Anika has established a good friendship with tia .. and tia likes her a lot .. she has did a lot of plans but was always interrupted by someone .. One day she was doing decorations for the mehendi ceremony standing on the chair but she by mistakenly fell and she fell on the arms of shivaay .. tia saw this she got kinda jealous ….. shivaay was getting more closer to her and was always thinking about anika ……..


Anika was instructing the maids about the arrangements .. she was walking towards the venue but was pulled by someone to a dark room there was a little source of light . She was pinned to the wall ..

” anika its me shivaay ” she heard his voice .. She was really shocked by the act done by him ..

” sir what are you doing ” anika asked him ” i have told you to call me shivaay ” he said in a stern tone

” but .. its not right ” she said to him ” you know ryt what will i do if u wont call me shivaay ” he said and anika could see his smirk .. ” ok sh.. shivaay ” she said to him ” it really feels good to hear my name from your mouth ” he said and with his one hand he put a strand of hair behind her ears .. Anika shivered by his touch .. ” shivaay pls leave me i have a lot of works ” she said but shivaay didnt care he started caressing her cheeks ” anika i have a surprise for you ” he said to her ” surprise ?? ” she asked in a confused tone to him ” yes surprise ” he said and took a blindfold from his pocket she looked at him confusingly he tied the blindfold ” shivaay what are you doing this blindfold and all ” she said to him ….. ” just wait you will love it ” he said and smirked …..

shivaay blindfolded anika and took her to his car without anyone’s notice as most of the family members are busy with the decoration and dressing and all that stuffs . Anika was confused and was thinking deeply as what is happening . he made her sit to the car and started driving ..

” shivaay can u pls tell me where are we going ” anika pleaded ” its surprise anika you just wait ” he said ” pls atleast tell me one clue ” she is scared thinking what if he do something to her …


What is his plan what does he want from me ??? all the questions are revolving around my mind

i remembered one of my flashback where all the story started …


at the age of 15 I and my elder sister shifted to New York well my sister mallika shifted for higher studies while i decided to accompany her and i thought of having some fun …. years passed my sister got graduated from college and she decided to go back to India while i decided to stay in New York … i used to visit my parents and sister often as i am really missing them … I decided to leave New York at the age of 18 as i am homesick … i went to India i had a lot of fun with my parents and sister one day , i saw my sister on the bed and looking at someone’s photo and was smiling .. i took the photo from her and saw a boy’s photo

” di .. who is he ?? is he your crush ” i said to her in teasing tone ” no ani give me back the photo ” she said to me ” no i wont give ” i said and started running she started chasing me ” ani give me back the photo ” she said once again ” no di i wont give you unless you tell me who is he orbelse i will tell to mom ” i said to her and made faces ” ok fine i will tell u ” she said and sat on the bed .. i sat next to her ” the guy in the photo is shivaay singh oberoi .. i and shivaay love each other when i was studying in college in New York we both met each other and fell in love .. he was a playboy when i fell in love with him now he is not at all like that ” she said blushing ” di New York this much time you was hiding from me here your lover’s photo ” i said and went towards the window ” i know ani your sad about me hiding from you i didnt say you thinking what if you wont approve him i was scared regarding that fact i am sorry ani ” di said ” why did you think that i wont approve him if you love him i have no problem with it di i want you to know that i just want the best for you ” i said to her and we both hugged after the hug ” but di .. if you dont mind you said he is a playboy what if he didnt change i am sorry if i hurt you ” i said to her ” no ani he totally changed one day i will make you meet both of them ” di said ” ok then i am super excited to see my future jiju ” i said to her and that night was filled with teasing and all that stuffs ….


My eyes became moist thinking of those happiest moments .. ” ok we reached the destination ” i heard his voice he took me out of the car and removed my blindfold i was really shocked to see the place …..


A/N : Cliffhanger 😉 i hope this chapter is long enough thanks for all the comments in my promo and chapter 3 loved it sorry for not replying from today onwards will start replying love you guys soo much


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