Revenge or love (IKRS) – Introduction


I m starting an ff for u all on our lovely vidhaani. This is the intro.

Dhaani Sharma- Her father died due to a severe accident and her mother died during her birth, she lives with her friend, has to take revenge from Viplav(it will be revealed later), sweet but not always, never believes or trusts anyone easily, she doesn’t believe in love, hates Tripathi family a lot.

Viplav Tripathi- His father died due to cancer and his mother was stabbed by someone(this will be revealed later), has to take revenge from Dhaani(this will be revealed later), lives with his friend, doesn’t trust anyone except his friend, doesn’t trust in love, hates Sharma family a lot.

Rajlakshmi- Dhaani’s friend, Dhaani lives in her house, she knows about Dhaani’s revenge, she believes in love.

Raj- Viplav’s friend, Viplav lives in his house, he knows everything about Viplav’s revenge, he also believes in love, always ready to help Viplav.

Other characters will be revealed in the story itself. I m not mentioning my name but u have to guess me. This is my second ff and I m still writing the first one. I got another story so I submitted it. But this story will be posted every Wednesday. Plz comment if u liked it. And also guess who I m.

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  1. Louella dear??

  2. Ok, I will reveal my name in the first episode. Should I continue?

    1. Yaa offcorse?

  3. I think you are laxmi

    1. hey maria its not me mujhe ek likhne ke liye time nahi hain

      1. Haha. ?

      2. its true mahira

    2. No but I will reveal my name in the first episode.

  4. You should continue….

    1. Thanks Sujie.

  5. oh sounds interesting waiting for first epi
    and i think u r louella 😉

    1. Thanks Lakshmi. I will post the first episode soon if possible. I will reveal my name in the first episode.

  6. Oh a revenge story. Sounds interesting! But why are they enemies! ? Anyways, will definitely wait for the Wednesdays!! ?

    1. Thanks Mahira. Just wait and watch. It will be a interesting one. If possible I will post it early.

  7. wow nice intro….keep going and plzz tell who r u…

    1. Thanks batool. If u want to know who m I u have to read the first episode.

  8. This is entirely a different story.its going to be fun and we may get a good time to enjoy vidha scenes also.waiting for first epi to read more and to know ur name.

  9. Thanks Saranya. I will try to post it before Wednesday. I will reveal my name in the first episode.

  10. R U joyee aka fatarajo aka random fan? interesting intro…waiting for 1st episode…plz post it ASAP 🙂

  11. Thanks Nima. I will reveal my name in the next episode. I have posted the next part. It will be published by night.

  12. I guess it’s will be interesting and I think u’re louella. I’m happy as we are having many IKRS ff now

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