Revenge or love (IRKS) – Episode 5

Hi friends. Now it’s time to reveal the person who kidnapped Dhaani. So come let’s see.

The person goes and puts the lights on and comes in front of Dhaani. Dhaani gets shocked seeing his face. She says Viplav you…. (yes he is Viplav, but plz don’t throw rotten eggs on me) Viplav says yes I kidnapped u. U killed my mother and I will let u go. No no.. I will definitely take my revenge. Dhaani shouts plz someone help me….. Help…… Help…..

Viplav laughs. He says no one will hear u. This is a godown and not a market place that u will shout and everyone will come. Dhaani cries and says but I have not killed ur mother. But ur brother has killed my sister. Because of u I m alone. I have no family. Viplav says even I have no family just because of u. My mother was stabbed by u. You r a murderer.

Dhaani cries. Viplav says don’t show me your crocodile tears. It will not work on me. RL is still trying to call Dhaani but her phone is switched off. She thinks to go to Raj. Just then she sees Raj in a tea shop drinking tea.

She goes to him angrily and says where is Viplav? Raj says why u want to know? RL says I want the answer. Don’t ask questions. Raj says Viplav is at home. He is having fever. But why ur asking me. RL says because Dhaani is kidnapped and I know u both have done this work.

Raj says just mind ur words. We r not kidnappers and murderers like u. RL goes angrily. She thinks to follow Raj. She hides nearby. Raj calls Viplav and says Viplav Dhaani’s friend had come to me. She was telling that we have kidnapped her. I think she knows everything. Now what to do? Viplav says leave her, first u tell all preparations r done? Raj says yes. You both come.

Viplav says okay, I m coming. Viplav comes to Dhaani and separates the rope. Dhaani says what r u doing? Viplav says murdering u. Dhaani says what nonsense. Viplav says I m not a murderer like u. Come with me. Dhaani says where r u taking me? Viplav says come and he holds her hand and takes her to the car. Dhaani stares at him angrily. They sit in the car. Dhaani asks where r u taking me? Viplav says just shut up. The car leaves. The episode ends.

Precap- Again suspense!!!!

So hope u all like today’s episode. And don’t take tension. After tomorrow’s episode u will feel very happy. Till then bye bye!!

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  1. hey cutie kamaal kar diya yaar again suspense? ok jaldi next post karo

    1. Thanks Lakshmi. I will post the next one ASAP.

  2. Awesome yaar no words to say but short chapter yaar can u plzzzzzz update one more big chapter plzzZzzzzz and I hv a feeling that viplav is taking Dhani to temple for marrying her for revenge anyway update soon will be waiting

    1. Thanks Aditi syam. So sorry for the short update but I was little busy and also I m writing 3 ffs. Two I didn’t post now because I had kept this ff as suspense so thought to reveal it. I will try my best to make it long but till then plz bear with me. Thanks for commenting and keep commenting,

  3. Oh this much hate! ?

    1. Oh Areeb!! Correct name na? Arey now there is so much hate slowly slowly love will blossom between them.

  4. Louella superb
    i am eagerly waiting for the next one

    and if something happens like aditi syam i would be soo happy..
    As it would match one of my fav show madhubala

    1. Thanks Arshdeep. Let’s see if this is true.

  5. just boring stop it
    inti boring cant even read so funny
    why r yu hurting yurself loelu
    where is yur nirma washing powder

    1. Oh mister!! What do u think u will give negative comments and I will stop writing. I m not like other writers who get hurt by negative comments and stop writing. My whole ikrs family is with me. If we will show u our power u will say sorry to us ten times not even ten but hundred times. And don’t dare to comment here or see what I will do. If I see ur comment in any page of ikrs or any other serial u just wait and watch. U can’t read means u didn’t go to school. This shows how stupid u r. Just came here with ur negative thoughts. Name is ram but works r of raavan. Just get lost from here with ur negative thoughts.

      1. sry di i am really sry

    2. It’s okay dear. But don’t call me di. I m just 12 years old.

  6. Louella…superb….keep writing chhutki

    1. Thanks Sujie.

  7. Hey Louella.

    I was ?? when I read Viplav did that.

    Another good epi. Keep going, and don’t worry I reported the nasty virus!

    1. Thanks Nimisha di. Even I complained about them.

  8. Great elle i told na it was viplav. Eagerly waiting for next.?

    1. Thanks Renu. Yes u were right. Will post the next one ASAP.

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