..

Swara was shocked to listen that these goons were sent by her father.. unknowingly she hitted window which makes sound… n goons found her..

A goon hold her frm hair n throw her on ground.. a goon comes on her.. n tried to missbehve with her… during struggle her sleves torn from shoulder.. she escapes somehow n was running then a goon hold her from back n opens the doori of kurta… she was pleading.n cryng badly.. he was touching her bare back sensiously making her unfomfrtable n disgusted She cried ” Sanskarrrr”
She herself dont kno why she called him for help.. suddenly someone hitted that goon from back… swara’s eyes shines seeing sanskar.. he beats those goons black n blue… those goons ran away…
Swara hugs him tightly n cries miserably… sanskar removes his blazer n makes her wear that.. n hugs her tightly..n cares her hair”sshhh swara stop cryng m with u nthng happned with u… jab tk m hoon koi tumhe haath b ni lga skta”
Swea:(sobbing) thnku.. bt y u hlpd me inspite of knowing that my dad had done wrong to u..
San: (cups her face ) first u go n change we will talk later..

Swara didnt came out she keeps on cryng sitting in room…
At night
Sanskar took dinner n goes to her room…
San: swara hv smthng
Swra:(controls) u go i m nt hungry…
San:(goes near her) u r still cryng shona…stop it..
Swara again hides herself in his chest n strts sobbing … he too take her in his warm embrace making her feel protected n safe…
Swra:(sobbing) m sry what my dad done to u… n now wht he was about to done with ur sister…
San: leave that swara
Swra: i want to know everything.. will u tell me..
San:(takes a deep breath)5yrs earlier a rival businessman accused me of raping a girl n i hired ur father for my case.. bt that man has bribed ur father n ur father sell all thoses proofs which can prove me innocent.. my wife can’t face humiliation n she jumped off 12th floor with my 6mnths old daughter… after that everyone disowned me.. i was sentenced 2yrs jail.Swara was shocked as well as guilty listening all this…

San keeps on wAiting for her bt still she hasnt come down so he decides to check her he was shocked to see her.. swara has cutted her wrist..
Sanskar immediatly took her to hospital… police arrived n she said that she hd done that cz of rape attempt on her by goons send by her own father..

San:y u did this..
Swra: i can’t live with guilt.. my father has done alot to u bt still u saved me(crirs)
San: (cups her face)then don’t live with guilt… live with me swara.. marry me.. i love u.. i want to start my lyf again with u…
Swra:(looks at him with confused,happy;n teary eyes) u luv me bt how?
San: i luv u.. dont kno when, dont kno how, dont kno why…i want to live with u… u were ryt.. u hv done nthng to me so how can i …. will u marry me.. i kno itz weard to propose smone on hospital bed bt(before he could complete swara hugs him)”yess i will marry u… i luv u…”
SwaSan gets married n swara reopend that rape case… n shekhar was wanted after the truth unveild
An year later

San: shona plz one more bite..
Swra: nooo(pouts)
San: plzz
Door bell rang
Swra:(giggles) open the door first…

Sanskar was shocked to see shekhar infront of him.. he wants to meet swara bt sanskar is not allowing her.. itz been an year since she last met shekhar..
Swara came listening his voice….
Shek: swara beta y u did this.. u reopend that case
Swra: ya cz u did wrong with my hubby… hw could u do This to himm … i considered u as my idol bt u r nthng… if smone pay u high amt then u wld hv sold me too.
Shek:(shouts) swaraaa
Swra:(shouts in anger) chillaiye mat… u r a murder u hv killed two innocent lives.. m ashamed that u r my father
San:swra clam down itz nt good for ur n baby’s health..
Swea:no sanskar dont stop me.. now i want to say everythng… hw culd u send goons to rape a girl..u kno they tried to rape me bt sanskar saved me.. jiska apne sb kuch chheen lia usi ne meri izzat bachai..hw cld y-o-u (n she fall unconcious)
San:(holds her) swraa !! Swara!! (To shek) get lost mr gadodia.. u hv snached my wife n child once bt if smthng happns to swara or my baby i will kill u..
Doc:mr maheshwari we hv to operate her..dont worry she n baby will be fyn
San: plz plz save my swara(cries)
*swara deliverd a baby girl*

San: she is beautiful lyk u shona… bt what will be her name
Swra: mishka
San:(teary) swra
Swra: ha lyf hs returned u ur daughter(holds hand)
San: i hv never thought that my journey frm revenge to love will be that much beautiful thnkyou swara (smiles)
Shekhar surrenderd himself n was sentenced to 5yr jail .. n swara too forgave him
《Money can buy anything but that thing will not be permanent.. but ur deeds “karm” will give u permanent results… that’s y itz said.. ‘As you sow so shall you reap’ once he snched everythng frm sanskar then his deeds snaches everything frm him.. bt when he penance for his deeds he got everythig》

Credit to: meher

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