Revenge or love (IRKS) – Episode 6

Helloo everyone!! Hope u all r not angry on me. I m very sorry for not posting my ff for nearly a week but as most of u know I had gone for a trip but now I m back with a bang. So let’s see this episode. Don’t forget to imagine everything written down!

In the earlier episodes we all saw that Viplav kidnapped Dhaani for revenge. RL has a doubt on Raj and Viplav so she starts following Raj. Then Viplav gets Raj’s call saying all preparations r done. So Viplav takes Dhaani forcefully to a place. Let’s see which place Viplav has taken Dhaani.

Viplav and Dhaani reach a place. They get down of the car. Dhaani is shocked seeing a temple there. Viplav smiles evilly. Dhaani says what’s this? Why have u brought me here?? Viplav holds Dhaani’s wrist and takes her inside the temple forcefully.

Dhaani shouts for help but there is no one nearby to hear her voice. Viplav leaves her hand angrily. He says this is my revenge. I m here to take my revenge of my parents. If u can save yourself save!! Dhaani says r u mad? This is a temple. Do u have any respect for God or that also has gone up with ur parents?? Viplav says this question if I ask u then what will be your answer?

Dhaani remains silent. Just then a pandit comes there. He greets Viplav. Viplav also greets him. Dhaani says now what’s this drama?? Viplav says oh hello this is not any drama. Panditji has come here to help us. Dhaani asks what help? Pandit says beti u don’t know u and this boy is marrying? Dhaani is shocked.

She was going to say something but Viplav interrupts saying I want to talk to Dhaani for one minute. He takes Dhaani to the side and says Dhaani this is my revenge. Dhaani says whatever happens I will never marry u. Viplav says okay don’t do but then u will regret forever. Dhaani says I will never regret but will be happy that i took this decision. Viplav says okay do whatever u want to do but u have to marry me one day and that day is not far. Dhaani says never and goes angrily. Viplav thinks Dhaani now see what I do.

No precap..

So how was the episode?? Do comment and inform me. So if u want to know how Viplav will take his revenge from Dhaani u have to wait for the next episode of revenge or love only on tellyupdates. Till then bye bye!!

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  1. Aww Viplav wants to marry Dhaani?? Wow I like his revenge!!
    Please post your ki and ka waiting for it!!???

    1. Thanks Maria. Yes he wants to marry Dhaani. Let’s see what happens next. I have already posted all my ffs. Don’t know when they will publish it.

  2. how can other pic come in my ff. I had put other pic. Don’t know how this came.

  3. Great ele. U too have started giving suspense keep it up.

    1. Thanks Renu. Yes I love to give suspense now.

  4. Good suspense but can u write longer epi

    1. Thanks Nancy. If I will write longer episodes how will there be suspense? To make more suspense I m writing little short ones.

  5. Chuttki….loved it… Revenge lena chahata hai hamara hero…woh bhi shaadi karke…awwwwww….keep going dear…
    btw…waiting for ki and ka…post it soon princess

    1. Thanks Sujie. I have posted it already. Just check.

  6. Wow louella..well done..?
    And this revenge will soon turn to love?

    A bit similar storyline from one of my favourite show MADHUBALA? So i am enjoying it a lot?

    1. Thanks Arshi di. No no Arshi di not so soon. This ff of mine will take a lot of time to unite vidhani. So u have to wait.

      1. That means a lot of episodes to read?? m happy??

    2. Yes get ready. More r on the way.

  7. loved it………and the cp?????

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