Revenge or love (IKRS) – Episode 1


Hi friends. I know u all r eagerly waiting to know my name. But first u have to read my ff. So here we go.

It’s morning. A boy is getting ready. He is wearing a white t-shirt and up of that a blue shirt with jeans. A boy comes and says Viplav u r looking very handsome. I think someone will surely fall in love with u. Viplav says Raj again love. U know na I don’t believe in love so no need of telling it to me again and again. I m Viplav Tripathi. And Viplav will never fall for anyone, okay? Raj says ok baba now let’s go. Today is our first day to college. U want to get late? Viplav says ok come let’s go. They both leave.

Two girls r seen in college. Oh she is our heroine Dhaani and her best friend RL (Rajlakshmi). Some boys come and eye them badly. Both of them notice this and start walking fast. Those boys follow them and then comes in front of them and says where r u going? Come with us. Dhaani says get aside or… Those boys say or or what? Dhaani says or and stops. Those boys laugh. Dhaani winks at RL and removes pepper spray from her bag and sprays it on their eyes. Those boys shout in pain. RL says Dhaani run and both of them run.

Dhaani and RL run and run. Dhaani slips and is about to fall when someone holds her. Yes he is our hero Viplav. Both of them share an eyelock but r disturbed by Raj and RL. The boys come and say so u both r here. Now no one can save you. Dhaani goes to Viplav and says plz save us. These boys r back of us. Viplav says wait I will see them and he goes to them. One of the boy say don’t dare to come near us or u will get beaten up. Viplav says let’s see who gets beaten up and he starts beating them very badly. He doesn’t even give them a chance to beat him back. Raj stops Viplav saying Viplav it’s enough. Viplav stops. Those boys say sorry to Dhaani and RL and go away running.

Viplav goes to Dhaani and RL and asks r u okay? Both nod yes. Viplav says hi I m Viplav. Dhaani gets shocked hearing his name. She thinks how can he be that Viplav? There r so many boys with that name. Thinking this she says hi I m Dhaani. Viplav also gets shocked. He thinks is she that girl? No she looks so sweet and innocent. And also there r many girls with this name. Raj and RL also introduce themselves and all four of them become friends. The episode ends.

Precap- Viplav and Dhaani heated argument. (sounds scary)

Friends hope u all liked this episode. Plz comment if u liked it. So now it’s time to tell my name. So my name is-
L….O….U…..E….L….L….A = LOUELLA.
Yes I m ur cute little princess Louella. I got a nice idea so I just submitted. For u all I posted it early. I will try my best to post it regularly. Today’s episode Vidhani became friends but don’t think they forgot their revenge. Further episodes will show what is their revenge. To know what is their revenge be ready for the next episode of revenge or love only on tellyupdates.

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  1. Hi Louella how is you leg pain take care ya. In the intro episode itself arshdeep guessed you as Louella. Today’s episode is short and sweet keep going.

    1. Thanks Latha. My leg pain is still there. Ya Arshi di guessed me right. I know it’s short but upcoming episodes will be a bit longer.

  2. Wow elle u r genius too good interested for next sweetie

    1. Thanks a lot Renu.

  3. louella no way u r just rocking
    hey i’m gonna miss u guys because i’m going to my mother’s native place……..i’ll be back only on monday……. but khushi ki baat ye hai ki main IKRS live dekhunga for two days 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot Lakshmi. I will also miss u.

      1. hey i’m back

  4. Interesting! ? At least they shake hands! ? Precap is not good! ?

    1. Thanks Mahira. Precap is very scary and also the episode will be.

  5. oh ho it’s u louella..nice episodes…may u get well soon…

    1. Thanks Batool. Yes it’s me. Thanks for ur care.

  6. Nice start louella… I loved it… Waiting for the next episode

    1. Thanks Goldie. Will post the next one soon.

  7. starting story is good….keep writing ☺

    1. Thanks a lot Nima.

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