Revenge or love (IRKS) – Episode 4


A big hello to everyone. So ready for today’s episode?? Let’s go now.

Dhaani and RL r on their way to college. Dhaani is in tension. RL says Dhaani calm down. Don’t worry. Everything will be fine. But Dhaani is in her own world. She recalls her fight with Viplav. RL says Dhaani…. Dhaani. Dhaani comes out of the thought and says tell what happened? RL says from when I m telling but u r in your own world. R u sure u want to take revenge? Dhaani says ya I m sure. His family is my biggest enemy. They walk.

Just then Dhaani begins to cough continuously. RL gets worried. She says Dhaani wait here I will get water for u. She goes. Dhaani is still coughing. Some goons come in a van and kidnap her. Dhaani is not able to shout for help because of her cough. She becomes unconscious. The van goes taking Dhaani.

RL brings a bottle of water but doesn’t see Dhaani. She shouts for Dhaani but there is no answer. She tries to call her but her phone is switched off. She gets tensed.

In a godown Dhaani is unconscious. Someone comes and throws water on her face. Dhaani gets conscious. She finds herself in a godown with her hands and legs tied. She sees a person standing in front of her but because of darkness couldn’t recognise him. That person goes and puts the lights on and comes in front of Dhaani. Dhaani gets shocked seeing his face. The episode ends.

Precap- Suspense!!! (Just wait and watch)

So how was this episode. If u liked it plz comment. So try to find out who kidnapped Dhaani? And why did that person kidnap her? Will Dhaani be able to save herself or will someone come to save her? To know this u have to wait for the next episode of Revenge or love only on tellyupdates. Till then bye bye!!

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  1. Ahh!! You just ended it on crucial point! ? I think he’s Viplav! Anyways, whoever it is.. just post the next episode soon! ?

    1. Oh!! So sorry but if there is no suspense what’s the use of writing this ff. Thanks for commenting and yes I will post the next one soon.

  2. Fabulous elle. Reminds me of the day when dhani wad kidnapped by tripurari hope it is not viplav.

    1. Thanks renu. When I was writing it even I remembered the same.

  3. Wow Louella, great, and no doubt it’s Viplav..

    1. Thanks Maria. Let’s wait and watch whether ur guess is correct or no

  4. louella suspense eh? nailed it dear……liked this epi……but too short…i can understand u r writing 3 already…so no problem
    and i don’t think so……its not viplav…….humara viplav aisa kaam kar hi nahi saktha

    1. Thanks Lakshmi. Sorry for the short update. I will try to post the next one longer.

  5. Awesome Louella. I will not doubt our hero viplav. It’s reminding tirupurari kidnapping dhani. Post next episode soon.

    1. Thanks Latha. Let’s see who is he. Even I was reminded tripurari kidnapping Dhaani.

  6. You are rocking dear..!!
    Keep going
    but plz make it a bit longer next time..please..

    1. Thanks Arshi di. I will try my best to post the next one longer. Sorry for short update.

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