Revenge or love (IRKS) – Episode 8

Hello friends!!! I m back with my new episode. So ready to read?? Then come with me….

In the earlier episodes we saw that Viplav and Raj kidnap RL. They then call Dhaani and ask her to come near the temple. Dhaani rushes to the temple. She pleads Viplav to leave her friend and says she will do anything if he will leave RL. Viplav asks her to marry him in return of RL. RL says don’t do it Dhaani.

Dhaani thinks for a while and then goes to Viplav. Viplav asks so Dhaani what have u thought?? Dhaani says I m ready to marry u. RL gets shocked. She shouts Dhaani plz don’t marry this man. He will make your life a living hell!! But Dhaani doesn’t listen. She has tears in her eyes. But what can she do? She is helpless.

Viplav smiles and thinks maa today your revenge will start. He calls the pandit again. After a while the pandit arrives. RL is still tied. She is trying to explain Dhaani but Dhaani doesn’t listen. Dhaani thinks RL plz don’t stop me! U have done so much for me. Now it’s my turn. But don’t worry. I m fine.

She shows a smile on her face just to show RL that she is fine. RL thinks Dhaani don’t show me this smile. I know u r doing this to make me believe that u r fine. But u r crying from inside. Plz don’t marry him, please!!! Her face says everything…

Dhaani understands it from her face but she ignores. Viplav then holds her hand and takes her inside the temple. They sit. Dhaani still has tears in her eyes. Viplav notices it but ignores. The pandit recites the mantras. He then asks them to exchange garlands.

They exchange the garlands. Pandit then asks them to take the pheras. They slowly take the pheras. Dhaani wipes her tears and thinks Viplav today I promise u that I will take my revenge from u anyhow. The tears which my sister had shed, those tears u will shed. I promise u Viplav.

Viplav thinks Dhaani from today my revenge will start. I will not leave my mother’s murderers like this. Just wait and watch. They finish taking the pheras. The pandit then asks Viplav to make Dhaani wear the mangalsutra. Viplav takes the mangalsutra and smiles evilly. He makes Dhaani wear it. The pandit then asks Viplav to apply vermilion. Viplav applies vermilion on Dhaani’s forehead. Pandit says from today u both r husband and wife. Viplav smiles while Dhaani is in tears. The episode ends.

Friends hope u all liked today’s episode. I don’t know Indian marriage rituals so if any mistakes plz forgive me.

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  1. arrey waah chuttki….. interesting…but can’t see Dhaani crying….
    abhi toh Viplaav is happy seeing Dhaani crying….but please bring that day soin when Viplav will be happy in Dhaani’s happiness and Dhaani in Viplav’s
    …..keep rocking like this 🙂

    1. Thanks sujie. But if u want vidhani’s love then it’s a very long way to go.

  2. is this for todays episode?

    1. Farzana it’s a fan fiction.

  3. awesome yar………loved it

    1. Thanks aiswarya.

  4. I have even seen a khel khel ki shaadi but a wedding based on revenge. Woow! That sounds interesting. But yeah Viplav happy seeing Dhaani crying… Cant wait for ViDha’s happiness but haan i am also excited for truths’ confessions, it might make them realise something!
    Keep up the great work. Waiting for the next

    1. Thank u Shruthy. Will post the next one ASAP.

  5. Louella good going but how can our lovely viplav smiles evilly. No chance chuttki. Keep it up.

    1. Viplav aka Mishal can do anything. He can even smile evilly. Well thanks for commenting.

  6. louella how many ff yar you are writing? wow really your talented to manage all ff without confusion, really brilliant work keep it up….

    1. Thank u so much Kavya. I m inspired by all our ikrs ffs.

  7. good one louella .. keep rocking like this

    1. Thanks Maha.

  8. Great job elle. Agree to pethushree aka dear kavya.

    1. Thanks renu

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