Revenge or love (IRKS) – Episode 7

Hello everyone!!! So ready for the next one??? Then come fast. Let’s go…

In the last episode we saw that Viplav asks Dhaani to marry her because he wants to take revenge from her. Dhaani doesn’t agree to marry and leaves from that place. Viplav thinks of an idea to take revenge from her. He calls Raj and asks him where he is? Raj says I m coming to the temple. Viplav says good. I think that girl is also following u. So u come very slowly so that she can follow u and come there, okay? Raj says okay.

Raj walks very slowly. RL is following him to know where they have kept Dhaani. Here Dhaani reaches home but she doesn’t finds RL. She calls her but her phone is coming switched off. She gets tensed.

Meanwhile Raj reaches the temple and also RL behind him. She doesn’t finds Dhaani there. She thinks where is Dhaani. She switches on her mobile and calls Dhaani but someone comes from behind and snatches the phone away. He is Viplav.

RL is shocked. Viplav calls Dhaani from RL’s phone. At home Dhaani is sitting tensed. She gets RL’s call. She gets happy and picks up the call. She says RL where r u? I was so tensed about u. Plz come home fast. I want to tell u an important thing.

Just then she hears someone laughing. Dhaani asks who r u? Viplav says I m Viplav Tripathi. Your to be husband. Now come fast in the place where we met just now or u will not get to see ur friend again. Dhaani is shocked. Before she could say anything Viplav cuts the call.

Dhaani rushes to the temple. In the temple RL is tied and has made her sit on chair. She is shouting for help and also pleading Viplav and Raj to leave her but to no avail. Dhaani reaches there. She shouts Rajlakshmi.

Rajlakshmi sees her and shouts Dhaani plz help me come out of here. Dhaani rushes to her help but someone holds her hand from behind. Dhaani turns back to see him. He is none other than Viplav. Dhaani says leave me. I have to go to RL.

Viplav says I have not caught your hand to leave u. Dhaani looks angrily at Viplav. Viplav says don’t show me these angry looks. I m not going to be scared. Dhaani asks leave my hand. I m ready to give u anything but leave my friend.

Viplav smiles and says okay then u have to marry me. Dhaani and RL both r shocked. Dhaani thinks for a while. But RL shouts Dhaani don’t agree for marriage. He cannot do anything to me. If u will marry him he will make your life hell. Plz don’t do it!!! The episode ends.

So friends how was the episode?? I think it was a bit boring. Sorry if it was boring. Plz comment about your opinion. Till then bye bye!!

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  1. Elle great ??reminded me of Madhubala ek ishq ek junoon

    1. Thank u Renu.

  2. Louella ….. it wasn’t boring at all….keep. rocking

  3. It wasnt boring re, dont worry. All your readers will love it. ?
    But now waiting for next one ?

    1. Thankq Shruthy. For the next episode u have to wait for tomorrow

  4. good episode sis …all the best for future episodes …sorry for not commenting in every episode ..OK …keep it up …and it was not boring at all .. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Thank u Avijit bhai…..

    2. Thank u Avijit bhai…..

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