Revenge or love (IRKS) – Episode 3


Hi friends. Thanks to all the readers for ur love. Here’s the third one.

Raj pulls Viplav. Viplav forcefully goes. While going Viplav and Dhaani look at each other angrily. Viplav and Raj leave. Dhaani closes the door and breaks down into tears. She goes on crying. RL consoles her. Dhaani wipes her tears and says RL now it’s the right time for revenge. Mister Viplav Tripathi be ready.

RL says Dhaani I know that u have to take revenge from him but what’s the need for this. U live ur life and he will live his life. Dhaani says no RL. U know very nicely na why I have to take revenge. My sister Piya and Viplav Tripathi’s brother Aakash loved each other. But our parents were against it because they were in competition of their wealth. They were always enemies and tried the best way to extend their wealth.

Then Piya di and Aakash married each other hidingly and stayed in other house. Our parents came to know about it but they did not care and were busy fighting with each other. But that Aakash was a big rakshas. He wanted to marry di just for her wealth.

A fb is shown in which everyday Aakash would come drunk and beat Piya and ask for her property. When Piya would say her no he would beat her more badly. Fb ends. Dhaani says everyday this would continue. One day when that rakshas came again he started his drama. But di would never say a word. That day was the most horrible day in my whole life. That day Aakash pushed di so badly that di’s head was hit to the wall and she died.

When papa knew about this he couldn’t control himself. He told me that day about his revenge. That day was the last day of my papa. After that he died in a severe car accident. Dhaani cries loudly.

RL consoles her but Dhaani goes on crying. She hugs RL tightly and goes on crying. RL cannot see her like this. She wipes Dhaani’s tears and says Dhaani I m there na. Don’t cry. We will take our revenge. It’s not only ur revenge but also my revenge. Dhaani says because of that Tripathi family my sister is not with me today. Now see what I will do. She goes near her parents photo frame and says papa I will take my revenge and will fulfill your last wish.

At Viplav’s house, Viplav is roaming around in anger. He is recalling Dhaani asking him to get out. Raj says Viplav stop it now. Let her live her life. And u live peacefully. Viplav says I can never live peacefully till when I don’t see her in pain. U know na why i m taking revenge? My brother and Dhaani’s sister had married without our parents permission. That time her sister died and after that my brother also died because of drinking. Then Dhaani’s revenge started and my papa knew it very well.

He had told me about their revenge and we were well aware about it. But one day when the lights were gone, a person had come to our house and stabbed my mother. That person was her father. I know we did not see his face but his shawl was left there. My mother was taken to hospital but it was too late. My father explained me about my mother’s revenge. After a year he died due to cancer. My revenge was started but I had to find Dhaani and I have found her. Now I will not leave her. Dhaani Sharma just wait and watch. The episode ends.

Precap- Dhaani is in a dark room. She is unconscious. A man comes there and laughs seeing her.

Guys I hope u all liked today’s episode. Plz share ur valuable comments. If u want to know who is that man who kidnapped Dhaani u have to wait for the next episode of revenge or love only on tellyupdates. Till then bye bye!!!

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  1. So the mystery of revenge unfolded..!!
    Amazing dear.. So creative 🙂

    1. Thanks Arshi di.

  2. ohh so this is the reasons of their revenge
    but its interesting to c how they take their revenge
    nice story princess

    1. Thanks vaishnavi.

  3. Wow elle u told about revenge. Now eud have to waog for love??smarty u used shawl incident ?now eagerly waiting to see how their fights yurn to love.

    1. Thanks Renu.

  4. Nicely presented the revenge story! I’m sure their love will over come the revenge! ?

    1. Thanks Mahira.

  5. reason pata chal gaya…mystery unveil hogaya….. keep going dear 🙂

    1. Thanks Sujie.

  6. oh that’s y they r anger eachother…n whose’s that person to take out our Dhani? suspence….eagerly waiting for the next episode. nicely presented thank you Louella.

    1. Thanks Nima. Will post the next one soon.

  7. hey louella i think u hates suspense….iss liye tumne 3rd episode main hi almost kahani batha diya….eagerly waiting for next

    1. Lakshmi I love suspense but I also don’t want to drag it so revealed the suspense. And there is another big suspense which u can never think of. That will be revealed later. So be ready.

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