Revenge or love (IKRS) – Episode 2

Hi friends. I would like to request u all to also read other ffs. Here is the list of all ffs of IKRS:
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I must say all these ffs r fabulous. Read it and u will get inspired as I m. Well let’s read my ff.

Viplav, Dhaani, RL and Raj r coming from college. Dhaani and RL ask Viplav and Raj to come home for a cup of coffee. Viplav says okay let’s go but u have to come tomorrow in our house for tea. Dhaani and RL agree. They come to Dhaani and RL house.

Dhaani asks them to sit. Viplav sees a photo frame of Mohan and Dulaari with a garland over it. Viplav thinks r they Dhaani’s parents? Papa had showed me this photo but did not Dhaani’s photo. But I m sure papa showed me this photo. Is she Dhaani Sharma? I have to find out. Dhaani comes with the coffee. She serves it to Viplav, Raj and RL and also takes for herself. She sits with RL.

Viplav asks pointing to the photo frame Dhaani are they ur parents? Dhaani sees the photo frame and tears fall from her eyes. RL consoles. Viplav asks are u okay? Dhaani nods and says yes they r my parents. My mother died during my birth itself and my father died due to a severe accident. Viplav gets shocked hearing this. He thinks papa told me the same thing. He then asks what’s ur full name? Dhaani says I m Dhaani Sharma. But why r u asking this?

Viplav is now super shocked but he controls himself and remains silent. Dhaani says u know everything about me now u tell me about ur family. Viplav sadly says my father’s name is Shambhu and my mother’s name is Kanak. My father died due to cancer a month ago and my mother was stabbed by someone whom I know very well now. Dhaani gets shocked hearing about Shambhu and Kanak.

Dhaani asks r u Viplav Tripathi? Viplav says yes. Dhaani stands up shockingly. RL also stands up. Dhaani says get out I said get out of here. Viplav says oh so now u know who I m and u want to save yourself. I know u killed my mother that’s why u r asking me to get out. Dhaani says oh Viplav Tripathi what nonsense r u talking? I said get out. Because of u my sister and father r not with me today. You r my biggest enemy. I did a sin making friendship with u and also calling u to my house. My house became dirty when u came here. Viplav says ur house was already dirty. Moreover made me dirty. I m telling u till when I don’t take revenge from u I will not go from here. Dhaani says what revenge ha! What revenge? Your revenge my foot.

Viplav says now enough is enough. If u can then remove me out of this worst house. Dhaani says stop it Mister Viplav Tripathi. If u don’t stop I will kick u out. Viplav says kick and show. RL signs Raj to take Viplav. Raj says Viplav stop it now. Come let’s go and he pulls Viplav. Viplav goes angrily. While going Viplav and Dhaani look at each other angrily. The episode ends.

Precap- Dhaani says RL now it’s time for revenge. Be ready Mister Viplav Tripathi. Viplav says Raj it’s the best time for revenge. Dhaani Sharma be ready.

I m sure u all didn’t like today’s episode. Sorry but u all know this is a revenge plus a love story. Plz don’t get angry on me and most important don’t throw rotten eggs on me. If u want to know what’s Vidhani’s revenge u have to wait for the next episode of revenge or love only on tellyupdates. Till then bye bye!!!


  1. AM

    no one will throw rotten eggs Louella …episode was very good ….and thank u for mentioning my ff’s name …all the best ….

  2. Sujie

    Chutki… thank you for mentioning my ff…… and awesome episode…. go on Louella dear 🙂


    hey louella thanks for mentioning my ff dear……..
    and coming to ur new ff….its really different….most of all even me write the ff of ikrs based on a love story……….but urs seems to be a revenge story although it had some love track(hey i don’t know whether it have a love track…..i just say looking to ur title)

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