Revenge or love (IRKS) – Episode 9

Hello everyone… I m back with my ff. So here’s today’s episode……

In the earlier episode we saw that Viplav forcibly married Dhaani. Dhaani is sad and takes a promise that she will anyhow take her revenge from Viplav. Viplav also takes a promise that he will take his revenge from Dhaani. Both r determined to do this.

Dhaani and Viplav come out of the temple. RL is still crying. She asks Dhaani why did u marry this man? He will never leave you. But Dhaani is quiet. RL says Dhaani plz break your silence. Why did u marry him? You would have let me die.

Dhaani finally says are you also gone mad like him? How can I let you die? If u would be in my place then? RL remains silent. Dhaani goes to her and frees her and hugs her. RL and Dhaani both have tears in their eyes.

Viplav says did you both finish your drama? Now let’s go. Dhaani and RL break their hug. Dhaani says one minute. I want to tell you something. Viplav says say what u want. I don’t have a single minute to waste. Dhaani says see.. Now I will come to your house. So I will not come alone. RL will also come with me.

Viplav says why?? Dhaani says what do u mean by why? If your friend can stay with you even after your marriage why can’t my friend?? Raj says bhai let her stay. What will she do to us. Viplav says okay, now let’s go. They leave in the car.

They reach the house. Dhaani was going to enter the house when Raj says wait bhabhiji. Where r u coming? Dhaani and RL are shocked. Viplav smiles and thinks now revenge started. If u can save yourself then save. The episode ends.

So friends how’s the episode?? Plz comment about your opinion. I hope u all r not feeling it bored. If it is boring plz tell. Okay I want to inform you that I have started a new ff. The title is humari adhuri kahani. Plz read the intro. I want your support. Hope u all will read. Till then bye bye!!!

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  1. Louella your ff “you are my ki and i am your ka” was just superb?❤
    Just now read the last part..
    Thank you for inviting us??
    Loved it dear..
    All couples blessed with sweet?
    Really wonderful..!!

    1. Thanks di.

  2. Superb louella
    I am loving this kind of revenge??

    1. Thanks Arshi di. Enjoy!!

  3. wonderful louella ..
    soon their revenge will turn into love 🙂

    1. Thanks Maha. But love will blossom not so soon. You will have to wait…

  4. Looking forward to see what does viplav fo now.

    1. Thanks Renu. Keep reading to know.

  5. Revenge main chupa pyaar…enjoying it to the core Louella

    1. Thanks Sujie.

  6. Cutie a sad one…but going really well….missed their marriage….but now i am back na…..will read it anyway

    1. Thanks Lakshmi. Do read the previous ones…

  7. Huuuh ? Why did they stop him and what are they going to do ? ? So tensed! Cant wait for next part. Keep up the great work

    1. To know this u have to wait for the next episode.

      1. I am waiting ?

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